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  1. As you level up you become much more bad ass. Upgrading the team atribute trees , doing the infinity side stuff is a must. also when a camera sticks, click the right stick.
  2. Far From Home has passed 1billion WW, so get to work on 3 marvel. Highest grossing Spider-Man film.
  3. I have not read x-men stuff since around X-Men vs Avengers, but have been reading online about what’s been happening. . I have enjoyed everything Hickman has done, other the Secret Wars at the end of his avengers run., so jumping back in was a no brainer. The first issue of House of X was very good as well, but this is not a new beginning to the story. A lot of the story beats were set up already in past arcs already, and some may get a bit lost if they have not read X-Men in a while.
  4. The only time we ever play love letter is the Batman version. Usually bring it on trips.
  5. TMNT in Time soundtrack getting a release https://www.bleedingcool.com/2019/07/24/teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-turtles-in-time-soundtrack-goes-vinyl/
  6. Those are the only scythe meeple replacements I know of
  7. Tarantino and Thurman have had discussions about doing Kill Bill V3 please happen
  8. The only social media I use on my watch is messenger chat for my brother and a few friends. Most of my usage is controlling music/podcasts at work during the day, and checking mail quickly. I have the version that uses my phone., it’s always with me anyway.
  9. I expect Eternals, Wanda Vision and Doctor Strange to do that from the interviews I have heard . Those three are always mentioned. The Black Widow footage people have been describing as John Wick/Jason Bournish.
  10. Kevin Feige during an interview said they actually have the next 5 years planned out, but decided to just announce Phase 4 since it was big enough at 10 titles (5 movies, 5 shows). So Phase 5 is looking like a three year plan of 9 films, and whatever tv shows they decide on.
  11. I do not even think I've ever looked during the day to see if the watch was low on power
  12. It works perfect fine for what I use it for as it is now.. I wish there were more watch face options I actually wanted to use. Even the third party stuff is not that great,
  13. She dropped out of the MCU because of what went on surrounding Thor 2. The director (patty jenkins) and script were totally changed right before shooting. It was a big deal behind the scenes, and she almost left the film. Was also part of the Ike Perlmutter fiasco.
  14. I read an interview clip where Feige said Waititi approached Portman about it, and she was on it right away. People can roll their eyes all they want. That’s a problem they have, not marvel. This stuff has all been down on the page already. The bond thing, people need to learn to read press releass.
  15. They have before. Blade has helped in marvel events. If he is in the MCU, you can be sure they will appear together eventually.
  16. I really like that they have made a commitment that the Disney+ shows are integral to the films, and just as important. Agents of Shield up until this season was a part of things, but because it was by Marvel TV and not controlled by Feige it was thrown away. It’s also why anything by Marvel TV is going to Hulu. Disney+ is the MCU service, Feige playground and it’s going to print $$$
  17. They said a Doctor Strange will be PG-13, so I am guessing Blade will be. They did not give much more details for stuff after 2021.
  18. Variety posted the conf on youtube, lol. Sound cuts in and out.
  19. Video from the end of the conference where he mentions the other movies, and the Blade intro
  20. She wasn't Female thor forever, and Thor was still fighting. Hemsworth is signed on for the long term, he is not going anywhere.
  21. Someone do a Kevin Feigie interview STAT and End Game by end of weekend will pass Avatar https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/avengers-endgame-passes-avatar-become-no-1-film-all-time-1225121?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&fbclid=IwAR1ka3BPhRKjzRKrVRBiDs9tHQTQAlTrIgtGcJZXW8hJ14NUHsadjOh2Vgg
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