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  1. They keep putting the Sea of Thieves logo up there - I am legitimately interested to know if that game has any kind of a solid user base. It never seemed popular...
  2. Yeah, I am hoping it turns out too... ...but I totally agree, late embargo bad.
  3. Suburbia CE should arrive this month, woo! It’s the first of three big KS games left in my pile - Tidal Blades and Middara being the other two. Couple small games left but beyond that... nothing! Purchases have been light, it’s a good feeling. I DID grab the expansion to Gloomhaven, however. We are almost at the campaign end because we love it TOO much. We’ve had two Saturday’s this month where we did 8-9 hour play sessions. I retired the five circles class which was fun but too finicky and moved to the similar two box class. That one is an absolute blast and a nice change from my last one and even my tinkerer, who was a ranged guy predominantly. I can’t say it’s the best game ever, but by the same token I can’t think of another game we’ve played so often and so consistently and still wish we could play more of.
  4. Just wrapped up the mezzanine area. Finally unlocked co-op and my gf and I had a blast. Huge achievement because so far she’s been using her Switch Lite for Picross, so for us to use my Switch Prime for a co-op game like this is a big step. The restaurant was super charming - loved using the stove on so many puzzles. The design chops on this game to sneak so many little diversions in between all the stun and suck of the regular gameplay are commendable.
  5. I actually meant how the right stick is rotational rather than aim in a direction. I find that irritating, although I suppose vertical vacuuming would be quite a chore without
  6. I mean... you have all those jars and shelves ;). GF and I had a ton of fun playing with this last night. Just about to unlock the co-op mode, which is when we’ll really tear into it. It’s super cute and fun, though I do find aiming the vacuum with the right control stick more fiddly than I would like...
  7. I’m actually MORE interested in this after the reviews. I thought Kat Bailey’s on USGamer was particularly good.
  8. You always get the Legendary as part of the final battle of the main storyline :).
  9. http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2019/10/ea_gives_mass_effect_fans_hope_with_confirmation_of_exciting_remasters_coming_soon This and Dead Space now please.
  10. On our front, we played eight straight hours of Gloomhaven yesterday... It has consumed our group like no other Legacy game before it. We’ve all retired at least one character at this point and getting used to the new group dynamics has been a blast.
  11. Yeah, I saw people on Twitter saying it was good core work and I know that they basically do all cardio, which is exactly the boat that I’m currently in. I’m also a big fan of body weight training over weight stuff; I am not intending to buff up, just smooth down the ravages of time, so this will hopefully aid me on that front
  12. I’m still thinking about it. I like the idea - my problem is going to be sticking with it. It’s super tempting though. It’s exactly what I need to compliment my shorter run days with some extra training.
  13. Grabbed this for the Switch and man, this is what an indie game should be - unique, fascinating, and something you can’t get from a mainstream commercial title. It’s one of the hardest adventure games I’ve played in a while - your goal is to figure out the identities and fates of sixty passengers aboard a boat that just returned to port after being missing with no souls alive. It’s grim, stark, and wonderful. You have to use everything at your disposal to figure out who is who - where the ship was, what rooms they’ve been spotted in, accents, snippets of dialogue. It feels like something you’d want a huge pad of notepaper for and I adore it, even if it makes my head hurt after an hour or so. I wish there was a way to keep better track of things in game and access previous scenes faster, but it’s a very small nitpick.
  14. So, I started Trails of Cold Steel II on Saturday and it’s fantastic. The gameplay is pretty much the same as the first game with some extra systems bolted onto it. The story is a direct continuation, which is great. I haven’t enjoyed a long-form story like this since Mass Effect. For an RPG to continue this kind of through line is pretty rare and I’m down with it. I played the first one so recently that the combat is a bit old hat, also it’s getting in the way of the story beats that I’m dying for (finding out what happened to everybody from the first game is taking forever...), but the turbo function is there to judiciously move you through the easier fights. It’s also still pretty challenging, even at lower levels on normal difficulty. You need to keep your party healed most times. Just adore this series - I’ve already clocked over twelve hours in less than a week of starting.
  15. We played our second game of Gloomhaven in three days last night, due to unexpected staycation. Was a good time - we got absolutely clobbered. It’s nice to be reminded that the game does have some teeth to it. The problem was that our tank retired on us the map prior and is now playing a spellweaver, so not only does she not know the new class, she’s squishy as eff, as are the rest of us. I’m so frigging excited for Middara to come though. I am enjoying the tepid narrative of Gloomhaven a lot, but a nice chewy game with a JRPG-style story will be like crack :).
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