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  1. Michael, I'll do some blasting tonight!
  2. Beer, Tonight at 10 sounds good. but i think I'll have one now (long day) :tu: cu tonight
  3. I'd like to play. what track types do you have in mind?
  4. Michael, What night would be good? This weekend is out for me but my weeknights are adjustable, B
  5. I'm in. Thanks for the invite! there is 3 openings left.
  6. Pieter, J, Cal, Thanks for hosting lastnight. It was good to see some of us on live, its been kinda dead lately.
  7. I'm in, I'll be the guy tied to the bumper :tu:
  8. If you would like to go. pick your poison. (rally, hillclimb, crossover?) How about a little of each? a different race type for each week?
  9. Joel, Great match! and some fantastic shots by both of us! We'll meet again! mmmwwwahahahahh! :twisted: Oh, and I'm glad your showing my thumb at the end of your post
  10. See this... :tu: This is the thumb I squashed today at work. Mighty painful :shock: But I'm suckn up, and looking forward to tonight. Though I might be pulling a bit to the left :?
  11. Peter, I must of signed off just as you got on. :roll: Well tomorrow I'll be on. I have a links match against JTello, but that wont take long for him to stomp me. Anyone else going to have time to get on live? (Tuseday) (the 22nd) (of June) (2004)
  12. I'll fireup the box tonight!
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