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  1. Same. Haven’t played in over a month but would if there was an LCVG Xbox clan.
  2. Definitely not in gameplay. That’s all Contra but some of those backgrounds gave me a Super Metroid vibe.
  3. The only MCU movie I didn’t see multiple times in the theater was Captain Marvel because I thought it was ok/good but not great. I either really liked or loved all the others. I thought Homecoming was good but I loved this movie.
  4. Yeah, I totally understand that. Half way through, i kind of guessed where they were going with the story Don’t think the rest of the game will change your mind.
  5. I did get platinum but didn’t find the game as long as I thought it would be early on. I was hoping for some kind of time stamp ala Horizon but couldn’t find one. Overall, I really enjoyed it.
  6. Something like 1500 screenings of Dark Phoenix have been pulled so they’re definitely getting ready for Endgame.
  7. I’ll check it out as well. EDIT: Wow, 18 episodes not including multiple bonus episodes? 😳
  8. Finally started American Scandal. Seasons 1 (New York State of Mind - Eliot Spitzer) and 2 (Iran Contra) are quite fascinating. I’ve only listened to 3 of the many podcast shows on Wondery but I prefer the narration by Lindsay Graham on this show over David Brown on Business Wars and Dan Rubinstein on Sports Wars.
  9. Joey and I sure are going to lose a lot of points once Toy Story 4 and The Lion King pushes everything but Endgame down the list.
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