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  1. If anyone sees any great deals for external SSD for Black Friday or Cyber Monday - shout it out.
  2. Over the past 4 months: Aug: 1289 GB - over the limit Sept: 1011 GB Oct: 1046 GB Nov: 1462 GB and counting - over the limit 1.2 TB (which is recently up from their cap of 1 TB) is ridiculous in the age of 4K streaming and game downloads. Even if you have to do an internet restore on a computer, you are going to likely be over the cap with the rest of your usage. Ugh.
  3. Honestly - I don't know how often I go over, but I was tired of worrying about it.
  4. I pay the extra $15 or whatever it is to have unlimited data. It sucks that I have to do that as their data cap is stupid, but that's where I'm at. You guys who have decent options outside of Comcast are lucky.
  5. Do I have to fire up the game on the PS4 to do this? My PS4 is not currently plugged in...
  6. Answered my own question: https://www.parallels.com/blogs/parallels-desktop-apple-silicon-mac/
  7. Things look impressive so far.... I got my 16" MacBook Pro just earlier this year, so I'm in no hurry to make a move. I switched from PC to Mac back when Apple went to Intel and we had the ability to dual-boot between Windows and Mac. I really don't use a lot of Windows programs anymore, but I still have Parallels on my computer and I like the ability to be able to run things when I want. I wonder if/when there will be virtualization software available for the Apple silicon Macs. On another note - I got the iPhone 12 Pro Max on Friday. So far - not sure how much of an advancement over the 11 Pro Max, but man - it is heavy in comparison!
  8. Stay well. The things I continue to hear from my wife regarding cases she is seeing still concern me.
  9. Yep - I also see people getting restless. Stores with full parking lots and neighborhoods parked up with visiting cars. Especially these gatherings are C-19 hot spots.
  10. Also know of at least a half dozen others (including family) who have had it, but recovered. So weird.
  11. My wife has at least 2 former colleagues who have died now, as well as 2 friends' parents.
  12. Not sure if anyone else has ever brought this up, but - have you ever been jealous of the beautiful scenic screensavers on the Apple TV and wondered why Apple never offered them on the Mac? Well - check out Aerial screensaver: Aerial It has lots of option available, including 4K videos, showing text of where it was filmed, and syncing with your time to switch day/night videos. I've liked it for a while and thought I would share.
  13. We were planning an extended family trip to Orlando in early July. With all the COVID-19 shutdowns and stuff, should I look to cancel now? Or wait and see a bit?
  14. Sorry the the delayed notice, but test came back negative earlier this week. Whew!
  15. They said 3-5 days, but we hope it comes back quicker than that.
  16. Well... just went through a drive-up Covid-19 check with my wife. She has to attest each day at work when she logs into the computer at work that she doesn't have a fever, headaches, shortness of breath, sore throat, etc. She has been weighing whether her recent sore throat is just allergies, but decided she should get tested. Not sure whether to hope for a positive but mild case or negative. Nevertheless, she is shut down until at least the result comes in.
  17. Yep - it scares me hearing of the accounts of ER doctors dying from COVID-19. Also very sudden and quickly, as they were planning on going back to work after getting over it. My wife is an ER doc.... 😕
  18. First Contact was the best by far. It’s too bad so much of the focus is on what happened in Nemesis which was a train wreck. Picard references a lot in the series as well, not just the movies.
  19. Same. If you get a minor case of COVID-19, there is no need to go to the doctor. Going to the doctor just exposes you to others and others to you. Now, if you are having breathing difficulties, by all means - go to the doctor.
  20. Upon a repeat viewing, I’m pretty sure she buried Luke’s and Leia’s sabers.
  21. I thought the last episode seemed a bit of a rushed finish - but I really enjoyed the show.
  22. Agreed. I'm somewhat shocked that they are completely going away from the new cast that they invested in for the sequel trilogy. I feel like we are still getting to know Rey, Finn, and the others. It seems like there could still be good material to explore with some of these characters. I wonder how they are going to draw people in with a completely new story. Then again, they can say that the Skywalker saga is ended, only to bring back Rey/Finn/etc in another 10 years to draw back in the audience that liked this trilogy.
  23. The iPhone 11 Pro Max's camera has impressed me.
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