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  1. As far as im concerned people can run any tournaments they want. No problem on my side. Just make sure you do not post in 10 different places about the tournament. Thats the only issue any of the mods would have. Like ive said in the past. Ive done a lot of group play stuff and tournaments, but if any of you wants to run a tournament. Let me know. Ill make a thread and such for it. No problem capt
  2. I dont think there is howie. All the sports games ive played have that same thing. Hopefully it is fixed inthe future capt
  3. Hello Everybody. Tonight is gonna be a first for Group Play. Mixed Game night From 8:30 PM EST to 10 PM EST we are going to have Crimson Skies Night Then from 10 PM EST and on will have our Rainbow Six Release party So show up for one or both. Just remember if you want in, please send me a friend invite to CaptDS9E
  4. Thanks for hosting chris. My copy wont be here till tommorow it seems. Yet i got my demo disc and my copy of Top Spin capt
  5. someone may have to host tonight Rainbow Six night. I cant tell if my preorder of rainbow six will make it or not. Gamestop's site isnt realiable with shipped stuff and sometimes it says it hasnt shipped when it has and vice versa capt
  6. i should get my games tommorow. I preordered them with overnight from gamestop and they always come on the wed of the release capt
  7. I actually like that people cant join certain games mid way. Games get unblanced a lot . This way you can balance out the teams before hand and have fair games capt
  8. Yes James a few of us saw you were playing it online. You suck :green:
  9. Comes out tommorow. Should be another great like title this month. Dont forget tommorow night is our Rainbow Six Release party. capt
  10. Hell Id be up for Some Phantom Menace bashing , BUT you all better keep quiet during the pod race and saber battles :-). Saturday night is fine with me any time. Jut set a time capt
  11. Im online every weekend playing. Where everyone else is i have no idea . Ill be hosting Crimson and Rainbow six stuff all this week. Dont forget tommorows Rainbow Six night and Thurs is Crimson Skies night capt
  12. JoeyN


    if you guys find out let me know. Im itching to get a GC and this would push me over the edge capt
  13. its actually $40. I think ill give it a try eventually
  14. The game isnt enhanced at all for HDTV . maybe thats the reason it only looks good in 4:3. I mentioned it in my review thread.
  15. if you check out the xbox karaoke site it does have a thing that shows you how to hook up your comp and x-box to transfer files capt
  16. you have to go down very slowly or the guard will turn around and see you capt
  17. Yeah ill probably pick it up after this weeks blitz of games. I wont use it for the Karaoke part much but there are a lot of cool songs on there. Lets do Dr Evils its a hard knocks life :-)
  18. I put a review for TMNT on X-box up in the X-box forum of course In case you guys are intrested capt
  19. If you kill yourself it takes away from your kills. I know ive done it many times :-) capt
  20. of course after i think im done for the day you tell me about the update to your stuff :green:
  21. Guys I just uploaded a update. A few things fixed, plus the top now is frozen so when you scroll the heading stays still. a lot easier to read the thing as you go down capt
  22. Ok everyone you can download the new Gamertag list at Download Gamertag list If you see any errors please notify me. And if you want to be added contact me as well. Joey@lcvg.com with Tag List in subject
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