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  1. Oof, that’s rough. I take it the need is for healing? That’s actually a really tough hole to get out of - ironically you’ve approached this the exact opposite of how most players tackle the game, which is to belt out the dungeon as quickly as possible and then use all that free time to build relationships before the next time out. Because it’s so early doors and you’ve backed yourself against the wall SO close, I don’t have a good solution, sadly. Without being able to get out and get items I have to assume you have nothing in your inventory? Beyond item dro
  2. $20, out now on PCs and Consoles. I hope that Rock ‘n Roll has the soundtrack. Lost Vikings was an epic co-op game back in the day.
  3. Best news of the Direct was the Famicom Detective Club ports. I haven’t played the first, but I played a ROM of the second one years ago and it is a smidgen more than a visual novel, but the story was a damn fun little mystery.
  4. So, we ended up playing Forgotten Waters for five hours yesterday, the whole of the first scenario. It took a lot of effort getting the set-up down, but once we did it was smooth sailing, pardon the expression. It’s a goofy lark with a sense of fun very reminiscent of Monkey Island, while still doing its own thing. There are some astoundingly good jokes and running gags in the first scenario alone.
  5. It has been a looooong dry spell of gaming for us. Fiancé and I are both working regular work days and the overlay of pandemic impositions on our workplace plus commute and restrictions has us wiped. To combat this, we forced ourselves to set up a game night of Forgotten Waters this Saturday. We’re going to get the rules hammered out tonight and figure out our streaming set-up, but I’m looking forward to actual human contact beyond the two of us for a bit.
  6. I’ve actually been using mine a ton recently. When I’m not in the man cave, I can usually be found poking away at Hades, Slay the Spire, or Shiren the Wanderer. My PS5 remains ‘machine I play FF14 on’.
  7. I played it back in the day, played a few hours of this version and left. It’s a stellar game, I just didn’t have time for a second go - it does get easier and you learn that you don’t have to do everything as you go. It’s got some crazy twists and an absolutely batshit insane ending that I just loved.
  8. Nooo, the pic doesn’t load! I wanted to see stuff!
  9. I just spent three days gathering and crafting to earn scratch tickets which got me a flying cat minion in a parka. GOAT!
  10. Yeah, 0’s a fun one. I played a bit of it and it has some dynamite mini-games, no shock there. Is Judgment part of the collection? That’s a fun standalone title I actually finished and enjoyed the hell out of.
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