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  1. @Orpheusyep it’s one box for campaign (mythos packs), one box characters . I have the first three and a half cycles i believe, going to finish up that cycle in packs. Then wait for the boxes on the others. Im surprised they have not announced any new SW board or card games. They also announced Keyforge is on hiatus, because somehow their software which generated decks got corrupted or something. Nobody made any backups? Good news is when it launches again they have a new set ready, and a offices digital version will finally be released years too late.
  2. And…. Finally an expansion for Outer Rim with no info and horrible box art😆
  3. FFG in flight report is happening. I tuned in late, but caught the LCG portion. Just officially announced the Vision Character pack and The Sinister Six campaign expansion with Spider Gwen and Miles Morales for Marvel LCG They are gonna release the past Arkham LCG cycles in the new format of a campaign box, and character box. They are doing a new starter set for Lord of the Rings LCG (and a scenario pack which is a re release of two scenarios from a old limited starter set ) and will release select older cycles in the new Arkham format. Nothing else new for the game is planned . ….. supposedly they have not announced anything really new, and now some rambling about some new design initiative. Oh how fall FFG has fallen.
  4. @Angry the ClownYes get “ Steve” on broadway ASAP Glad they with held some of the rumored stuff from the trailer.
  5. Anyone else watching Only Murders in the Building on Hulu?
  6. My physical movie collection is a mere shadow of what it once was. It's pretty much just my must own films on 4K Blu-Ray that if the Internet went down, I would need to have to watch. I think Black Widow will be the first film I have bought on disc this year. I do still have a bunch of my fav TV shows on DVD, as well as a bunch that are not available on Blu-Ray or streaming for some reason.
  7. Well it’s looking like the Vinyl pressing backlog is getting much worse. Mondo sent out a message to those who preordered MI3, that pressing was originally delayed a few weeks, but has now been delayed until late in the year. So maybe a release in December. Just awaiting notifications on the other 4-5 preordered records. Good news is Cobra Kai collection shipped, and will be here next week. I also was able to snag a copy of the Total Recall 3LP release off someone on Micari for a decent price. I thought I had preordered it a while ago, but did not.
  8. Very excited for this. Love the series (three isn’t as good as the other two, but still fun).
  9. I dropped off of watching wrestling right before the pandemic. But I saw the major parts online this morning as I wanted to see the first appearances . It’s great that there is a big competitor for WWE, and it was fun watching it. However wrestling has a problem. There are that small group of hardcore fans that will watch whatever they can. But those casual fans that built up during the Monday night wars has completely evaporated over time. People thought Punk would bring them back to AEW, they did for the return episode, but ratings have dropped the weeks since. One of these promotions needs to find a way to get the general audience to return. And it sure as hell won’t be WWE with the current CEO they have.
  10. “But for people that don’t want to or can’t afford “ . The first one ok, but the second one makes no sense. Pay for a month of GP or pay full price.
  11. I thought Simi Lou was great as Shang, but so was everyone else in the film. They all brought their A game, and I look forward to them all being in other movies/shows in the future. What action film doesn’t turn into a big fight at the end? However this one is very different then other MCU films.
  12. There have been many good reviews I read today. The latest trailer was also before Shang-Chi today.
  13. It’s on my wishlist. My wallet is also nervous as Mondo’s 10 year anniversary starts next week, and Mondo/Death Waltz are gonna have 15 releases over the next 10 weeks. “With that in mind, we decided that it’s time to, in-earnest, kick off a proper Tenth-Anniversary Celebration! Starting next Wednesday, we will begin a 10-week long campaign of non-stop, all-new Mondo and Death Waltz releases (over 15 just from our labels alone). From celebrated classics to hit TV shows, from AAA Videogame titles to animated masterpieces, we’ve got also got multiple soundtracks to highly anticipated new films hitting cinemas this fall ... and even a classic soundtrack that is over 80 years old! All absolute bangers.”
  14. Have to make sure my niece does not see that Paw Patrol machine.
  15. Yeah infinite is not what they originally said it was going to be.
  16. I thought romier had posted it, but its in upcoming movies.
  17. I guess they really never want to use Mephisto 😂
  18. What If episode 2 was really fun and early morning trailer drop
  19. Animation style is fine with me, but the action parts look more fluid then the non action parts in the first episode. Reminds me of when the Clone Wars started.
  20. Studios must be hoping theaters just are open by that point.
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