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  1. I'm calling DTV to cancel tomorrow. After meticulously verifying all my wife's alphabet-channel shows are available via the streaming services, and getting a smartTV for my dad for him to use. BTW, I have to give props to my pappy, 85 years old, and totally able to learn to use the FireTV interface, and switch to locals OTA. He picked it up really quickly. He's a block from which I chipped off! So, mostly via Roku, but also on some FireTVs, we'll have: HULU Disney+ Discovery+ HBOMax Showtime Netflix AppleTV (hitch-hiking this from my neice)
  2. After carefully and methodically researching knives..... .... ...My wife bought a big set of Cutco Knives while she was at a craft fair. They actually seem pretty good, and they are made in the USA! Carlos.
  3. It's so bloated. My son ran out and bought an external drive just in case. He's really hooked on warzone. We're having a lot of fun playing together on weekend nights. There's a new zombie mode, Outbreak, worth checking out. It's more openworld, and outdoors, and less dungeon crawl in feel. Some depth to it also, as you can still level up your weapons, skill, field upgrades as you progress to help you get through the level. Gets super hard at level 5. I have not lived passed that with the randoms I played with yesterday, but I'm hoping with a good squad and good comms, we'
  4. Here is the blurb from the walmart FAQ: If you’re already an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member, wait until your existing membership has a prepaid balance that is less than 12 months before redeeming the 24-month Ultimate membership through Xbox All Access. You will be unable to redeem with more than 12 prepaid months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. To check your prepaid balance, go to https://account.microsoft.com/services/. Note, once converted to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Xbox Live Gold and other Game Pass memberships cannot be unconverted. Learn more at https://xbox.com/gamepass.
  5. You will own the xbox and will be responsible for you own GamePass after that. Carlos.
  6. I got a series X with the all-access option just now from Walmart, for my son. Only problem is they won't let me change the shipping address, so I'm going to have to forward it on to him once I get it. Carlos.
  7. What's the real downside to this kind of drift, in terms of actual gameplay impact. If one is constantly moving and making aim adjustments, does it really throw things off dramatically? I would think it would come into play more when you for your character, and its aim, to remain completely still, which is rare. Otherwise you are always making minor refinements to the motion just by keeping your thumb on there, and wouldn't you be compensating for the drift?. Is this something that casual players "feel" affecting their gameplay, or something that only elite players would actually
  8. Bliss, on Amazon Prime. I rather liked this. It's sci-fi (ish?), and gives you plenty to think about in the "is it real or is it a simulation" sense. Or it could be making a statement about drug addiction and the alternate realities an addict creates for himself. I think it's sci-fi, but there's probably no real answer. Definitely there are some clues sprinkled throughout to support either interpretation, and I'm still thinking about it. Check it out. I give it 4 out of 5 Hayek 'splosives.
  9. Scored a gig! Sr E-Commerce Data Analyst for a major retailer here in the south/southeast. Going from Big Oil, to Big 2A, as they are a major seller of firearms and ammo, so I still get to hurt some feelings, LOL! Should be starting later this month or possibly next month. FeelsGoodMan! Carlos.
  10. My son got me a shout out from the Doc. Man, I've never been so excited in my entire life!😁 Oh, and by the way, I got a new job. Carlos. video-1613163352.mp4
  11. The attic would be doable. I'm going to look at custom solutions online to see what it will take. My attic has the spray foam insulation, so it is never more than 10-15 degrees hotter than the rest of the house. When I had the pink fiberglass stuff in my previous home, it could be in the 100s in the attic on a hot day. Carlos.
  12. Anyone else find that the timing of their delivery-by-Amazon is inversely related to the degree of anticipation? Some badass new product? Arrives between 7-9pm, and they taunt you with the "it's-10-stops-away" real-time tracker! Something you don't need/want in your hands right fucking now? Siting on your doorstep at 10am. Do they have an algorithm for this or some shit? It seems beyond coincidental for me. Anyone consistently on the early-bird delivery continuum? I mean, there has to be a lucky HALF who are on the morning-side of the deliver
  13. It's 100% open, ceiling mounted, and the air return vent for the room is within 7 feet of the projector's exhaust, which seems like a really great thing. I am astounded by how much cooler the room is staying with the projector off. Now I'm committed to leaving it off for the entire week to see what how my electricity usage changes. Carlos.
  14. My media room walls are soundproofed with the exact same expanding, chemical reaction foam insulation as my attic, which is really good for sound insulation, and exceptional for temperature insulation. It's been a given that if I'm in this room, my PJ is on. The room gets warm, really fast, and I had to put a separate thermostat in the room to be the prevailing temperature gauge for the entire upstairs, otherwise inside the room it could be 75, and the rest of the upstairs, 65. My AC is capable of defeating that, but to keep the media room at a comfortable 70-72 degrees means t
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