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  1. Honestly it sounded better than the KS looks. I’ll go back to keeping 7th Citadel and a watchful, lustful eye on Machina Arcana. I’m happier getting reprints of games/rethemes than being a guinea pig for evolving rulesets, that’s what I have learned. I’ve got Tidal Blades on the way and that’s my only big unknown (and it sounds like it turned out okay but long). I mean, Dark Tower is a question mark but I have massive faith in Restoration Games based on previous KS titles.
  2. I mean, I don’t like HeroQuest (except the money I got for selling it) outside of the furniture. I wish I didn’t know about that Thing game though ;).
  3. Machina Arcana launching its KS at the same time as 7th Citadel is some kind of cruel.
  4. This was Vanillaware’s latest and it finally released in North America on Tuesday. I honestly don’t know who else this would be for, but it’s definitely for me. You follow the interlocking stories of some teenagers in Japan as their city comes under attack from kaiju. The game spends a lot of time in a dialogue-based adventure style mode, but then when kaiju attack it goes to an isometric RTS where you control a team of mechs via a stylized radar display. The RTS is just complicated enough to be fun and demand your attention but is not yet overwhelming. The story is, de
  5. Just got confirmation of my pre-order being placed from Best Buy. Looks like I’m on lock for November. Phew.
  6. Tentatively backed it on the assumption I will have tried and enjoyed Continent before the Citadel KS closes
  7. I literally bought this on Sunday and as of today the entire interface has changed . I do want to play more, but that could be said if a lot of games...
  8. Eh, I am planning to get it as my first PS5 purchase /shrug. I’ll play that game again happily. I don’t love upgrade tax, but it’s also expensive for Miles on its own so I don’t care as much in this instance.
  9. I’m no great fan of these - you play one and you’ve played them all. However, that quick snippet of Han and Greedo firing back and forth is pretty solid.
  10. Mine’s up there. I wanted a second controller and a new headset for Apex to go with said purchase I do feel a LOT better about my spending now that I’m realizing that I keep posting my shit in Canadian dollars, so it’s always going to be worse anyway. Clearly I’ve only spent about 200-300 tops once I convert it...
  11. Well, not all games are gonna be for everybody, unfortunately. I’m legit disappointed FOR you - this is easily my favorite 3D Mario series (although Odyssey is brilliant). The stages definitely feel like levels to me and, for me, that’s what I want them to feel like - just blasting between those little planetoids has always been immensely satisfying for me. When I originally played it I did find it a bit disorienting, but I found I got used to it. And if you want to enjoy the game more, my advice is to just play Sunshine for a couple hours and then go back. You’ll praise th
  12. It’s been over a decade, but Sunshine still actively hates the player. Say what you will about any of the other 3D Mario games, none is as sloppy or hard to control as this one.
  13. I played Galaxy in handheld and while flicking over to the touch screen took some getting used to, it was much easier than I imagine the pro controller as pointer would be. Having the spin as a button really made for minimal issues doing handheld play.
  14. I’m looking forward to your regret at revisiting Mario Sunshine ;). I’ve banged out a few stars in Galaxy, that game still rocks hard. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed it. I am legitimately hopeful I can pay a Nintendo tax to get Galaxy 2 as DLC at some point.
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