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  1. Oh, really? Well there goes my theory. I never saw Resident Evil anyways... LOL
  2. Surprise surprise... McAfee (and Norton) cause more problems than what they help with. Glad you got it worked out.
  3. Well, this is about 5 years too late imo. I'm surprised they lasted this long. The last game I bought of theirs was Turok. Well, I bought Turok2, but returned it the day after as I found it very unplayable.
  4. Apple IIc (amazing green/black monitor!! ). I got a NES about a year after its release. Now those were the days...
  5. Here's the problem I see with this movie. In order to do it justice, and have the same creepy/scary factor to it, they'll need it to be an R rated movie. Doing this though will alienate a large percentage of the people who would go and see the movie. So they'll most likely make it an AA movie.
  6. I'm not looking forward to this one. Though I haven't looked forward to a Final Fantasy game since FF7. FF8, FF9, and FF10 were all big let downs imo. I wish though that Square can pull off some magic and make a FF game that is enjoyable to me once again.
  7. I would want to get Counterstrike, but I'm a fan of the PC version. I don't know if I could go from mouse/keyboard to a controller. For FPS' that I've never played on the PC (RtCW for example) I find easier to just pick up the controller and start playing... guess because I can't compare it to it's PC counterpart.
  8. Will there be Final Fantasy XII coming out? That would probably be the only thing that would get me to buy a PS2 again.
  9. Well, most (if not all) routers have a built-in firewall that functions very well. Combine that with ZoneAlarm, and you're good to go. As for the wireless side of things, not really much you can do besides making sure WEP/WPA is turned on.
  10. While it wasn't drinking, and not an Xbox game, I had TONS of fun one night while on shrooms playing Syphon Filter. Wow, what a trip that was. Sadly (but probably for the best) those days have long been over for me. Drinking and playing NFL Blitz with a bunch of your buddies is quite fun. Well, count me in for some drunken Midtown Madness on Live.
  11. Heh, ok thanks everyone. I realized now that I was referring to the WET11 as WEP11 earlier, which was probably causing some confusion. You're right Camp, too many confusing product initials. Well, thanks everyone for the help. Once I find my apartment and get my laptop, I'll let ya all know how it works out.
  12. You'd think with all the money these people are spending on videogames, they could put some aside for a decent digital camera to take pictures of their collections. Man, almost all those pics are terrible quality!
  13. Oh ok... you're talking about the WET11. Makes sense now. So, what I'm still not clear on is this... lets say I had two laptops with 802.11b. Could I use both at the same time to browse the web with only one WAP11?
  14. Camp, I think you've gotten me confused here. What are you talking about when you say the WAP11 has ethernet out and run an ethernet cable from the WAP11 to my Xbox? If I'm connecting my Xbox with wires, I'm just going to connect it to my Netgear switch. And umm, so the WAP11 cannot provide internet access to more than one device at a time? (wait hold on... my diagram didn't show up properly. let me fix it) *edit* there, the diagram is fixed in my post just above. hopefully everyone can understand it.
  15. Ok thanks for the info. I don't plan on replacing my current router. It works, and since there's another (I would think it's a cheaper route) way around not having a wireless router, that's what I'll do. The notebook will have built in 802.11b/g so I don't need to worry about buying a card for it. So, the setup would be something like this I'm guessing. ///////////////////////////////////////////////// Netgear Switch -> Multiple Desktops Cable Modem -> Linksys 4 Port Router -> ///////////////////////////////////////////////// Linksys WAP11 -> Notebook (and possibly Xbox) Few questions again now... can the WAP11 feed more than one device, or do I need to buy a WAP11 for every device that needs the connection simultaneously? This is probably just asking the obvious here, but the WAP11 has a RJ-45 jack right? If the signal from the WAP11 doesn't reach all areas of my apartment, can I connect a second one with a longer CAT5 cable and stick it where I'm not getting a good signal from the first WAP11? I'll look into that WEP11 for the Xbox. As I said, I wont know until I move into my apartment if I'm going to infact need it or not. Hmm, thinking about it, it looks as though I am possibly going to have to run CAT5 cable around the apartment if I need to be connecting more than one WAP11. Thanks again everyone.
  16. So, I've got the whole wired network thing down pat. Pretty much can do it blindfolded. Add wireless into the mix, and I turn all stupid. I'm going to give you what my current setup is, and then tell you what I'm wanting to do. I just need someone to tell me what I need. Current setup: Cable Modem -> Linksys Wired Cable/DSL Router (4 port) -> Netgear FS108 Switch (8 port) -> Multiple Computers. Now I'm going to be buying a notebook computer in the next while, which I'm going to want to be able to surf wirelessly with it. Maybe having my Xbox hooked up wirelessly too... maybe(it'll depend on how far away from my computer it is). I'm going to be moving out on my own soon (anyone in Toronto wanna go halfs on rent? ) but I haven't found a place yet. Regardless though, I don't want to be running CAT5 all over the apartment. I'd like to be able to surf from my bedroom and on the couch which will be infront of the TV. So, what do I need to buy? Thanks everyone.
  17. I can't honestly think of any reason why leaving a disc in the Xbox with it turned off would cause any problems. Like others have said, it must mean leaving it turned on with a disc in.
  18. ...and that's just videogames. There are a lot of movies and DVD's coming out in November too. Well, it's a good thing I can't afford to buy anything right now. Otherwise I probably would be buying up all those games.
  19. Ya, I like the idea of having the forum only visible to registered members. That sounds like a good idea to me.
  20. Well, I had signed up to be a beta tester quite a while ago. I'm kindof hoping that I get accepted... that way I can report back here to you guys and let you know how much the console blows.
  21. I prefer this style of colours (light grey text, darker grey background). I would like to see the links brighter though. Maybe make them bright white or something...
  22. Since I don't know any of the jobs that people have on this forum, not sure how quickly you'll get an answer. I would suggest posting this question on the forum from this site: ArsTechnica Unless of course some MCSE guru here steps up to the plate soon.
  23. I don't know... maybe because civil wars aren't exciting in videogame format?
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