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  1. This reminds me of an a column I read in our paper. It's funny but so very true. I actually had my kids (the wife too) read it, I think they think I am the only one. I try to teach them to save whenever they can and to know the difference between wants and needs.
  2. I thought I made my picks earlier in the week, I go check to see how I was doing and I see I never made them....ouch!
  3. Maybe one of these days..... We would like to do that kind of stuff on a regular basis and we have talked about it, but I don't see us doing that any time soon. Although, we do it occasionally for people in this area but that allows us to deliver it and not worry about shipping.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions, they all sound great. I think I will decide on one and let the kids decide on one.
  5. A couple of other things you can look into.... solar attic fans & radiant barrier. People around here swear by them but I have no personal experience with either.
  6. The family picked up Settlers and Ticket to Ride somewhat recently and we have enjoyed both. We are looking to pick another game or two but I am not really sure. I want to play Puerto Rico but I think it might be a little much for my kids (7 and 11). I will play with other adults but I would still like something my kids can play and enjoy. I had someone recommend San Juan and Alhambra (I mentioned I might try Carcassonne). Any opinions or other recommendations?
  7. Thanks for the compliments. To expand a little....I used a black laminate for all the black (the legs) and a combination of wood veneer and maple laminate for the shelves. Basically, I took sheets of 4x8 MDF (3/4" thick) and wrapped them in laminate or veneer. I cut all my parts from that. Once I had the parts cut to size, I used our CNC machine to notch out the shelves so I could have my back recessed in and drill the pilot holes for the legs. The hard part was screwing all the legs and shelves together. I screwed the bottom shelf into the largest legs and then the bottom legs into the bottom shelf. Then, I screwed the middle shelf to the top of the large legs. For the legs above that, I had to bore out about five or six inches with a 1/2" bit and then use a lag bolt with a washer to secure it to that middle shelf (not sure if that really makes sense). Lastly, I screwed the top two shelves together with the "spacer legs" in the middle and screwed all of that to the legs beneath. The top shelf I left unfinished until the very end, that allowed me to screw it down and then finish it to hide the screws. The screen in 55". The overall size of the set is about 63". I wish I could take the side speakers off. The stand is 75" wide, 24" deep, and 24 1/2" tall. The holes are 20" wide with the top holes 7 1/2" tall and the bottom holes 10" tall.
  8. I don't build TV stands but we do build custom cabinets (usually commercial). My dad owns a custom cabinet shop. Here is an example of the type of work we do (this is a Starbucks we did). Actually, a lot of our work is little more basic than that. As far as the stand....I recessed the back 4 inches or so so I could keep all the cables behind it and still have the stand against the wall. The middle drawer has a hole in the back where I ran the controller charge cords. I plan on running the charge cord for the wireless headset in there as well, but I need to get another surge/power strip so it can reach. The stand took about two weeks of me working in the evenings and a little on the weekends. I would say about 16 hours of labor and about $100 - $150 in materials. I could have paid the shop to do it (it would have cost me a little more) and had it done in about a day.
  9. cane corso

    TV Stand

    I thought I would share my tv stand I made. There are a few things I would probably do differently but overall I am very pleased.
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