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  1. It's been so long since I last played it but man, Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts has some massive slowdown.
  2. I don't think the launch lineup is as good as the SNES Mini Classic lineup but it's still a welcome addition to the Nintendo Online service. Hopefully, the rest of the Mini Classic lineup will trickle in in the coming months. The SNES is my favorite console of all-time so I'm totally hyped for this and the wireless SNES controller. I could die a happy man if NBA Jam ever makes it to Nintendo Online with 4-player multiplayer!
  3. With all these hands-on previews of the Switch Lite popping up on YouTube, I'm starting to really want one. If only it had the ability to be docked (the dock could have been sold separately to keep costs low).
  4. Interestingly, Kevin Kenson's screen on his "Mariko" Switch is brighter (318 vs. 291 nits) and has a more accurate color temp (6757K vs. 7200K) at max brightness.
  5. I am a totally unashamed and unabashed lover of The Rocketeer comics and movie!
  6. I've long wanted a Rocketeer TV show... but this ain't it.
  7. Interesting look by Digital Foundry at the Switch's performance with the CPU/GPU overclocked. It seems like if Nintendo had designed the dock with additional cooling to supplement the Switch's internal cooling, docked mode performance could be significantly increased with little heat gain. Obviously, handheld mode has battery life issues that would make overclocking in that mode impractical.
  8. Yes, you can transfer all your saves/digital games/settings from your old 3ds (now your wife's) to your New 2DS XL. There are a few caveats. Once you transfer to a New system, you will not be able to transfer it back to a non-New system in the future (you can go old to New or New to New but not New to old). It's a complete system transfer so it transfers everything (you cannot just transfer one digital game). Do not create a new Nintendo Network ID on the New 2DS XL before doing the system transfer (you are transferring your ID from your old system). After the system transfer is complete, you will be able to re-download any bundled software (like MK7) that came with the New 2DS XL. Since your wife is using your old 3DS, the system transfer may not be what you are looking for if she has save files and digital games on there that she plays.
  9. I bought Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate when it was on sale for $8.99 and have been playing that a lot. I like it better than Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on the Switch (even though the graphics are lower rez). One thing that I found that really annoyed me was the C-stick nub that Nintendo added on the New 3DS/2DS. I hadn't really used it much before but in MH4U, you are using it a lot and that thing is the worst, especially if you get a little sweat on it. After googling some solutions, I ended up literally ripping out the rubber nub and replacing it with an analog stick for the PSP-1000. Now, it works perfectly. A 2 pack of replacement PSP-1000 analog stick was about $5 on Amazon and the mod took roughly 2 minutes. You can disassemble the case and remove the C-stick nub without damaging it but it takes a lot longer and didn't seem worth it to me. There are many videos on YouTube showing how to do either method (ripping it off or disassembling the case). Anyway, if you don't like the C-stick nub, I highly recommend this mod.
  10. Wow, look at this Pokémon Sword and Shield themed Switch Lite (from a Time article on the Switch Lite)z1
  11. I have 2 physical games and about 25 digital games so unless Nintendo implements some kind of family sharing policy, I can't see myself getting a Lite just for that reason. It looks great and I definitely like the smaller size for handheld use. I'm probably 50/50 between handheld and docked use so I'll wait for the Pro model and migrate my Nintendo account and all my digital games. Including a proper D-pad is a major plus. It's mind-blowing that Nintendo hasn't released a joy-con of their own with a proper D-pad. The Lite is going to sell out this Christmas.
  12. It'd be kind of cool if they designed it so that the two pieces fit back together when unattached to form a pro controller (assuming it had wireless functionality) . It does make the Switch comically wide LOL
  13. Finally! Some larger joy-con alternatives: the Hori Split Pad Pro (works only when attached to the Switch).
  14. The CGI in that trailer was so lifeless and generic. I went from being excited at the thought of a Square-Enix/Marvel game to being completely disinterested.
  15. I really enjoyed the video. I did not know the backstory behind Link's Awakening. I'm on a retro game kick right now so that'll be the next Zelda game I play (I just finished A Link to the Past on the 3DS Virtual Console). The graphics are so amazing for a Game Boy. There's something very charming about the graphics that doesn't seem there in what I've seen of the Switch re-make.
  16. That Mega Drive Tower Mini is hilarious. It would've been cool if each piece unlocked some more games or something.
  17. Thanks for the FE recommendation. I've added Awakening to my watch list if I see it for a good price.
  18. Which Fire Emblem would you recommend for an FE first-timer?
  19. Yes, I forgot to mention the hinge. It definitely does wobble more than my N3DS XL model did (although that one had some wobble too). I don't tend to move the unit around much when I play it so I don't notice it during gameplay but I would imagine in games that can use gyro controls like Star Fox 3D, it would be pretty annoying. And it does feel cheap whenever I open/close it. On my N3DS XL, the hinge had some side-to-side movement which annoyed me. My N2DS XL has no side-to-side movement. Neither of my sons' 3DS XLs do either so maybe I just had a slightly defective one. One other thing, the first N2DS XL I bought had a defective touch screen. No matter where you pressed it, it would only register as a touch in the bottom right corner. I couldn't even get through the initial setup. Luckily, Target had one more to exchange it for.
