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  1. Best? "For Love of The Game." End of list. Carlos.
  2. Rose and Jack caused that crash. Dude in the crow's nest was doing his job, but out come the harlot and her expectoration coach, to distract the highly-skilled spotter with their outrageous tomfoolery. If not for them, he saves the day. Carlos.
  3. Have you guys heard of "What We Do in the Shadows"? I had never heard of it either, and I still haven't seen the film it's based on, but damned if it isn't some of the most relentlessly funny shit that has ever graced a TV screen. It's the story of a group of Vampires and their familiars, told in the same style of "The Office", with confessionals and a 4th-wall TV crew following them around. Put this on the top of your list for your next comedy show. It originally aired on FX, but it's also on Hulu now. Carlos.
  4. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Rogue Nation, Fallout: I had a marathon of these 3 movies: You know, I love the action sequences a lot. I love, love, love good caper movies. I love movies about espionage, and intrigue. I really like Simon Pegg's witty banter. But the GahtDamn face-pulling-off bullshit has got to fucking stop! I'm so sick of that shit. They even joke about it in ALL THREE of these movies, but then they still can't help themselves from doing it again, repeatedly. I don't know why it bothers me so much. I guess it's like time-travel in sci-fi. Once you introduce that, you can always fall back on it for a quick, easy, and lazy way to write yourself out of any pickle. And boy do they. It's even worse than time-travel, because for the entire movie I'm just waiting for some motherfucker to pull off his stupid face! Such a goofy trope, in otherwise really great movies. I give all three movies 2 out of 5 latex face palms. Carlos.
  5. Lirik is playing it right now on twitch. Carlos.
  6. PewdiePie has an (exclusive?) hour long gameplay video if you want to have a look. Carlos.
  7. The trailers absolutely failed to grab me. Not even close. Yours is the first testimonial I've heard from any peers, anywhere. I'll check it out. Carlos.
  8. We took a break from "Dark" after season 1. I want to watch a lot of Season 1 recaps and deconstructions before getting into season 2. We devoured both seasons of Mindhunter. Great show! Now we started "The Boys" on Amazon Prime. I can tell it's set up to be an intense show -- Disembowelment, dismemberment Dis-everything-ment; Coerced BJ; Voyeurism; Miniature muff-diving (literally!); Child-murder. This show has it all! And that's just the first episode! And that's from the SuperHeroes! Carlos.
  9. Literally 11 months after this was announced, I just today got my invitation to buy! WTF! I thought they might have scrapped the whole idea. Anyway, I bought it. Should be here Friday. There are no reviews on Amazon's site, but I figure for $25 bucks it's worth a shot. Carlos.
  10. Leans in close......'Keith.......<sniffs>.......You STINK!' Carlos.
  11. What's to like about Top Gun? An overly cocky pilot sings bad karaoke, tries to cheat to win, then gets a guy killed through his recklessness, then has to be begged to rejoin a fight after cowardly breaking off from an enemy engagement. When he finally does, he's considered a hero? I recall the audio mix was pretty good, and it did result in some memorable quotes, but I never understood how Maverick is the good guy in this film. Come to think of it, he's like another Miyagi. Fuck Miyagi. Carlos.
  12. Wow, you are not kidding! We just finished S1 of Dark and my head is spinning. It's a lot like Lost to me--questions beget questions, and they reveal just barely enough to keep you going. And the music?! Oh man, those creepy, deep, channel-sweeping, discordant bass notes are driving me bonkers, in a good way! I have to watch it dubbed or my wife wouldn't stand for it. I really hate that the subtitles don't exactly match the dubbing, often using synonyms or inverted sentence structure, different from the spoken lines. That's my only quibble. Well, that and how my feeble brain can't keep everyone straight across all all the timelines, or even who is related to whom, and how. Carlos.
  13. This is NSFW due to language only, but honestly, who doesn't listen with headphones? This showed up in my feed and I've loved every damn minute of it so far. Seems a guy got a wild idea to try to cross an entire country in a straight line. He's really entertaining, and it's quite good stuff. He's no Bear Grylls, that's for sure, but it's still fun and interesting. Hope you enjoy. Carlos.
  14. The Curse of La Llorona - This movie cockblocked me so hard! Let me explain.... My wife grew up really poor, in a rough, abusive environment and lived through some of this shit. The mexican witch doctor would come visit their house and do the thing with the egg and all that crazy stuff. She never talks about it. Well, this movie triggered some PTSD in her, and wrecked her. After we watched it, I had to spend the rest of the night reassuring and comforting her. She was pretty upset and genuinely scared. Other than that, it was an ok movie. If it wasn't for jump scares, it wouldn't have any scares. Plot was decent. Hope to never watch it again. I give it 2 out of 5 Crying Shames. Carlos.
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