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  1. Right, MTU has nothing to do with the server/service but within your own network otherwise you'd be changing it for every website you visited. As of earlier this morning the portion of PSN we host was fully back online. No idea why they added the MTU change to their support page, but dealing with some of their engineers it doesn't surprise me.
  2. Sony has had DDoS prevention hardware/software since the launch of PSN and people should really research how to properly set their MTU size before blindly making changes they read on a forum. The bigger issue with the recent DDoS attack for Sony is that they have not scaled their infrastructure to compensate for the large increase of people using PSN since the launch of the PS4 (another reason why it has stability issues when not being DoS'd). They have done minor bandwidth increases and small additions to the server farms. So, when they were being flooded with packets the infrastructure
  3. That's what I figured. Thanks for the confirmation, Brian!
  4. So, if you got a game from PS+ is there no way to actually buy the game if you wanted to? During the recent Easter sale, I believe it was Plants Vs Zombies for Vita that I was going to buy for $.99, but was unable to because I had gotten it from PS+ sometime last year.
  5. I use this splitter, so I don't need to have the Xbox on to watch TV. HDMI Splitter Is there a specific reason you have to say Xbox, watch TV and not just click the watch TV tile?
  6. Do you have the apply updates automatically (don't remember exactly what it's called) option checked in the settings? Mine stays in standby/suspend and updates games, apps and firmware with no issues.
  7. Since we both have Haswell CPU's I'll let you know what settings I end up with to give you an idea of what to do. It really is super easy nowadays and there are a ton of tutorials online as well.
  8. All this Shoved into this Still waiting on the second 80MM fan for the rear exhaust which I should get hopefully tomorrow. All-in-all not too much of a pain to put together outside of the H100i cooler which took some finessing and choice curse words to get in. Next up is to see how far I can overclock the CPU.
  9. Close enough to 2 years again. Looking at my last build I did quite a few upgrades from what I had originally bought; 4TB more of internal storage, added 8GB of memory for 16GB total and last but not least GTX 680 to a GTX Titan. Decided to try my hand at a small form factor build this time and will move the old build to my office where the Titan can stretch its legs on triple monitors. CPU: Intel Core i7-4770K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i 77.0 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler Motherboard: Asus Z87I-DELUXE Mini ITX LGA1150 Motherboard Memory: Crucial Ballistix Sport
  10. Peggle 2 is available now for $11.99 for anyone interested.
  11. Like I'm going to play my game on a boxed size screen while my SO watches TV on my 56" screen?! Hell to the NO! As for the TV integration I can see using it while watching TV full screen waiting for an invite to a game or chat as well as watching the Cowboys blow another 4th quarter lead while I smash zombies at 16 fps.
  12. Still have mine. Actually looking forward to it more than the PS4 which I'm also getting. I thought you cancelled it after you felt heat coming out of the console?
  13. You should be able to run 2- 770's on your 700W PSU, but would limit your expansion later on. Also, if you were planning on overclocking I'd go ahead and bump it up to an 850W if you go SLI. As for issues with SLI the only ones you'd likely run into is with older and some newer games that don't have an SLI profile. All it takes is turning one of the cards off in the nVidia control panel though.
  14. Rumor is $699 currently for the 3GB version. There is also supposed to be a 6GB and 12GB version though too.
  15. Nice build, Nick! As far as coolers I'd go with either the Cooler Master Hyper 212 or one of the Corsair Hydro Coolers. I run the Corsair H60 on an I5 2500K at 4.8GHz and it does great.
  16. To bring up the console press the ~ key. Or you can download Fraps.
  17. What resolution are you running at and what kind of FPS are you hoping for? A 760 will help, but your CPU will still hold you back.
  18. I believe you can choose not to download the multiplayer and 3D cut-scenes to keep the size down. I may be thinking of another game though.
  19. Yeah not buying that. If that was the case I'd expect AC IV to be delayed as well.
  20. I counted 3 cars in front and 4 behind, so 8 total! Loving these new videos and hoping the delay will be worth it.
  21. Pretty much. With Twitter and Facebook around now everyone is an expert on hardware/software development. Are there issues with the OS on the XB1 currently? Yes. Are there delays with the new PSN infrastructure? Yes. Will there be issues with both consoles at launch? Yes. Antonio Banderas gif that!
  22. In the event anyone else had Driveclub preordered from Amazon check your email for a $10 promotional credit that can be used on Killzone or Knack.
  23. I figured the rumor was true, but I was still holding out hope that it wasn't since it was the only game I had preordered for launch. Thankfully, there will be a bunch of stuff available on PS+, but I feel I should get something retail while I wait for things to download.
  24. Of all the videos that have been released I can't remember any of them showing more than a single car on the track during gameplay (excluding ghosts), no car/track list has been release and I do not believe any pricing information has been announced on the upgrade from the Plus version. All of this is pointing towards me believing this rumor until an official statement says otherwise. Being the only game I have preordered with my PS4 I'd rather it be delayed then a half assed version rushed out.
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