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  1. And not just that. Because I didn't want the confusion of people not recognizing me, I did it for my XBL gamertag as well.
  2. I've already missed 2 eps of the new season. :( But I'm enjoying the hell out of the DVD set. This show is priceless!
  3. Hahah! Don't forget, these circles must be counter-clockwise. No exceptions. I wish FOX didn't buy out SPEED. They used to devote much less time to NASCAR and much more on automotive heritage shows.
  4. Arrrr! Now I'm really thinking about that HD Box. One of my favorite shows on TV and now it'll be in 720p! But I also want a new sub. Paradigm PW2200.... mmmmmm... EDIT: DOH! I just remembered my set only shows 1080i. Will it convert the 720p signal?
  5. Same goes for Malcom in the Middle, AFAIK.
  6. Is it true HD? I always thought Fox's stuff was "High Resolution TV", which is just 480p and 16 x 9.
  7. That really threw me off. I started wondering if they played a new episode during the week, in addition to Sunday.
  8. Oh, would he be George Junior then? I hear George Sr. when referring to the dad in prison, which implies there is a Jr. That would make sense.
  9. I haven't caught every episode, but why is he "G.O.B." as Monkey said above? I've also seen other variations like Gob and GOB. I just hear Joe.
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