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  1. Have you guys seen LetterKenny? HFS this show is so cool and funny! It's streaming on Hulu. I finished season 1, and I have learned some very funny catchphrases, quips, comebacks, colloquialisms, insults, and testicle-anatomy. The characters seem to stay perfectly still, but the dialogue comes fast, in a deadpan style that can't be matched. Check it out. I gives it 5 out of 5 ostrich fucks (allegedly). Also watching Living with Yourself on Netflix. Starring Paul Rudd, I expected this to be kind of comedic and madcap, but it's actually pretty dark and serious. I'm midway through the first season, and it's been worthwhile so far. Carlos.
  2. Here's the link to where it talks about Ad-Free and Live Hulu: https://help.disneyplus.com/csp?id=csp_article_content&sys_kb_id=802db6851bc90010b8651f861a4bcbfd Sounds like it's saying as long as you already have a Hulu account, if you sign up for the Bundle, Disney will credit you the price of Normal Hulu and/or Live Hulu, and then you'll pay the difference to Hulu for the extra options. Has anyone been able to get Dolby Atmos? Best I can do with my 1080p PJ is Dolby-Digital+. Carlos.
  3. I didn't buy the 3 years upfront, so I took advantage of the combo pack. Seems like a helluva deal. D+, Hulu, and ESPN+ for $12.99. Not sure how much mileage I'll get from ESPN+, but probably will come in handy or the free UFC fights, and I did spend 30 minutes yesterday trying to understand Cricket, and that led to a great nap. I will probably have to pay the difference to keep the ad-free Hulu. Not sure I understand how that will be billed just yet. Carlos.
  4. Yeah, I watched the Season 2 ep where Krusty is accused of robbing Apu, and it felt like I was sitting too close to the TV. Not good. They officially switched to 16:9 at Season 20, Ep 10. So you've got about 10 seasons, arguably of declining quality, that would be OK to watch. Carlos.
  5. Hysterical. Watching PewDiePie trying to get through it was pretty funny too. There's lots of compilations out there of gamers losing their shit over this game. Carlos.
  6. I'm sure traffic is picking up for the evening. Getting occasional buffering now. Carlos.
  7. Yeah, where is Solo? I guess I also missed the memo that the shows are going to be weekly episodes, instead of binge-fests. Was about to try to watch Mandalorian Ep 2. Bummer. A Goofy Movie is a national treasure. You guys be sure to watch if you never have. It was a family ritual of ours to sing 'On the Open Road' during every family trip. Carlos.
  8. Mandalorian Ep 1 was pretty ok. Ten minutes into The World According to Jeff Goldblum and I want him to narrate everyone's life and do all journalisming from now on. Carlos.
  9. Mandalorian just started for me. Oh and.... Carlos.
  10. Seems like the ability to play a title is inversely proportionate to its demand. Mandalorian and Frozen and most most Star Wars/Marvel are non-starters, but lesser titles seem to be popping up ready to play. As long as I get the Play button to display, it will play just fine, with zero buffering issues. Daniel, I can't comment on HDR/downloading since I'm using the FireTV app, and I'm a 1080peer still with my PJ. Haven't seen a title light up Dolby Atmos yet either. Is that going to a thing, that only DV/HDR will come with Dolby Atmos? Carlos.
  11. And now nothing will load for me either. I can get the tiles, choose one, and it will load the background image for that title, but no play button. Moana actually just started for me, so there's hope. Seeing lots of reports of inability to access on their twitter feed. RIP disney servers. Sad to see, was hoping for a super smooth roll-out. Carlos.
  12. Just now trying it out on FireTV cube. Took a while to load the tiles, and it's taking a while to load the page when you select a title. I'm waiting for the Mandalorian to pop the play button for over 5 minutes now. Their servers must be getting hammered, as expected. I got SW:ANH to play. Fast Forward and Rewind working great. Picture Quality and sound are very good. I'm not up on all the Greedo changes, because I'm a hardcore HSF-er, but yeah, this one seems to have Han digitally manipulated to move his head to duck the shot from Greedo, whilst simultaneously firing his shot, and his shot comes from the side and not from under the table. Is that the new revision? Carlos.
  13. Downloaded the app and signed up, but don't see the live stream. Anyway, I hit you with a few bucks. Thanks for raising money for a great cause. Carlos.
  14. yeah, yeah yeah, star wars or something... Meanwhile, here's a freaking awesome patent filed for the Donkey Kong Mine Cart ride!!!! https://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2019/08/14/patent-roundup-universals-recent-filings-hint-at.html Too amazing for words! Carlos.
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