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  1. You know what’s bad for my spending? A goddamn pandemic :p. Stockpiling in the digital era
  2. Wow, NEVER extend your sewer level. Never. This is now in the sale column for me; I’d rather grab Persona 5 Royal this week...
  3. The damage reduction to your opponent is the main benefit to me. Damage over time is good, being dealt less damage is better.
  4. Right!? I might try and platinum this out of sheer stubborn arsed bullheadedness :P. Paid a stupid amount and brought my complete snake gear set up to my level though. Waste of money, but poison is my fave in this game. Archery doesn’t do enough damage for my liking.
  5. Threw this on for a bit of a lark last night. Remembered my only real problem - there’s too damn much of it. Spent two hours clearing an area of activities, then looked at the map and wept. And I had 40 hours logged in the damn thing to start with
  6. Right? It’s so much fun. I’m pretty sure I’m getting back into this one once I wrap up Trails 3 in a couple weeks. All the activity here has me jonesing for it.
  7. Diablo III has proven a surprise hit with my girlfriend, although I cannot deny that Snipperclips is a hoot
  8. Anybody played Who Goes There? before? I browse KS a lot more during lockdowns, apparently 😛
  9. Ugh, I managed to order a copy of The Crew in stock at Board Game Bliss, my preferred online retailer, and now the province has shuttered every non-essential business for 14 days. It’s smart but also DAMMIT.
  10. Once you unlock the the game really becomes amazing. Only reason I stopped is because it was TOO huge and I would have played nothing else if I let it get it’s hooks in me.
  11. Yeah, this is peak Animal Crossing. Once I got the island set up and past the intro it was addictive as crack. That phone is absolutely brilliant.
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