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  1. Finally someone else has watched this. I mentioned this way back when it came out,
  2. I went into Walmart today against my will, but came across Plano 3650 cases for only $2.88 a piece. They are usually $8-11 everywhere else. Bought the only 5 they had so I can finally organize new TMNT, Outer Rim, Lord of the Rings and A few others. They are supposed to get more in this week, so many I may stock up for a while at that price.
  3. Amazing cast all around. Please be good.
  4. Pretty much sums up my Harley thoughts. Did not need to have Birds of Prey in the name or be rated R either,
  5. Im impressed he got it in there without waking him up.
  6. Sam Raimi is in talks to direct Multiverse of Madness
  7. Love scythe, been a while since we played.
  8. Doctor Strange for champions is official https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/2/4/sorcerer-supreme/ He has a new side deck called invocation. A first for the game. If i am annoying with posting about champions all the time let me know. Just having a blast with it.
  9. Wanda uses her powers to create a perfect life with vision, but things get out of control. Wanda in the comics sometimes has reality warping powers like House of M which angel mentioned
  10. Oh i have no issue with FFG shipping early, They always have . They ship from CA so it would not make much difference to me.
  11. Glad I subscribed right away to the Champions packs, as Wrecking Crew release is heavily allocated. Even team covenant is shorted , and some later subs will not get it until early March. ... someone from Coolstuff has said Thor will be the same way. At this point I would expect the next three heroes to also have that issue as it seems from leaks their print runs have happened already. Asmodee really needs to get their shit together for the FLGS. If anyone has problem finding anything , check barnes and noble web site as they have had all the packs in stock.
  12. There are plenty of weapons i never used
  13. After episode 2 i am very interested in where this is going.
  14. Funny thing is Legends after S1 is the opposite of that. It became more guardians of the galaxy like. Even though serious stuff was happening, it had a lot more humor and fun. That’s why I enjoy it so much,
  15. Yep i watch it all. Arrow finale was great, set up the GA and Canary spinoff that should be given a pick up soon. The diggle stuff i have been waiting for since the start of the show.
  16. FFG finally announced the first big LOTR Adv expansion. Involves stuff from Mirkwood and Moria. Plenty of new content in this one
  17. Fable 3 was pretty bad. Anniversary and 2 are worth playing.
  18. Hope it’s a lot better then that pile of shit.
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