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  1. Yes, I noticed after doing the quest with the two idiots and their mother’s axe that the game actually wants you to use your abilities to solve problems, which I am not against. Between that and the catacombs (I had to laugh that even the damn snakes are back) there’s enough puzzle solving there for my liking. I’m pushing into my first new area after establishing the settlement, ticking off towers and some of the mysteries and wealth, etc, on the way. I’m getting better at combat, but I wish the blending in mechanic was a little more straightforward - I’m finding it clu
  2. I had a weird encounter with a very smelly house that I couldn’t interact with and wonder if that was a similar glitch issue... I did one of the board quests to get a taste for it and barely squeaked it with my skin intact. I definitely like the progression better in this one - Odyssey kind of overpowers you super fast and I think the balance here is better so far. And yes, I left and returned to Norway briefly (there’s a grudge match in a cave I need way better skills and gear for) as well. No, I think striking out rather than clearing every damn thing is a smart way t
  3. Well, I knew exactly what you meant, if that helps. I hate when that happens.
  4. Finally got to England this evening and unlocked the best thing they introduced in Odyssey. I’m very excited to see it return in this one :).
  5. Also, put a shirt on ya frigging hippie. That video makes me excited to play this more and also terrified
  6. I will never regret any time I spent in Odyssey for the entire Minotaur storyline.
  7. Okay, that dumbass side quest to help the two raiders rekindle their sex life is up their with the funnier quests this series has done.
  8. Oh, last thing I forgot - I frigging love the low-key soundtrack in this game. The choral bit that plays when you synch a viewpoint is great every time!
  9. This is growing on me. It’s very much like Odyssey, but with snow. I’ve enjoyed just wandering around and the world isn’t completely overwhelming me yet. I really liked the flyting, am not great at drinking, and do not quite understand the dice game yet. Wandering around hunting though? That I get. It’ll probably wear its welcome out, but I hope to get a ton of time with it beforehand.
  10. Ahhh, okay, that explains it. I don’t think I necessarily mind that they took the feature out, I was just looking for it expectantly and getting annoyed I was missing it :P.
  11. Yeah, I figured it out - there’s a definite knack to clicking the triggers on the DualSense that I haven’t quite managed yet, but I’m getting better. I ended up foregoing the trip home to tool around the first village, hehe. No money, but I sure chopped off a lot of heads. I think I’m missing something with the raven - he doesn’t mark stuff quite like the birds in the last two games. I was really amused to see they brought back the flying paper from AC4 though - that was fun.
  12. I think my only major complaint with the game so far, minus a slow start and getting used to the controls again, is that I can’t get Eivor to swing that damn heavy attack with any consistency. Otherwise? It’s AC baby! Lemme synch and swim!
  13. Phew, finally wrapped up the Heavensward expansion for FF14 after a solid month and change of play.
  14. I’m really having a time getting used to the DualSense with Spider-Man. The trigger feedback is very new to me and sometimes I want to mash that thing and it’s actively pushing back and other times it’s got all the give in the world. I mean, I will adjust, but I really noticed it :P. Hilariously, my favourite visual upgrade has been to FF14, which has a PS4 Pro mode built into it that I had never noticed before but is goddamn gorgeous.
  15. I haven’t spent much more than an hour with the system, but aside from getting used to all the menus and such, I really like it. The DualSense is epic and minor tweaks I’d make aside, it’s a perfect evolution of the DualShocks. One thing I forgot in all the hype is that I’ve been using a PS4 the whole time and not a Pro, so there’s a level of fidelity here that for me is light years beyond what I’m used to. And, really, the little improvements like how fast the cursor moves when you’re typing out a password are almost worth the price. QoL shit like that is m
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