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  1. The first two days there are RSD exclusives I really want, the last one they are RSD first releases so it’s not a major rush.
  2. The new RSD list breakdown is up showing what is coming out on the three different days https://recordstoreday.com/NewsItem/9003 Also since it’s gonna be a while before all the computer parts I want for my new tower to be back in stock/regular price again, I decided to finally splurge on a Uturn Orbit Turntable with Ortofon Red, and all the upgrades. It came a few weeks ago, and I’m loving going through my collection again.
  3. Wish I was nearby, it’s my favorite game.
  4. Its need to be cleaned up There are older pics somewhere in here.
  5. I got a killabee gaming chair as they have bigger seats, and is beyond comfortable for me.
  6. I have two full 4x4 Kallax, and the tops have stacks of stuff. Also have in wall shelves full with smaller games, and whatever else is around. That is with barely buying much the last 18 months.
  7. Yeah i bought a new chair in Jan. The day i go into the office every week I always hint we need some new chairs.
  8. For now I use a 30 inch ultrawide Spectre monitor and my laptop screen as it’s 17 inches. When I get a new computer soon, I’ll get a second monitor as I am never going back to only one screen.
  9. I played a few levels last night. Was Surprisingly fun and Calming .
  10. I enjoy Flash Gordon and Pitch Black, but not enough to spend $50 to upgrade.
  11. One of the cool things that has come out of everyone at home, is casts from many shows have done zoom chats for different things . This past week Voyager crew did,
  12. Don’t watch resistance
  13. The Funko games are always on sale somewhere. I’ll get them eventually.
  14. You have plenty to go.... then Rebels
  15. Either way, it’s going to get a much bigger audience.
  16. S3 on its way to a new home https://deadline.com/2020/05/cobra-kai-closing-in-new-streaming-home-youtube-release-season-3-series-netflix-hulu-1202941951/ So Sony is shopping it for a new home which looks to be Hulu or Netflix, so it would continue past S3 .YouTube wants out of the original programming business, and told Sony they would not renew it past 3.
  17. We use D+ for a bunch of stuff. My niece loves it as mostly everything she likes is in one place.
  18. The non family friendly stuff will be on Hulu. A bunch of series originally announced for the service, are on there or will be. That is why they have the bundle option. However it better just doing the Hulu Black Friday deal separately every year.
  19. I still need to play the first gloomhaven 😉 I’m so caught up in DND, my other game time has been minimal. I have a bunch of Champions stuff to play still also.
  20. I enjoyed the Assassination missions. I liked finding new ways to sneak up to attack .
  21. Exactly @ChrisBardon . My setup is better then at work, my chair is more comfortable, and I am not bothered by nonsense all day.
  22. We are still working at home 4 days a week. I go in one day a week (Thurs) but the room I am in only has one other person not sitting near me. The rest of the place is a ghost town except for higher ups. Word is, its going to be a long time until we go back because there is no reason for most of us to have to be in the office to do our jobs. I am looking forward to a 4 day weekend .
  23. If apple bought it for the service, I would think it would be a while before its available for purchase. Its going to get harder and harder for Netflix and Apple to license catalogs , as all the big companies have their own services , or will soon
  24. Tom Hanks film "Greyhound" will now land at AppleTV+ https://deadline.com/2020/05/tom-hanks-greyhound-apple-tv-wwii-action-film-apple-wins-auction-1202938467/
  25. Enjoy ACII and Brotherhood. Enzo is one of my fav game characters. I played as much of those two as I possibly could.
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