  20. Raising this thread from the dead like the Night King... To start, I have a Switch (and I love it) but I've found that it's just not portable enough to carry with me and play on the go and I've been playing more and more retro games so... I dusted off my New 3DS XL and have been playing that mostly for the last few weeks. I have quite a few Virtual Console games (SMB, SMB3, LoZ, and SNES games you can't play on the Switch yet like SMW and LoZ: ALttP) that have kept me busy. However, the red paint on my 3DS was chipping off and the size/weight (particularly the top-heaviness of it) was giving me hand cramps. That led me to look into a smaller/lighter replacement. I looked at a used New 3DS but I never use the 3D feature on the 3DS and I wanted something new so I wouldn't have to worry about an aged battery or the crapshoot of buying a used one online and finding out the screen has scratches on it. The 2DS was definitely cheapest but I didn't like the smaller screens and non-folding wedge design killed its portability to me. This week, there happened to be a sale at Target for a New 2DS XL w/Mario Kart 7 bundle for $129.99 so I picked one of those up. Here's my review: - The New 2DS XL is the same width and thickness as the New 3DS XL but is shorter from the front of the unit to the hinge and is noticeably lighter. Size and weight-wise, it's in between the New 3DS and New 3DS XL. - It plays all the games the New 3DS can play (obviously without the 3D) including New 3DS exclusive titles like Xenoblade Chronicles and also VC SNES games. - The build quality is definitely cheaper feeling than the New 3DS but still good. It reminds me of the build quality of something like the DSi. - The top screen is one sheet of glossy plastic going across. It looks a lot like an iPhone 8 Plus held sideways. I liked the less glossy screen on the New 3DS XL better. The New 2DS XL screen compared to the New 3DS XL with the 3D slider off looks better to me so I'm not sure if that has something to do with the 3D hardware being removed or not. - The speakers were moved from the top screen to the bottom corners where your palms would be. The unit is definitely less top-heavy now (which is great) but the placement in the bottom corners isn't the best place for projecting sound to your head. - The stylus is ridiculously short now. I heard someone call it an Ikea pencil which is pretty accurate. Surprisingly, it works well if you grasp it with just 3 fingers instead of trying to hold it like a regular pencil. - The home button is now under the d-pad. I like this change as it's easier for me to push it with my left thumb. - The micro SD card and game card slots are now hidden under a flap. On the New 3DS XL, you had to unscrew the backplate to access the micro SD card so this is a welcome change. It's also nice to have the game card slot covered so games can't be accidentally ejected and it also covers the slot from dust when no game card is inserted. - Front facing camera moved to hinge and rear facing cameras are on the bottom of the unit near the hinge. I never use the cameras so I wouldn't have minded if they were removed completely to further reduce the cost. - The top cover has a nice ridged line pattern across the top but on the bottom, it is just smooth matte black. I wish they had used the ridged design on the bottom too. Other than that, it's pretty much the same. The system transfer process is kind of overly convoluted with a plethora of screens you have to go through to start the transfer but once started, it was pretty seamless. After the system transfer was complete, I just had to put my 32GB micro SD card from the New 3DS XL to the New 2DS XL and all the games I downloaded from the 3DS eShop and all my saves were on my new device. I was even able to download Mario Kart 7. As I get older, I feel less and less interested in playing new games and feel more drawn back to older games... games that didn't require an Internet connection... games that I can pause by simply closing the lid... games that I can play wherever I am with whatever time I have. I think the New 2DS XL will serve me well.
  21. That looks really nice! I can feel my desire to get an Arcade 1Up machine rising...
  22. I wasn't a fan of Spider-man getting all teched up in Homecoming either. Spider-man has enough innate powers plus the ultra-versatile web shooters. He didn't need more tech in that movie. In Infinity War, given the higher stakes, going with the Iron Spider suit made sense. I actually hope in Far From Home and future movies, he gets less Iron Man-like and goes back to his roots.
  23. According to Famitsu's latest charts, in Japan, the lifetime sales of the Switch are only about 5,500 less than the lifetime sales of the PS4/PS4 Pro. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/05/japanese_charts_nintendo_switch_is_already_on_the_verge_of_surpassing_ps4s_lifetime_sales
  24. I think you just have to look at it from the main timeline's perspective. Cap returns the Infinity Stones and Mjolnir to their respective timelines so from the main timeline's perspective, they didn't screw those respective timelines. But like you said, there's a butterfly effect to them even going to those timelines and any action they take there can ripple out like a pebble hitting the water in a pond. Cap simply saying "hail Hydra" in the elevator could cause those Hydra agents to think that Cap is on their side and they could reveal themselves at an earlier point to that timeline's Cap so maybe the events of Winter Soldier don't happen the same. Once you get beyond the surface of time travel as a plot device, the holes become bigger and more numerous until it collapses on itself. I find it's best not to go too deep into the "logic" of time travel, the "physics" of superpowers, etc.
  25. Cap returns Mjolnir and the Infinity Stones to the timelines they borrowed them from so this exact thing wouldn't happen to those timelines.
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