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  1. I miss the good old days when only the NSA had a recording of everything we say. Carlos.
  2. The Sony employee steals a recording of it, and gives it to his shady scam-center friends along with other identifying info, who threaten to dox you unless you pay a shakedown bribe? Carlos.
  3. Too Big Brother-ish for me. Soon only Newspeak will be allowed. "You double-plus Ungood uh, uh, ....Comrade!" Hope Xbox doesn't go in for this bullshit. Carlos.
  4. Welp, I blew almost all of my giftcard money on Prime day sales, so I'll not be getting a launch Series X after all, even if Amazon offers more on launch day. I'll wait until Halo Infinite drops like I originally planned. Carlos.
  5. The Guardian weighed in on this earlier this year: https://www.theguardian.com/games/2020/feb/28/why-do-video-game-players-invert-the-controls They say more people are non-inverted, but don't give percentages. They also bolster the theory that it's the players perception of the relationship to the avatar they are controlling which guides their preference. Carlos.
  6. $20 off physical copy at amazon's Prime-day deals. Carlos.
  7. If it's how you would fly a plane, it's how you should control your character! It's funny you bring this up now. I just had my son home, plus my nephew. Both my son and me play inverted, but my nephew does not. We were playing "die, give it" on multiplayer in COD and was such a pain to have to go into the settings to switch it every time. My nephew says it feels like he's controlling where the character is looking, so up is up. My son and I say it feels like we've got our thumb on the head of the character, so you would pull down to look up. It really is interest
  8. in their haste, they probably saw "discontinued" and read "discounted". Carlos.
  9. My Best Buy rewards members, there's a pretty good deal on pre-orders of Halo Infinite. Steelbook plust a $10 reward. Statue option too for you suckers collectors. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/franchises/halo/pcmcat281900050003.c?id=pcmcat281900050003 Carlos.
  10. Something must have shook loose, because once I went to those settings yesterday, I stopped getting emails, even though I didn't have to change anything. Thanks! Carlos.
  11. No joy for me at Amazon. The gaming gods deemed me unworthy. It's cool though. They're going to email me when it's available. Carlos.
  12. They should make a link to pre-order that is accessible only from an active XBox One. Give current customers a priority and cut down on bots. (maybe). Carlos.
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