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  1. Middara KS is live! Backed for the three acts. I’d like to grab the adventure packs too, but we’ll see. There’s a lot I don’t give a rat’s butt about in the full pack like the casual resins, alternative antagonists, extra dice and playmats, so the all-in pledge is not for me (and too rich for the old blood anyway).
  2. Diamonds for unlocks, like Crypt, but the map is persistent through each run. It’s kind of a compromise. So every time you start up it generates a new map for that entire run. Not as random as Crypt, but still replayable.
  3. Switch version of Slay the Spire is super fun. It’s really a roguelike mashed with a drafting system from a CCG and I am down with it.
  4. Anybody else grab this? The art style is SO good and the game is fun. It’s not as savage as Crypt, but it’s still very hard from my perspective. Trying to hit things and stick to the beat is not easy but it’s lovely having that Zelda stuff slapped on to the Crypt framework - it blends together really well. The overworld map is much bigger than I was expecting and I got thrashed over the first four screens, sigh. Some fun puzzles and I like that once you clear out the area you get a break to explore. The music is a total blast so far. It’s interpretations of Zelda themes and damn good ones.
  5. Interesting news that they’re tossing out the traditional weapon wheel for this one - most FE games are based on the premise that swords beat axes beat spears beat swords or some version of that. I’m actually quite okay with it - with the addition of magic and bows and every other damn weapon it had turned into more of a weapon octagon by now anyway. Also, the last FE remake on 3DS had no weapon wheel as it predated its introduction and it was no worse for it. They’re keeping the important stuff like using bows against flying units so I’m not terribly upset about it. Just gimme the damn thing.
  6. Price point will determine my interest. I only ever played the PSOne version so I have no issue with the graphics :).
  7. Yeah, it looks like they made what could be a very solid blend of the two styles. I am much, much more interested than I was previously - I’ve never loved FF7 all that much so a new version has potential.
  8. Two weeks until the Middara reprint hits KS! I’m planning to fund it via game sales - my girlfriend has recognized my chronic inability to commit (no comment) and just needs me to give her the games going and she’ll list them for me :P.
  9. Hey, we won, so no complaints It felt earned, so that counts for a lot. Also it got noticeably better as we went and learned how to play our classes to maximum effect. The first scenario was a total slapdash effort compared to how we were working by the third.
  10. I had access to the Broken Token stuff and reviews were good. They did spectacular work keeping everything around. The game would be a logistics nightmare if you didn’t have a way to organize it.
  11. Sigh. The series that breaks my heart every time. I mean, can I really stand to hope for Vesperia and end up with Graces again? Sigh. Ufotable is a BIG plus though. I’ve watched a ton of their stuff and they do the best anime action scenes these days.
  12. Phew, ten hours later... Well, I see what the hype is about. I dunno that I’d call this the most best game ever, but it was definitely a ton of fun. The time flew by. We did the first three scenarios, very good times. The first and third we just barely scraped through (the third one we literally had one person who wasn’t exhausted scoring the last kill before getting swarmed), though the second was a bit of a cakewalk. I know what’s coming but I am maintaining the surprise for the group by not revealing the rooms. We’ll see how it goes going forward. Lots of fun moments - I was worried the card play wouldn't pan out but it really works. The characters are quite distinct as well. Everybody got a level after all that and we’ll probably keep on trucking on Tuesday.
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