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  1. I ran the same tests on the Switch Lite: - Max volume bluetooth audio on my Switch Lite is even quieter than on my regular Switch (about 33% compared to wired audio). - I did not hear the compressed/static sound on high pitch sounds on the Switch Lite compared to the regular Switch. This may be due to the max volume being noticeably less. - Like with the regular Switch, I did not see any noticeable lag when using Bluetooth audio. In a loud environment, the Bluetooth audio would not be useful on the Switch Lite. It’s just not loud enough to overcome any background noises.
  2. Some thoughts after running some tests (comparing bluetooth Apple AirPods Pro with wired Apple Earbuds): - The max volume of wired audio is about 50% higher than with bluetooth audio. Each audio output has its own saved volume level when you switch between them. - On bluetooth audio, the sound seems more compressed and has more static, mostly noticeable in the higher pitched sounds. - Lag for bluetooth audio was not noticeably worse than wired audio. I bought (and returned) a bluetooth adapter that plugged into the Switch's USB-C port because it had noticeable lag. - I did not notice any change in the performance of the joy-cons (used wirelessly) while using bluetooth audio (I was sitting a couple of feet away from the Switch). It seems like Nintendo prioritized minimizing lag over sound quality by being aggressive with the compression. The sound quality is not great but I think it is acceptable for casual use. Nintendo could have limited this feature to just the upcoming OLED Switch but they gave it to all Switch owners (albeit 4.5 years late) and I think that deserves some praise. It has its trade-offs but it's a welcome addition to me.
  3. I can confirm that my launch Switch can connect with my AirPods Pro now. Bluetooth bandwidth must really be an issue if using bluetooth audio limits the amount of wireless controllers to two. I'm fine with that tradeoff.
  4. Ok with it probably wasn't the best phrase. Maybe accepting of it is more accurate. Analogue doesn't really have a lot of competition when it comes to the type of high-end products that they make so their customers are willing to accept that there may be delays, short supply, etc. I agree that if you waited a year, there's no reason not to keep on waiting (unless you need the money for something else, of course).
  5. Nintendo Switch Base Model Price Officially Reduced To £259/€269 Across Europe - Nintendo Life Seems official now, at least in Europe. The question now is, will this price drop come to other territories?
  6. As long as Analogue's customers are ok with it. I've never bought one of their products so I'm just someone on the outside looking in.
  7. That seems kind of shady. Best Buy didn't charge up front when I pre-ordered an OLED Switch.
  8. There's a rumor being reported by gaming websites about a price cut of the V2 Switch next week: Rumour: Switch Will Reportedly Receive A Price Cut Ahead Of The OLED Model's Launch - Nintendo Life I don't really understand why Nintendo would be dropping the price of the V2 Switch as that would make the OLED Switch look even less attractive ahead of its launch next month. Unless they also dropped the price of the OLED Switch. But the excitement for the OLED Switch would've been so much higher if it was announced at $300 from the start. Changing it 1 month before it launches looks like some Keystone Cops marketing. Also the V2 Switch only being $50 more than the Switch Lite would not be good for Switch Lite sales.
  9. Looking back in this thread a bit, it's amazing that it's been over a year already since Fortnite was taken off the App Store.
  10. It'll be interesting to see what GB/GBC games they add. The Super Mario Land/Donkey Kong Land series are no-brainers. Will they add the original Link's Awakening when they are selling the Switch remake? Pokemon Yellow when they are selling the Switch remakes, Let's Go, Pikachu/Eevee? I doubt we'll see many major third party games like Mega Man, especially ones that already came out on Switch compilations like Castlevania/Contra. Could Nintendo work out a deal to bring the most iconic Game Boy game, Tetris, to NSO?
  11. The DualSense controller was the biggest revelation for me. The rumble is as good as the Switch's HD rumble and with the built-in speaker, it feels even better. The first time I experienced the adaptive triggers, I thought something got jammed in them when they wouldn't press down easily.
