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  1. I just read the mother of all conspiracy theories. Apparently, there is something called Adrenochrome that is harvested from the blood of children, tortured to fill them full of adrenaline. It is the favorite drug of hollywood celebrities and the political elite. Basically, Monsters Inc is a documentary. Tom Hanks was the first arrest. Oprah talks in code about "flowers" to discuss the dwindling supply. This whole coronavirus thing is a ruse, as we put a stop to it. The ERs are being set up to accommodate the millions of children being freed. The earthquake activity is the underground bunkers being destroyed. There are people who believe this. Carlos.
  2. I'm not trying to disparage either country, just a prediction based on what I know about the country. They were even later to start responding to the crisis. Some of their leaders, even last week, were downplaying. Their population density is higher than the USA. Though larger in area, Mexico City is more populated than NYC. Plus, like Italy, they don't have a word for "old folks home". Their elderly far more often live together with their children in multi-generational, crowded homes. Perhaps they don't travel internationally and inter-state as much as we do in the US. that is one variable that could vastly impact their infection rate. Carlos.
  3. I believe Mexico has completely and truly fucked their CovID response, and they will soon rocket to the top with the most deaths. They have the perfect storm of a high population density, religious fervor to deny reality, and a super corrupt government. Hold onto your fucking hats. Carlos.
  4. big kudos on that one. I'm gaining like a mofo. I have always been a stress eater. Combine that with copious alcohol, food truck/fast food, and the real kicker - When my wife is bored, she bakes. A lot. They are saying most Americans will put on a "Quarantine 15." I believe it. Carlos.
  5. I think the no-deodorant thing already qualifies you for that! Seriously though, since you brought it up. I have found out that I can live quite nicely on 1/4 of my previous deodorant use. I take showers at night, right before bed. I used to put deodorant on right after the shower, but I have stopped doing that. No stink overnight, just a little musk. They say a woman bonds to the natural scent of her man, and it would appear it's true, or at least non-detrimental to amour, and snuggling has increased. Then, in the morning, only 1 click of my Old Spice antiperspirant/deodorant instead of the recommended 3. No stink all day. Carlos.
  6. It was more like on Cast Away when Tom Hanks was yelling "What is that!!?" at the thumping sound at night. (no spoilers as to what that was) You feel both stupid and relieved when you finally figure it out. Carlos.
  7. My stir-crazy confession: I've been working in my media room, keeping the volume very low, with a card table setup with my laptop on a stand and and external keyboard, monitor. I kept hearing a very slight clicking sound, like when you squish cellophane and it expands, but very sporadic, and spaced minutes apart. It was extremely hard to localize. It was driving me crazy, and sometimes I heard it in my left ear, sometimes my right. I thought it was like a static discharge. I mostly heard it on the left side of the room. After ruling out anything in my computer setup, I was focused on my left surround speaker. It's wall mounted, I thought maybe it's going bad. I went through all the trouble of disabling it, still heard the tic sound. I completely disconnected it, still heard it. Then I thought a piece of cellophane had actually gotten in or between my recliners, so I detached them and gave a thorough cleaning. I did find some candy wrappers, thought that was it. Nope, still heard it. Started thinking insects in wall, started thinking my foundation is settling. Thought it was Jack Torrance's typewriter. I would spend several minutes listening with the volume completely down, hear it for a few minutes, then nothing. Get bored, change the channel or music, hear it again for a few times, then nothing. This has gone on for weeks! Today I solved it. Turns out it is my fucking Amazon FireTV remote. It's very squeaky, like the plastic isn't screwed together well enough. It "settles" after you put it down, I guess contracting after the last time I used it, and maybe even contracting/expanding with the air-conditioning. I mostly put it on my left hand side, but sometimes I put it on my right hand side. Damn, that was crazy. Carlos.
  8. Mad Max era precursors confirmed. I read somewhere that accidental deaths, particularly auto deaths are down, so much so that the 2020 overall death rate in the country may actually be slightly lower this year than past years. Of course that won't hold up. But it will be interesting to see the rate of births, alcoholism, domestic violence, divorces, and so many other side effects, good and bad, after this is all over. Carlos.
  9. That I do. I step out on my back patio regularly for some fresh air and sunlight. I may have to do that. My wife takes care of the groceries and my daughter picks up restaurant orders, so I just haven't had the need. A short pleasure drive through the neighborhood sounds like a good idea. Carlos.
  10. My daughter, a high school junior, is getting assignments with no grades, so all the children are blowing it off. Meanwhile, I haven't left my house at all in 20 days now. Pretty sure I have forgotten how to drive a car. Carlos.
  11. Heard that loss of taste and smell are often early indicators in otherwise healthy patients. Get on the phone with your doctor, Daniel. Carlos.
  12. Kids want the "event", and are bitterly disappointed right now. I think they suck the soul right out of me. My wife drags me to at least one every year. I hate them so much I resented my boys for graduating. Carlos.
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