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  1. Well, this is it. The final Daisy Report on LCVG.com. As Jerry Garcia sang, "What a long strange trip it's been." The podcast will continue in some other fashion in another location, but today is all about wrapping things up. For those of you that weren't aware, I have just completed my first ban from LCVG. Who knows, with this final show... it might bring on another... The show is available in all of the following formats. MP3 version Feedburner iTunes With that that will bring an end to my posting at LCVG.com as well. Feel free to contact me via the information in my profile. To quote Edward R. Murrow.... "Good night, and Good luck."
  2. You know what, you can try and be amusing all you want, but seriously... if you want to think that think rape is funny.... then... well... Fuck you. And say hello to my first and last LCVG ban. Glen
  3. I'm thinking I'll have just about the exact opposite reaction... judging by this quote. Rape is always a laugh, isn't it? Glen
  4. This could only be more ironic if one of the games was called Burger King Lemmings. Glen
  5. I personally thought how you did the crowd control in Madden Wii was quite entertaining. I thought that the game showed great promise for an EA effort, which are usually incredibly half assed when they're developing a game for a new console. Glen
  6. You people can't seriously be talking about BUYING games that are ENTIRELY marketing for Burger King. I can't even fashion a response that can do my feelings on this matter justice. It's just so god-damned sad. Glen
  7. No doubt about that. I've gotten my ass handed to me by the CPU AI's each time that I've played. I'm still working out my strategies to take out their damn missile defences. Glen
  8. Here's another nice rumor via GamingNexus at the Nintendo Fusion Tour. If that's true... that would be great to see. Two gaming compilations with no less than 9 or 10 mini-games and only needing to buy one additional Wii-mote. Glen
  9. I just got a chance to play the Tutorial for this last night and while it is a great deal of fun... it does feel like it is a bit lacking. There are very few types of units in the game... I would have like to have seen a bit more control over your forces before the game goes to Defcon 1... but all the same... it's a terrific game for the $9.99 price that I paid for it via Steam. Edit: I'd be up for a multiplayer game sometime as well. Glen
  10. Does anyone see the striking similarities between this press conference and the last time Peter Moore announced the "exclusivity" of Next Gen Soccer, then a day or two later we found out... well... it's not really exclusive... I give Microsoft credit. They're great at spinning something to make it look like they're going to get exclusives with some 3rd party titles.... Glen
  11. A picture of Major Nelson with the controller. If you look closely, you can see that it is wired. I'll stick with the PS2 version. Glen
  12. I'm in the exact same boat as you. I hear people raving about the press conference and to me the day was a whole bunch of "Meh." Guitar Hero for the 360 wasn't a big shock and since we still haven't heard that the controller is wireless, I'm waiting on that one. I loved the new Bioshock trailer and can't wait for it, but I knew that after watching the IGN vid last week. HD-DVD is of no interest to me, so I'll just put that little chestnut aside. Basically, I got Doom out of yesterday's press conference... which is pretty damn fun judging by my time in it last night. Glen
  13. Tourney page updated. With one win, Thomas will win the league. With a loss by Anthony he'll clinch no worse than a tie for first. Glen
  14. Phil and Anthony, I'd like to get my games in with you as soon as possible. I'd like to return my copy of NCAA to the rental place as it's not getting any more play from me other than for the league. Let me know when we can get our games in. Thanks, Glen
  15. Damn Dirty Disc error caused my game with Thomas to end with about 3:30 to go. Not that I was going to do anything at that point anyways... but it still would have been nice to have a complete game. I gave him the win though, no comeback was happening for me. Glen
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