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  1. I don't always have something to say, but I've lurked here practically every day since August 15th, 2003. Happy anniversary to the longest relationship I've ever had! (probably helps that I don't talk too much)
  2. I have to say... I have zero idea what the context of this gif is... but dear God, it is the funniest response gif I have ever seen.
  3. What I've done is change the sort title to be "Bond 01" "Bond 02" etc. If I wanted to see all the movies by actor, I do a filter on the movie page.
  4. Went to see it after dropping the kids off at school this morning. First adult movie in over five years I've seen in a theater. I'll just echo that it is amazing. I just can't believe what they pulled off, it is so dense but never feels bloated. Just amazing.
  5. Next you're going to complain about those assholes who constantly try to push you off a ledge while you're waiting for other people during a raid in Destiny.
  6. No, there isn't. For some things I've added videos to the "Specials" season. Sometimes they are fleshed out in thetvdb but more often then not, I just name things myself. Keeping deleted scenes or features with a specific episode or season is not possible :-(
  7. I got that one too, and at 298 it's my highest attack weapon (and highest light). Definitely is making me rely on sniping a lot more then usual... now if I can just get BETTER at sniping!
  8. The PC shouldn't have been doing anything else. I did install NextPVR for television, and that service was running in the background, but I don't believe it was recording anything, other then that, it's a pretty blank computer. I just played some of it on my iphone (same network) and it worked fine, so I'll have to do some more investigating on what could have caused the issue. Plex is set up for direct play, it COULD be doing some stuff with the audio, as I said, it worked on my iphone, but my guess is it's not sending over the 7.1 audio track to my iphone. That could be causing some issue. Here is some of the detail on the file: Media Video Resolution 1080p Duration 2:00:23 Bitrate 30989 kbps Width 1920 Height 1080 Aspect Ratio 1.78 Container MKV Video Frame Rate 24p Audio Codec TRUEHD Channels 7.1 Language English Audio Channel Layout 7.1 Bit Depth 24 Bitrate Mode VBR Duration 2:00:23 Sampling Rate 48000 Hz Title Surround 7.1 So, if space wasn't an issue, would you just leave everything as 1:1 mkv files? My library isn't very massive at the moment, so space isn't really a motivator right now.
  9. I apologize if this has been asked and answered before, but is there a downside to just having Plex stream the raw mkv rips, aside from the size of the files? I'm assuming it runs smoother with a file that has gone through handbrake, correct? I ask because I got a computer just for streaming movies, and was watching a mkv of Mad Max, and several times it said the server was running out of resources to process it (stopping the movie at least twice). The machine should be beefy enough to handle it: Processor: Intel i3 4340 3.6 GHz Dual Core Haswell w/ HD 4600 Graphics RAM (DDR3 1600): 4GB I was viewing it on that machine's Chrome browser. Am I just bumping up against what the computer can do with that big of a file?
  10. Playing field seems pretty level now. All of my hard-earned weapons and armor were rendered useless in a matter of hours. Do the jump to level 25, and you'd be where everybody else is in a week or so.
  11. See you tonight, Bark (assuming Bungie fixes their issue that has locked me out for the next 90 days)
  12. I'm very happy with what's been announced so far. Upgrading my exotics is SO much better then last time, and the upgrading of legendary doesn't seem too bad, as long as the item you need to upgrade it drops with some regularity. I wish it was something you could buy at Xur, like an exotic shard, but I guess that's still a possibility. I also like the idea of reforging, which is something I haven't done before, as I've never done Iron Banner. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the game modes in action. I'd say Bungie is definitely listening to player feedback in a lot of areas. I'm pretty disappointed about no new raid but I'm looking forward to learning more about the Prison of Elders.
  13. If you're like me, you'll get 2 more within the next two weeks. If you want to piss off a bunch of LFGers, say "God damn it, another Gjallarhorn."
  14. That's impressive, and a trophy I seriously doubt I'll ever earn. I'm far to prone to going into a firefight without my brain being 100% engaged. Caused me to redo many Nightfalls.
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