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  1. Yeah, I've been banned before. It's only the console they're banning, not the gamertag. Each successive generation of hacked firmware claims to be more sophisticated, but the MS people are truly on top of things. Best to keep the modded boxes offline.
  2. Hahah, there's no need to be judgmental. A lot of people who are already lvl 30+ DO have lives; they just don't sleep. Giving up sleep is an option open to you. Just to follow up, PSN was back up and running flawlessly last night. 1 day of growing pains isn't that bad at all. P.S. Graeme: The doorman was asleep.
  3. Found a work around on the Infinity ward forums: Trying it now, but of course as soon as I sign out of PSN, it makes me re-connect to the matchmaking servers again, and that part takes forever.
  4. It's letting me connect to the server now, but I can't party up with friends. Keep getting the error, "cannot join the game because session is no longer valid".
  5. I ended up with the PS3 version (birthday gift, my preference would've been Xbox) and I can't seem to get online. Matching making just hangs, it says searching for match making server and just sits there until it times out. My connection is live. Anyone else having issues on PS3?
  6. What did today's patch do? Nothing as far as I can tell. Hospital level is still being exploited by zombie glitchers in versus heavily. It's getting bad enough now that every other game has players pushing stuff to block passageways. People are blocking the elevator exit as always, then another pathway further down after you get past the elevator exit (you can actually double jump over this one) and in Ch. 3 The Sewers, I've also had people block the sewer exit, just before you get to the safe house. I wanna say that a minority of bad gamers are ruining an otherwise awesome multiplayer game, but really, if you as a developer leave your game open with glitches, people are going to exploit it. Please fix this!!! On the bright side, we ran into some good opposing team zombie players who moved the obstructions out of the way so that the game could continue.
  7. Missed you guys tonight, but I did complete all 4 campaigns on Normal difficulty. I guess now it's down to trying the upper difficulty levels. It's been lots of fun so far, but I wonder what the long term replay value is like, given that there are only 4 levels.
  8. :lol I know there is never anything I can do when I get hauled away, but I still try to struggle. I think we'll have enough people tonight to get a full room of versus.
  9. I agree, Dead Space and Mirror's Edge took me completely by surprise. I admit that I have never, ever truly liked a single game by EA up until now. I am very impressed and hope they're going to continue on this path.
  10. Wow, awesome games tonight guys. Glad to shoot at your familiar faces once again!
  11. Just to follow up with my HDMI NO Audio issue. It is specific to the BenQ G2400W and some other monitors. Both audio and video outputted fine previously, but after update there was NO audio whatsoever. Huge Thread over at Xbox.com about this issue. There is a temp. workaround to this. Leave monitor in DVI or Dsub mode (with your PC or whatever). Turn Xbox on. Wait 5 minutes. Switch to HDMI for the Xbox and sound will work now. But this has to be done every damn time.
  12. Ok, so I did some searching and it appears that I am not the only one with no audio over HDMI. Hopefully a fix is coming soon. P.S. THANKS for the warm welcome back, JTello! :)
  13. Anyone have problems with HDMI audio no longer being there? I connect via HDMI to my Ben Q monitor and connect my PC speakers via the little stereo jack on the monitor. It was working perfectly until this NXE update, and now I have no audio whatsoever. The settings tab only lets me select from Digital Stereo, Dolby 5.1, and 5.1 with WMA. Says nothing about HDMI audio.
  14. Thanks, Romier. I'm still not getting this last part. I got the Exceed 2 skill but can't figure out how to fill the meter twice. Filling once I get, but to fill it a second time, don't you have to swing the sword again? But as soon as you swing a sword, the original charge gets depleted.
  15. I'm enjoying this as well. Started out in the Human difficulty but found it too forgiving. Moved up to Devil Hunter and it feels more like it, though still not as hard as the older games I think. On mission 3 I fell so many times trying to get through that puzzle where you zap around across the ceiling but the ceiling has spikes and every time you fall, you have to fight a horde of bad guys before you can go back and re-try it again. Punishment in typical capcom fashion. Finally got it in a mixture of skill and luck. Mostly luck. Can't really figure out how to charge up the Exceed, except hitting it right after the uppercut move where you slice an enemy into the air to initiate a juggle. Then a red thing glows on the back of the sword. Can't figure out any other ways to charge it up properly. Any tips?
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