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  1. Literally got Disney + for the month just to watch it. It’s really excellent on D+, but I find it really interesting how different the experience is, having seen it in that theatre live (on our last trip to the States, oddly). The rotating floor choreography is a lot easier to appreciate at the theatre, which is one thing my gf and I both noticed, because of the camera work. But the original cast is killer and the performances in this one were amazing. It’s neat how the cast album, live version, and film version are all different animals yet all fantastic.
  2. I’m at least confident I’ll get the first wave reprint of Nemesis stuff to hold me over while the second languishes in hell ;). It can’t be any worse than Tidal Blades - I backed that at the end of 2018 and we MIGHT get it by September if we’re lucky... I’m less concerned about Return to Dark Tower since Restoration is very reliable in my past experience.
  3. I think I’d have a harder time on PC, and make no mistake I am often the worst one on my team. It mostly started as a way to spend time with my brother and another friend of mine during all this, but they really changed it since Season 1 when I was last at it and in a good way (the ring is actually a menacing prospect after a couple of rounds - I won a game this morning because my squad mates injured two other players and ran into the safe area and the ring killed the other two). Now we just play during evening game time constantly and when I have spare time in the morning? Might as well get a couple rounds in! Of course my current favorite legend is Crypto, currently the bottom tier of the meta game :P.
  4. I can’t stop playing this game. It is literally my morning game and my night game now.
  5. This one is probably the strangely horniest of the three Personas that we consider modern Persona, but I really love it. The mystery element is an excellent conceit to drag the players in and the cast is pretty good (Chie and Yukiko are particularly stellar).
  6. Bah ha ha! If you think the first game is bullshit, you’ll want to set your head on fire after the second one. I played KH and then KH2 and then I said ‘fuck this series’ and my life was better for having done so. I legitimately cannot fathom people who think there’s a good narrative in there - like, I respect their opinions but I truly can’t imagine what the world looks like to them...
  7. I hate to be a Switch beggar, but goddamn I want it there.
  8. No surprise that the internet is full of fickle mush heads
  9. Irony of ironies, the only Canadian source for the BttF board game dried up and my girlfriend is trying to convince me to use our travel fund to upgrade our deck with a new BBQ and patio umbrella, which would leave enough there to conveniently let me clear an all-in Nemesis Lockdown pledge for the whole damn thing. Coronavirus net positive there .
  10. I’m a DINK, but one with a mortgage and competing expensive habits ;). I’ve also gone through so many games that I am, slowly, learning to keep things more reasonable. Another “problem” is that my group is all about actually replaying stuff, which I do like, but we’ll be another four months post-lockdown getting every last drop of gameplay out of Gloomhaven, whereas I am ready to move on after a very lengthy affair with it...
  11. Man I would be all over that Nemesis Kickstarter if I would ever get to play it :P. Instead I am keeping tabs on an escape room book/puzzle instead and thinking of grabbing the new Back to the Future game, which would cost me a third of the Nemesis thing. Smart investing!
  12. The Clubhouse games collection is kind of awesome. My girlfriend and I have been having a blast playing, of all things, checkers and memory against one another. It’s simple but has the typical Nintendo polish. The version of Yacht in here is super satisfying too. Really rounded package for what you get and the price.
  13. The game closet in all its glory, also the cat snuck in on me because normally that door is closed and all his toys are in there :P. The top left is my collection within a collection of all the different versions of Clue (not re-themings, I’m not crazy). Not to suggest I have too many games, but the front facing ones are hiding full shelves behind them...
  14. It is currently on sale on PSN. I’m already a couple chapters in and it’s a great game. The setting and atmosphere are top notch and the writing is very, very good.
  15. Mine is not as messy, but the layout is nowhere near as complicated and fancy ;). The perils of having gutted a bedroom closet and stuffed it full of kalaxes
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