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  1. Give your balls a tug! I'll tell you why Schitt's Creek didn't get any play. I remember watching the first trailers and it looked terrible. Like, really, really bad -- a corny and childish mess. I'm very surprised it has received such acclaim. They must have reformed it, or else the original trailers were just very poorly done, and not at all indicative of the seeming brilliance of the show. (327) Schitt's Creek Season 1 Trailer - YouTube I do plan on watching it now that I've heard it's good. Carlos.
  2. S3 was great. I loved I love how non-PC this show is. So much so that it makes what could have been a corny teen melodrama almost "edgy". Carlos.
  3. It helps to think of it like a musical. Instead of breaking out into song, they break out into ass kicking. Same diff. Carlos.
  4. It's crazy that hearing this tale is making me long for the days of "You want to play it? Fuck you! UPGRADE YOUR SHIT!". It's a cautionary tale for sure, and the guy that first proposed that next gen titles should be written so as to work on old gen consoles, should get a kick in the balls. (And yes I realize that Cyberpunk didn't start out as a next gen title.) I remember cases where they said game X is now a next gen title, making the difficult and gutsy call to cut-off the old gen dev cycle at some point. Has anyone done that for this new generation? I
  5. This has popped up on Amazon Prime to stream, for anyone who has yet to see this. Good Blu Ray versions are still near impossible to come buy. Carlos.
  6. We are loving this show. Also of note, Your Honor on Showtime starring Bryan Cranston is one episode in an already amazing. And also check out Big Sky on ABC. It's lighter fare than the above due to being network friendly, but still has an edge and a gripping story. Carlos.
  7. Gave this a try yesterday and today, and I like it. But man it suffers on frame rate on my old day-one Xbone. I like they let you tweak the "assist" settings without having to choose the "I'm a pussy" difficulty setting. I just gave one or two Sliders a slight nudge and it's helping me with a casual playthrough. How long is this game? Carlos.
  8. Is this a scam? Five days ago, A dude sent me $7.00 via paypal. Don't know him, wasn't selling anything. He then immediately contacted me and said it was a mistake, asking for his money back. I got an email from PayPal first saying I got the money, then saying it was under investigation because it was reported and not being authorized by the sender. He's been bugging and bugging me to send him his 7 bucks back. He sent me a screenshot showing that his appeal was denied. However, his case # in his screenshot is different than the one I see on PayPal. Huge red flag? Th
  9. Camp and Kelley, you magnificent bastards! The Jabra Active Elite 75T's are legit, and hands down the best earbuds I have ever worn for working out, from the fit, to the sound quality, to the features, they are the unicorn of earbuds, just perfect. Plus a 2 year warranty against sweat damage? Unicorn-osity! Carlos.
  10. Limit one. But it let me buy 1 in three separate orders. On my fourth attempt, it said I had reached the limit in a previous order. Carlos.
  11. Thanks Camp and Kelley. I'll give them a shot. Carlos.
  12. Back for more recommendations. Need wireless (or maybe "truly wireless") sports buds for workout, that can withstand a lot of sweat. I bought some Sony SP600N Sports Wireless buds and I liked them, but they are already failing to charge after only 2 months. I think it's the sweat dripping down the cable into the guts of the unit. I sweat a lot when I work out. I would really prefer wireless over "truly" wireless. I confess to being a little paranoid about having a Li battery in such close proximity to my ears, but here I go being a hypocrite putting my phone in my front pocke
  13. Well, well, what a difference a year makes. I'm getting laid off effective 12/14. BigOil is outsourcing its entire DBA function to a managed service provider. (offshored) They did a massive re-org of the whole IT function in the entire enterprise, and basically just posted ALL the jobs internally and allowed everyone to apply to up to 4 jobs. Incumbents naturally had the advantage for their own job, but those like me whose job is going away had to hope that we were applying for a job with no incumbent (hard to know in a place this big). Then, instead of interviewing and netwo
  14. The Undoing on HBOMax is off to a great start. Apple gizmo users can watch it there. All others can get the app on xbox or ps4. You know, Its refreshing to see "nudity" in the pre-show warning and then have it not be some dude's ass or hangy downies as the reason. PS. Story is good too. Carlos.
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