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  1. But that’s here in the states. Aren’t theaters open in Europe and other countries?
  2. Same. While I don’t purchase as many games as I used to, I do tend to get the Collector’s Edition when I do. For example: TloU2, Days Gone, God of War, Spider-Man, etc.
  3. Anyone have trouble ripping recent Fox titles? My brother had picked up Call of the Wild and Underwater, lent me the blurays so i can add them to my plex server but makemkv couldn’t rip them. I’m on a Mac.
  4. Finished my New Game Plus collectibles run making LoU2 my 12th Platinum’d game.
  5. Out of curiosity, how are you keeping track of your retro purchases? Spreadsheet, other program? Do you have a list of games you’re tracking down or just going for as many as you can? Sorry if you addressed this earlier in the thread. I’ve been known to order or come home with a movie i had already purchased many years ago so I now rely on an app. Old age is a motherfucker!
  6. Listening to the soundtrack, we have more beautiful music from Gustavo Santaolalla which was expected but the tracks by Mac Quayle are awesome. I especially love Eye for an Eye. Wasn’t familiar with him so looked him up and see he did work on Mr. Robot and a few other shows I’ve never watched before.
  7. On Friday, I received an email from Best Buy that my pre-order for the game will be released “soon”. I took this Friday and have the next 2 weeks off for vacation. I chose in-store pick-up (pre-pandemic, of course) so remains to be seen how this will all work out but if there are any shenanigans with Best Buy having my CE ready for pickup, I’ll also order the digital version.
  8. Uncharted 4 was a great game but once I was done, I moved on to the next game. But I didn’t want Lost Legacy to end. Platinum and immediately went back for a replay. Its on my all-time favorite games list.
  9. Thanks for reminding me about this. I had no idea it was a 3-episode season.
  10. I don’t normally watch trailers or previews for things I know I want to see but I did for Space Force. It certainly didn’t seem as funny as it turned out but it also didn’t seem bad. I can’t comment enough on how awesome Malkovich is on this show.
  11. Yes, really enjoyed Defending Jacob. Also recently completed Space Force. Loved it as well. Many LOL moments for me, many jokes at Trump’s expense and John Malkovich was utterly fantastic.
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