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  1. Thanks for reminding me about this. I had no idea it was a 3-episode season.
  2. I don’t normally watch trailers or previews for things I know I want to see but I did for Space Force. It certainly didn’t seem as funny as it turned out but it also didn’t seem bad. I can’t comment enough on how awesome Malkovich is on this show.
  3. Yes, really enjoyed Defending Jacob. Also recently completed Space Force. Loved it as well. Many LOL moments for me, many jokes at Trump’s expense and John Malkovich was utterly fantastic.
  4. I need to restart this myself. Think i only have 1 trophy to show for it.
  5. Thx Joel. Will give that a look as soon as I’m done with The Wire s3.
  6. Hell yeah! I’ve been streaming Alan Silvestri Essentials on Apple Music since the end of last week because of Endgame. I’m in. I have some of his other vinyl soundtracks: BttF 1-3, The Walk, RP1 and Forrest Gump but I can’t understand why a release of Contact hasn’t been done. Could it be it’s just a 13 track, 44 minute OST?
  7. The Dead Space games are the only games I’ve played 3 times each for the achievements on the 360 and will probably do the same on the ps3 at some point but TLoU is the only game I’ve played 5+ times and I don’t skip the cutscenes with every play through. This game is THAT good!
  8. Holy shit, that thing is beautiful. Nice find! 👍
  9. Anyone else catch Defending Jacob on AppleTV+ starring Steve Rog... er, Chris Evans? First 3 episodes are up. Enjoying it thus far.
  10. I’d like to see Some Kind of Wonderful added to this lineup.
  11. Original 10 Star Trek films are on sale for $20 though a select few are available on Amazon Prime. From the original series, I have only every seen TMP back in the early 80s from a rental VHS and all I remember is being bored to tears. At $2/film, i was considering giving this series a shot but i keep hearing the only ones worth watching are 2, 3, 4 and 6. I already own 2 thru 4 so maybe i should just track down 6.
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