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  1. It really is. Don't know how accurate the online info is but Wikipedia says he lived in Argentina as a child and was raised speaking english and spanish while IMDb has him speaking fluent English, Spanish, Danish and French. Regardless, he's more convincing than Pacino, who's of Italian heritage playing a Puerto Rican.
  2. Their way of trying to convince you to NOT watch trailers. They failed.
  3. #23 is the hypnotically beautiful ABZU. Will be going back for the missed collectibles.
  4. Nice. I have the original Superman vinyl release but would love that Mondo. Too bad it's sold out.
  5. #22 is Ghost of Tsushima: DC. Now to go for the Platinum.
  6. I also have the LG UBK90 and used to have that problem. I’m thinking the LG player is incredibly sensitive to UHD disc because now I always wipe down a disc after purchase and have never had the issue return.
  7. Agree 100% with everything you said so.. bring on the UHD release. LOL
  8. I really, really enjoyed this. That ending reminded me of
  9. Having loved Dishonored, I'm all over this... after i finish Ghost of Tsushima. Just reached the second region.
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