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  1. It really is a great SFF case; though admittedly it was my first time building a SFF PC. A majority of panels come off, so it's really easy to get your motherboard and such setup. My biggest issue was trying to cram the 240 MM radiator in it.
  2. Right, MTU has nothing to do with the server/service but within your own network otherwise you'd be changing it for every website you visited. As of earlier this morning the portion of PSN we host was fully back online. No idea why they added the MTU change to their support page, but dealing with some of their engineers it doesn't surprise me.
  3. Sony has had DDoS prevention hardware/software since the launch of PSN and people should really research how to properly set their MTU size before blindly making changes they read on a forum. The bigger issue with the recent DDoS attack for Sony is that they have not scaled their infrastructure to compensate for the large increase of people using PSN since the launch of the PS4 (another reason why it has stability issues when not being DoS'd). They have done minor bandwidth increases and small additions to the server farms. So, when they were being flooded with packets the infrastructure
  4. You don't need to do too much research as nowadays you don't need to be too concerned with various parts working together; gone are the days of manually setting IRQ's to make sure all of your components work properly. As far as small form factor (SFF) PC cases I was very impressed when I built my last PC and used the Corsair 250D. Unlike a lot of SFF cases you're really not limited to using SFF components as the 250D will take full-size GPU's, DVD drive and can hold a total of 4- HDD's (either 4- 2.5" or 2- 2.5" and 2- 3.5"). The case is pretty small too at 13.8" x 10.9" x 11.4". It's avai
  5. Only for Wii games and you don't even need the sensor bar as the gamepad has a sensor bar built in to the top of it.
  6. Neither of which are open world racers. I expect the 360 version to be 720p/30fps like the original.
  7. Picked up the PC version and put a little over an hour into it. I'm liking it so far, but the vehicle handling is going to take some getting used to. Screens below are from my newer PC (i7 4770K, 780ti SC, 16GB memory, Win 8.1) and it holds 60fps a majority of the time with brief drops to the mid 40's when speeding around in a car or running and turning the camera quickly. Everything is on max settings (including ultra textures), but I'm using temporal SMAA instead of TXAA.
  8. Looking good and fairly close to the PC version. I'm curious to see how the WiiU version turns out.
  9. I've been part of Project Cars since the beginning and also own Asseto Corsa. While I'd give the edge currently to Asseto Corsa for your pure sim needs, Project Cars is shaping up to be a solid sim racer as well once you turn all of the assists off. It reminds me a lot of the first NFS Shift once you modded it. That brings up an advantage currently to Project Cars (at least on the PC) is the modding. Asseto Corsa may add this later, but the API and tools for Project Cars are already in place. Asseto Corsa does have some of the best force feedback I've ever experienced, though. Another thin
  10. So, if you got a game from PS+ is there no way to actually buy the game if you wanted to? During the recent Easter sale, I believe it was Plants Vs Zombies for Vita that I was going to buy for $.99, but was unable to because I had gotten it from PS+ sometime last year.
  11. I use this splitter, so I don't need to have the Xbox on to watch TV. HDMI Splitter Is there a specific reason you have to say Xbox, watch TV and not just click the watch TV tile?
  12. The gif from that link is hilarious! I tried all of the Crash games last night and they all worked including CTR. Gran Turismo PSP works too, so the wait for a true GT Vita is a bit easier now.
  13. Picked this up for the XB1 as after trying the demo on the PS4 I couldn't get comfortable using the DS4 after having played the first 2 games with the 360 pad. I'm really impressed with the use of the haptic feedback triggers as well. They give enough feedback to know when the rear wheel is beginning to lose grip, but not too much as to mess with the feathering of the throttle that is required for some of the tougher tracks. I am enjoying the game, but feel Evolution is the better game overall; there was just a lot more content out of the gate. The user created tracks and skill games are h
  14. Do you have the apply updates automatically (don't remember exactly what it's called) option checked in the settings? Mine stays in standby/suspend and updates games, apps and firmware with no issues.
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