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  1. In the book Aftermath we learn when the new republic formed they shrunk their military, and also it came out that Leia was Vader’s daughter so she was pretty much kicked to the side and no one listened to her,
  2. There was a rumored ending I read a long time ago was very similar, but had some different elements. I never heard of the Clone Wars connection. Matt Smith was rumored to play a character who was possessed by the emperors spirit, and was the puppet master of everything. The Emperor wanted to be transferred to Rey, but Kylo got in the middle of it somehow to save her. Kylo now with the Emperor in his body, had a battle with Rey, and she killed him to stop the Emperor once and for all. Matt Smith always denied he was going to be in the film, and I never read a hint of any problems with the films production which leaked on Rogue One and Solo. I think some stories are just being made up to make people feel better, but you never know.
  3. My packs are still in the mail, usps sucks. I haven’t played Death May a Die, but word of mouth has been good so far.
  4. It’s only on the Netflix YouTube channel.
  5. That really does not need much explaining. The strong in the force thing does skip generations. Otherwise wouldn’t all these youngling parents already be jedi or sith.
  6. I think it’s him, but badly damaged. I have a convoluted reason why he did not use a clone body, but we have had enough of that for a few days 😀
  7. Someone needs to tell JJ they are called Holocrons, not beacons 😁
  8. I’ve been saying them not having a plan was the biggest issue all along once they sctually came out and said their was none . Why would anyone in their right mind do that. The honest trailer about palps plan will be as fun as the BvS lex Luthor plan.
  9. One other quick thing before I pass out, Why were the Knights of Ren in this film? They did nothing except have the avengers camera circle around them.
  10. I’ll read your post when I have some time. My quick thought for now. I had a lot of fun and I enjoyed a lot of it, just like I did Last Jedi. However what fan blog wrote and then edited this thing? JJ and his writing partner must have had some late night reddit reading sessions. The lightspeed jump is actually a joke about how the movie was edited. Time for kathleen kennedy to be replaced. If marvel can handle a dozen projects at once, someone can handle 3-4 movies and a few tv shows in developement.
  11. Brian the photos are not showing for me. i have to say I am glad I did the Team Covenant subs for the Champions packs, as they shipped today. It seems a lot of stores were heavily shorted. FFG never learns. They move forward a release and do not even have enough product for it. I am really looking forward to Christmas vacation as I have not played as much of this as I want.
  12. Newer Standard ipad is great for basics which I use it for.. Got one a month ago, and been very happy with it.
  13. Can Deborah Chow please direct every episode. The wait until next week is a killer.
  14. Actually Keith from thoughts of people I usually agree with, we are going to like this movie 😀
  15. i can not do VR its instant stomach churn. I have had a few issues with a few games like Border Lands and SW Jedi Knight where the field of view is not wide enough.
  16. Picard is already a lock for S2 as it was just granted to biggest tax break california has given a show yet.
  17. Maybe indy will be on hulu
  18. JJ during an interview teased that Ahsoka will make some sort background or reference of her will happen in Rise.
  19. Terrible? Hell no you didn’t,
  20. It’s time to move on. I know the loss was hard, but 4k is already here 😉
  21. They announced today there will be new story DLC next year 😀
  22. Episode 6 was damn good. Wait until you see who plays one of the characters .
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