  12. Looking like remasters of GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas are coming to the Switch (and other consoles): GTA 3, Vice City & San Andreas Remastered For Switch, PS5, Xbox (kotaku.com)
  13. Nintendo announced two Crash Bandicoot bundles today on the eShop (no mention of a physical release): Crash Bandicoot - Crashiversary Bundle (N. Sane Trilogy + Crash Team Racing + 4: It's About Time). Regular price $99.99. On sale for $59.99 until 07/27/2021. Separately, the games cost $119.97. Crash Bandicoot - Quadrilogy Bundle (N. Sane Trilogy + 4: It's About Time). Regular price $69.99. On sale for $41.99 until 07/27/2021. Separately, the games cost $79.98.
  14. Three more titles announced for Nintendo Switch Online (available 07/28/2021): Claymates (SNES) Jelly Boy (SNES) Bombuzal (SNES) 😐
  15. I guess it was inevitable but it's still sad to see the 3DS go out like this. I'll always love the clamshell design of the GBA SP/DS/3DS.
  16. I put about 5 hours into Skyward Sword this weekend. Having never played the original, it was all new to me and I'm having a lot of fun so far. The motion controls for combat work fine for me but I'm having all kinds of problems flying around on the bird (I've resorted to switching off motion controls when flying). I'm also really enjoying the return of dungeons and Link's classic green outfit/hat. One QoL issue that I wish Nintendo added is when you use the bird statues to travel back to Skyloft, it would take you immediately there, instead of taking you above the clouds and then having to fly there yourself.
  17. I wasn't clear about this in my first post but I wasn't suggesting that the Steam Deck should have game cartridges (that would go against their entire Steam business model). I was pointing out that the lack of a physical media alternative makes the internal storage more limiting, particularly with AAA PC games being so huge (COD: Modern Warfare requires 231GB, Quantum Break requires 178GB, COD: Warzone requires 175GB, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep requires 165GB, Red Dead Redemption 2 requires 150GB, Final Fantasy XV requires 148GB, NBA 2K21 requires 121GB, etc.). Even with the 512GB internal SSD model, it can fill up quickly. Micro SD cards are an option but at around $40 for 256GB, $70 for 512GB, and $175 for 1TB, that would just add to the cost of the device (particularly if you are buying multiple micro SD cards) and cut into the cost benefits of having your entire Steam library available/not re-buying games argument.
  18. The confusion was caused entirely on my end. It was a lot clearer in my head because I, and a lot of articles I've been reading about it, was comparing it to the Switch (which has internal storage, a micro SD card slot and a game card slot to alleviate potential storage issues).
  19. The physical media alternative I was referring to were game cartridges (which I should have been clearer about). Like on the Switch, you can choose to buy either physical or digital (for many AAA games), each with their own pros and cons. Obviously, this device can't have this option but I suppose a large SD card (or multiple SD cards) could be used to either run the games from or swap between the internal SSD. The other thing that stuck out to me is the weight. It weighs 1.48 lbs. The Switch weighs 0.88 lbs and the Switch Lite weighs 0.61 lbs so the Steam Deck weighs almost exactly the same as both of them combined. That might be an issue to some. I didn't see any info on this but I wonder if the official Steam Deck dock will boost the performance so games outputted to a TV/monitor will perform the same or better compared to in handheld mode.
  20. I really like the d-pad/left analog stick and right analog stick/ABXY buttons being next to each other instead of on top of each other like the Switch/Switch Lite. The extra buttons on the back and built-in grips are nice too. With AAA PC games being so huge though, the internal SSD size seems kind of limiting, especially with no physical media alternative. Being able to install other OSes/game stores/Xbox Game Pass/emulators without hacking it is a great feature. It seems less like a Switch killer and more like a GPD Win 3 killer (which is like 2-3 times more expensive). I don't really have an interest in it but hopefully, it gives Nintendo some more data about what works/doesn't work for making a more powerful version of the Switch in the future.
  21. I'm pretty sure I'll keep it but l feel pretty much the same way as you. Better to reserve one now because if I didn't and I want one later, I'll probably have a hard time finding one.
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