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  1. Your team couldnt even win a darn matchup of sub and your trash talking :-)
  2. LOL it should be a entertaining night during that matchup capt
  3. Just so everyone knows. I switched it to 3 out 5 stopwatch rounds to win a map . However the finals will be 4 out of 7
  4. I just got MCII so im gonna be ona bit tonight to try it out capt
  5. *NOTICE* Guys i will be posting the divisions , updated rules and schedule tommorow morning so check out digitalcrusade.com for it then. Cant wait itll tues
  6. Thats a trick they play on new mods :-)
  7. sweet have to DL it right now :-)
  8. i sold ETM and PSO on ebay so i am gonna pick MCII up this weekend capt
  9. I guess no one else saw my post in the other wolf thread :-)
  10. Kelly you must have seen that trophy after your hangover because it said "Last Place - Wolfenstein Tournament - Men in tights".
  11. Tommorow we will find out who is in and who is out. I pretty much know which teams are still gonna be in and which ones will probably be dropped as a few people have mentioned that there team is never on. Makes it easier. I also have thought up a new format. So if anyone wants to play a game go ahead. It wont mess up the new format at all capt
  12. Actually I said each team needed to pick a leader and let me know so i can know the rep for each team. . Then they could schedule games on there own if they would like. But it was hard for teams even to pick a leader for heavans sakes. And then no one except 4 teams tried to schedule a game. Not to mention half the people are never on. Like i said on HTF. At the end of this week. If no games are played there are going to be massive changes made and only the people that are on enough will be in the tourney(which would include any teams which player games). Every other tournament ive run so far has had no problems. Mech had 30 people and everyone showed . This time who knows capt
  13. I like the one up right now. I have enough problems doing my sites design to do something like that capt
  14. Ed nice seeing you on today. Was lots of fun getting some online racing in with a couple of HTF people in the room. Ill tell ya a lot of practice helps out. I was just using my custom bike and was doing good. Gotta do the rest of the damn challenges and tracks in single player in a bit capt
  15. lol i just saw that movie for like the 100th time today. :-) i always seem to catch it when its on capt
  16. yeah i saw that yesterday. There are a bunch of cheaper games coming for live also. Blowout is $29, Corvette, GR Islander thunder and Magic are $40 capt
  17. If you have been held back at buying a extra system like i have here is a deal for you Over at ebworld.com they have a deal right now where if you buy a X-box, PS2 or Gamecube, one accessory and one game valued at $29.99 or more you get a $30 mail in rebate for a eb gift cert for use later. So X-box or Ps2 would be $150 new . but it gets better Plus if you use MSN wallet http://shopping.msn.com/softcontent/softco...2977&scmId=1301 before June 20th you also get 20% back for all your eb orders in MSN bucks which you will be able to use starting in August towards participating stores (which eb is a part of). Ive done this msn thing before and it is legit. Ive been thinking of getting another x-box for my home theater. . This is a good deal. Also helps to get $10 back for a few games coming out in the coming weeks (i also have a $20 gift card coming for buying enter the matrix /animatrix from eb so this deal is even sweeter :-) ) So the deal will be X-box, Cheap Accessory $20, $50 game $249 -$30 gift card -$49.80 on the msn $$ Total for x-box after all the rebates would be like $169.20 . Less then the price of a new x-box alone. So its like a free game and accessory. I gotta hop on this. one. with my $20 card. $149.20 is a excellent deal capt capt
  18. i could have told you that. I have excellent hand/eye coordination all from playing video games capt
  19. Calvin actually killed somoene in a game?
  20. Yeah thats how it goes exactly. Ice, Sub and then Village in that order.
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