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  1. Given that BR games are still hugely popluar, I think a really polished Battle-Royale mode is a must, and will get people really stoked for multiplayer again. Halo would have the player base and the ability to use their great game mechanics to make for some really interesting BR modes. It will be a huge disappointment to omit. Carlos.
  2. These are great. It's only a matter of time until we see some amazing speedruns. Let me know if you come across super stealthy playthtroughs. I would like to watch those too. Carlos.
  3. I think I commented that the dubbing was decent, but the dubbing doesn't match the subtitles well. Of course the salient points of the conversation are there, but then I started wondering which was was more correct, so I just turned off the subtitles. It drove me nuts. Carlos.
  4. I love The Critical Drinker. His movie reviews are damn good too. Carlos.
  5. Ever since watching this game, I had been trying to think of a movie it reminded me of, Carlos.
  6. A quick attempt at answering Starhawks' questions above.... Carlos.
  7. Really, now you want to drag RELIGION into THIS thread? LOL. I'll give you some thoughts after lunch.
  8. As someone who watched play-throughs of this like a movie, you may resent me for having an opinion on the story, and you may be right to do so, but I did have a deep affection for the characters of the first, so I feel like I deserved to see this one through, even though I'm mostly retired from gaming now. (I play COD warzone into the wee hours of the night, but it's more an excuse to hang out with my buddies and drink and laugh than anything else). Carlos.
  9. Now have him apply the same telemetry to an unborn child, with pain receptors, brain activity, and heartbeat. Carlos.
  10. Watching Twitch.tv/sheriffeli play this game now. He turn the morose into a laugh riot. Carlos.
  11. Here in Texas, they aren't quite as popular as the "Baby on Board" signs were, but you still see quite a few of them. Someone should re-invent the "bras" that were popular on sports cars, only this time come up with a way to add some cleavage. Boom! You got yourself millions. Carlos.
  12. ^^^^Those are not plot spoilers above^^^^, safe to read since you already mentioned flashbacks. Carlos.
  13. Is there some deeper plot device that I'm missing here, by just watching instead of playing, but it seems pretty dumb that Yes, I do feel kind of bad critiquing a game I'm only watching and not playing, but with really talented streamers, it's like a movie spectacle. Carlos.
  14. Romier I'm just doing a welfare check on you brother. Check in when able. (And don't throw anything) Carlos.
  15. I watched a guy beat the game last night on twitch. There's a lot of that. Carlos.
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