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  1. Man, was there never a thread about Judgment? That’s been occupying my gaming time this month and it’s a delight - Yakuza, but detective work. The story is really well done, involving a serial killer targeting yakuza thugs and it gets much more complicated from there. In amongst that, mix in drone racing, the usual Sega games - including VF5, piles of side stories, and tons of things to do. The combat is still fun, although the tailing suspects mode gets old very quickly, and there’s a lot to love throughout. I do miss the whole karaoke and crazy sim elements from some of the recent yakuzas, but this is definitely worth the time you put into it.
  2. Yeah, that Avengers series was spot on.
  3. Played through some of the first level and the sprite work is gorgeous and the game is a blast. I can’t wait to get some more time with it - waiting on a friend who wants to play it through co-op.
  4. We played through the couch mode tonight and had a blast with it. Until Dawn is definitely more polished, but we had a good time and it’s a promising start. I’ll definitely be back for the next one so we can play it the same way.
  5. Horde mode in Gears is legit the thing I miss most from the 360 :).
  6. I’d love folders on the Switch, I have to say, but it’s such an improvement over the dumpster fire that was the WiiU that I’m okay as is for now. The WiiU has one of the absolute worst UIs ever designed, simply because of how goddamn slow it was. Even when I went back for the Zelda titles it was infuriating.
  7. Eh, I bought plenty of remasters for the PS4 back in the day, I don’t mind them on any system. Sure, you can complain that Nintendo’s charging full price, but guess what - they ALWAYS have. It’s not like I’m clutching my pearls and having the vapors over it; no Nintendo product ever sells for cheap, even when it should, so if that’s how the market is, it’s how it is. Yeah, I’d love to get my remasters for less, but if it’s a matter of value and I value it enough, I’ll pay it. I’m not offended by your take on it, it’s your opinion, man, but I just don’t care enough to sweat it. Same with the online service. It’s shit, no question, but it’s cheap shit with a very reasonable spread of old games on it. I can play two bucks worth of bloody City Connection a month for god’s sake. I’d also argue that the online service has, big shock, different value based on the end user experience, too. My girlfriend and I love Tetris 99 and I’d keep Switch Online right now just for that - we play the crap out of it.
  8. I like the remasters. Nothing sold on the WiiU and if it helps good games get seen by more people, I’m all for it. It’s not like anybody’s forcing people to buy it and, yeah, I’m very happy to pay full price to get it back on the Switch in a slightly upscale portable format. Same with the SNES and NES games. I’m paying $2 a month for this, I really don’t give five shits how they distribute the games.
  9. What Dan said. It’s on Spotify as well, but the easiest way to find it there is to search for Megan McDuffee, the composer/artist. Bully is an incredibly damn catchy track; I think I’ve listened to it almost six times in an hour at work.
  10. This was originally SMT x Fire Emblem, but it actually plays like a Persona game where the Personas are characters from the Fire Emblem series. I absolutely loved it. It’s set in Tokyo and based on the idol culture in Japan and has great characters and a FANTASTIC battle system. The visuals are lovely and there are musical numbers to boot ;). I’ll be double dipping on it. It’s one of my favorite WiiU games and JRPGs ever.
  11. Direct was amazing. I LOVED Tokyo Mirage Sessions and I’ll be getting that again for myself. Xenoblade Chronicles is great too.
  12. Phew, 62 hours for my first playthrough. Fantastic game. It got stupid hard towards the end, but I loved how customizable it was and the everything I said good about it still applies. I’m definitely looking forward to New Game+ in a few months.
  13. I’m a voracious Mansions 2e consumer and that’s about it. They’re a far cry, as you say, Brian, from when I entered the hobby 15+ years ago. I do love Mansions though. And I’ll NEVER part with my copy of Blood Bowl: Team Manager.
  14. Expensive August for me, but stuff I want to succeed and some surprise launches caught me off guard. Should be good until Ori though.
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