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  1. Unfortunately for guys, abdominal fat is typically the last to go. I struggle with this too - I'm starting to see better ab definition in some spots from weightlifting (turns out you also need muscle under the fat in order to see anything), but I'm still not happy with my lower abs and I'm not sure how much of it is fat and how much is loose skin from effectively losing 100lbs in 2 years. So it's the maddening combination of chasing conflicting goals of building muscle (which requires eating a lot) and losing fat (which requires not eating a lot). For now I've been following a recomp diet (maintenance calories +20% on weightlifting days, -20% and cardio on others), which I'll give some more time and reevaluate before surrendering to the classic bulk/cut.
  2. I'm in a similar boat - got a peroneal tendon injury in my foot about a month ago, probably won't be back to running at all again until the new year. Trying to bike more to compensate in hopes of my aerobic fitness not going to garbage. In the meantime, I've also been keeping up with weightlifting every other weekday when I haven't been traveling. Before/after of less than 3 months of work so far: Max effort deadlifts are surprisingly satisfying in some sort of weird primal way.
  3. I messed around with the Vita version last night. Not quite as smooth as it could be, frame rate and environment poly count wise, but it's still pretty good. Online multiplayer actually seems pretty damn fun, and if all the unlocks do indeed sync with Origin I can see that being 200% awesome. Dunno whether I should hope that I can get 360 successfully tied in with it, or just go with the PS3 version (I only wish Sony had managed to "persuade" them into getting this to be cross-buy with the Day 1 Digital program they're trying to promote). Learned last night that I had some sort of Origin account with my PSN username but not linked to my PSN account, as well as some sort of migrated Origin account that gave an error message every time I tried to link it to PSN, so I had to create a new Origin username based off a migrated ea.com account...which thankfully linked with PSN to let me actually use the multiplayer on my Vita.
  4. I got a pretty cool sheet of paper with my name on it. It really varies a ton from race to race - this was a somewhat small one of probably about 300 people.
  5. Great work, Mark! Running has definitely reintroduced me to the simple pleasure of a hot soak as well... Ran my 5k today despite a wind advisory and light rain. Finished first in my division with a total time of something like 20:25. My GPS lost signal about halfway through and never regained it, robbing me of my precious stat over-analysis. I know I did the first mile in 6:00 flat then promptly fell apart - it's totally weird, I feel like I'm not exerting myself and having to hold back for that first mile and then suddenly I'm both slower and feel like I'm at maximum exertion.
  6. I've heard general rumbling about people losing saves/badass rank/golden keys from the patch/DLC, so I'm going to spend some time with Dishonored/XCOM until it blows over.
  7. In the last week of this pass at the Hal Higdon 5k intermediate plan. I usually run the same training loop for my 3 milers (which I stretch to 5k and a bit so they register on Strava), so I was surprised to see this today: Hope the weather holds for my planned race this weekend.
  8. I think RoE achievements are some of those 600GS, and the 400GS for 1 and 2 are the same as the XBLA versions (200 each). Strangely enough watching Brad Shoemaker try to get the Doom 2 Ultra-Violence achievement has me simultaneously interested in revisiting the series and highly dissuaded from it.
  9. I'm way too tempted to get a new PS3 solely because mine sounds like a friggin' jet taking off at this point. I mean I can seriously hear it through my entire apartment even when it's rooms away with the doors closed. Might try some canned air or even resort to trying a fan replacement before giving in though…
  10. Sorry I couldn't join in - I was beat and didn't know where my headset was after moving.
  11. http://www.ebay.com/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=150904113115 eBay deal of the day via Buy.com.
  12. Aw dang, I just ordered some Asics Gel-Neo33's there yesterday because they were 45% off and I couldn't resist. Will definitely keep that in mind for the future.
  13. I made the brilliant decision a couple weeks ago to start back playing the first game before the second comes out. I think I'm now disproportionately excited about automatic ammo pickup.
  14. Thanks! Screenshots are from Strava, which started out as a cycling site but has expanded pretty well. One cool thing is you can track mileage on all your bikes/shoes individually. I usually rotate through a small group of albums/sets while training, and notice that when I introduce something new I'll often PR. Though I haven't really tried exploiting this…yet. Thanks! As you can see from the PR, running a sub-6 mile was kind of a surprise to me too. To be honest, I think just putting in more training mileage is likely to get me to more consistent splits - whether that will mean I'll learn to pace myself more on the front end or not I don't know.
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