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  1. Friend asked if i could sell some games for him. They’re opened but barely used, so near mint condition. $35 each shipped. Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War Demon’s Soul Godfall Spider-Man: Miles Morales $40 shipped. Dual Sense Controller
  2. I’d never listened to a politics podcast until being introduced to Pod Save America a couple of years ago by Romier and Joel. With how crazy these last 2 years have been, I’ve since added Battleground with David Plouffe and Steve Schmidt (my second favorite behind PSA), The Lincoln Project, FiveThirtyEight Politics, The New Abnormal and What A Day. That’s not to mention the usual talking head podcasts from CNN and MSNBC, which are just the audio feeds of their television programs: Rachel Maddow (my favorite), Lawrence O’Donnell (closed second), Chris Hayes (moving up my ranks), An
  3. Has anyone seen Possessor? Watched the uncut version and all I can say is wow. And i will say no more.
  4. My attempt to get within 40 of Romier. 😕
  5. JANUARY - (5 films) One Cut of the Dead (2017) [Shudder] 4/5* Host (2020) [Shudder] 3/5* Tenet (2020) [UHD] 3.5/5* Man of Tai Chi (2013) [BD] 2.5/5* Project Power (2020) [Netflix] 3.5/5*
  6. Agree with everything you say and, for me, I’ll add the opening scene in Themyscira. Easily the best sequence in the movie. Just about everything else was horrible minus the bits you mention above. From Max Lord channelling Robert Vaughn’s Superman III Ross Webster to Kristin Wiig (whom i generally love in just about anything) in this role. Not her fault. Horrible writing. I can’t believe I’m about to say this but Geoff Johns was taken to school by Zack Snyder in the WW co-writing department. Wonder Woman is the only movie, this side of The Dark Knight, that I care to rewatch.
  7. Same. You know they’re gone when you go from “over an hour” wait to suddenly mere minutes.
  8. Same as Joey. Outer sleeves and anti-static inner sleeves on all, even the extra large box sets like Doom, Mondo’s Alien, etc.
  9. Not knowing the first link wasn’t for the US, i tried it and it accepted my PSVR serial number. Didn’t get far as i realized that the US wasn’t in the country Dropbox. Then used the US link but now it says theres a problem with my serial number.
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