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  1. Just received email notification that mine has shipped.
  2. Seems like there were others that were having this issue and one of the possible solutions suggested was to use an external that wasn’t powered by the computer via usb. So i tried a different external and viola, problem solved. Something about the disc not spinning fast enough when powered by usb. I don’t know, all this goes over my head.
  3. Yes, CDKeys is my usual go to. Or just type PSN on slickdeals and see what’s available. I recently picked up 2 at $30 each so I’m good until 3/22. Just found this...
  4. Recent updates of MakeMKV not only open and separate the files but point to the actual main feature file. These particular FOX discs, however, would hang after 1/2 or 2/3 into the process. What would start as a countdown of time remaining in the rip to then it hitting a wall and the remaining time would increase until the process fails. It will open but not rip the files.
  5. Agreed. “No plans” isn’t a flat out denial.
  6. Will add it to the list. Thx for the recommendation fellas.
  7. I’ve only ever seen the first RE back during its theatrical release. Let us know how it is Daniel.
  8. Yes. I wasn’t contradicting but asking if theaters were in fact open in other regions as I had heard but wasn’t actually sure. In those countries, as @iainl states, they should have both options available to choose from.
  9. But that’s here in the states. Aren’t theaters open in Europe and other countries?
  10. Same. While I don’t purchase as many games as I used to, I do tend to get the Collector’s Edition when I do. For example: TloU2, Days Gone, God of War, Spider-Man, etc.
  11. Anyone have trouble ripping recent Fox titles? My brother had picked up Call of the Wild and Underwater, lent me the blurays so i can add them to my plex server but makemkv couldn’t rip them. I’m on a Mac.
  12. Finished my New Game Plus collectibles run making LoU2 my 12th Platinum’d game.
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