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  1. I've owned these games several different times over the years. The current copies happen to be mostly new. Make me an offer. Tried to get an idea from eBay but didn't see much. New copies (non-GH) are going real high. Didn't see any GH copies. Thought that was the superior version although I know people generally dislike that version.
  2. I do most of my selling on another forum or eBay but figured I would test the market for these given how popular the series is on this site. I've been holding onto these and have decided to sell to someone who will put them to good use as well as round up some paypal funds. Please make offers on an item or items via PM. Thank you. Silent Hill 2 (PS2, GH, sealed) Silent Hill 3 (PS2, sealed) Silent Hill 4 (PS2, sealed) Silent Hill Experience (PSP, sealed) Silent Hill Origins (PSP, complete and mint) Silent Hill (Blu-ray, sealed)
  3. $35? Don't want to get stuck with this.
  4. I have an extra copy of this from the 4-pack. $38.93 is what I'm looking to get as that's $37.50 after paypal fees, or 1/4th of the bundle cost. PM me if you're interested.
  5. To anyone who has the PS3 version... Are you able to connect to online games? I've had zero luck the past couple nights even connecting to a game and it's starting to piss me off. Any feedback from PS3 users would be appreciated. I'm starting to second guess getting this for PS3 over 360.
  6. Has anyone played both the PS3 and 360 versions? If so, please comment on the online aspects. I went with the PS3 version but am finding the online portion lacking and am curious if it's handled better on the 360.
  7. http://lcvg.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11259 That's the thread in question. Thanks for the answer.
  8. I updated a thread title and it reflects the change when viewing the thread. However, it isn't reflecting when just viewing the forum. Does it take time to update or is it something that only changes on the thread side?
  9. Looking to sell a couple things. I accept Paypal or MO. Send me a PM if you have any questions. HAVES: * = new XBOX 360 Xbox 360 Guitar Hero 2 bundle - game, guitar and gig bag for $62 shipped Playstation 2 *SMT DDS 2 - $42 shipped Gamecube *F-Zero GX - $10 shipped *Resident Evil 4 - $14 shipped Concerning the DVDs... I will now cover shipping as long as you purchase a min. of $10 worth. Also willing to knock a couple dollars off for large purchases. Let me know and we can definitely work something out. DVDs *Constant Gardener - $5 *Assualt on Precinct 13 - $5 *Alamo - $5 *Artificial Intelligence - $5 *Syriana - $5 *Thin Red Line - $5 *Ray - $5 *Jamie Foxx I Might Need Security - $5 *Kingdom of Heaven - $5 *Bad Boys 2 - $5 *Chris Rock Never Scared - $5 *Hannibal - $5 *Y Tu Mama Tambioen - $5 *SWAT - $5 Last Samurai - $3 Ladykillers - $3 Million Dollar Baby - $3 Spy Game - $3 Be Cool - $3 Get Shorty - $3 Troy - $3 *Hustle and Flow - $5 Pirates of the Caribbean - $3 Badder Santa - $3 Captain Ron - $3 Ultimate Toy Box - $35 National Treasure - $3 Polar Express 2-Disc - $5
  10. Updated with new titles sold and pending. I've also dropped the prices on the remaining items.
  11. Dropped prices and added incentives for multiple purchases of the $10 and $12 games. There are some good deals to be had for anyone interested in these games.
  12. This is a great single player game, but I have mixed feelings about the online play. I've never been a fan of having to unlock stuff in sp to access it in mp. That's a turnoff. That said, I won't miss out on mp because of that inconvience. It helps that sp is solid and makes progressing to where you're competitive enjoyable. My complaints about online play are based on a limited amount of play time. While playing ctf, people would hit the person with the flag and not get it. Someone said it's the worse lag since Crimson Skies as a reference. I've also experienced some connection problems. A minor issue I had was it didn't have the score with the names of everyone like it is in MM3. I miss that. That's very important to me in knowing the score and who's talking, etc. Those issues aside Im enjoying the game. I hope it has some legs and warrants some online fixes which could make it one of the best xbl games available. Of course, I still play MM3.
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