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  1. I guess I'm still an Insider (on my old Xbox One), but it's limited to 36 months (it first said 2022 so I bought two years of gold before doing it). I've read that it works for regular folks too though on CAG. Sweet deal. I'm set through Dec 2021 with both.
  2. Honestly, I've never even looked at the store in-game and it hasn't felt any more grindy than Origins (which I enjoyed a lot).
  3. I loved the Witcher 3 (replaying it now) but the mounts controlled much better in Origins (the pathing is really well done). I had forgotten how much I wanted to kill Roach.
  4. I just Krazy Glued them back on - works fine but it's not pretty. I've read enough posts of folks with similar problems to believe it isn't an isolated issue, but it wouldn't scare me away from buying another - I would just get a replacement warranty or buy it at Costco next time around. Three months isn't enough of a warranty for something in this price range.
  5. Seems like it's due for an update as it doesn't have bluetooth and the original had a lot of build quality issues (I've had a bumper break and both grips start to peel). Maybe they are trying to get v1 inventory sold before announcing it. I still love the thing though and will probably get an updated one if they ever release it (and a warranty).
  6. I played an hour or so when I first got the X, but haven't felt any pull to go back to it - everything just seemed overcooked. I'll give it another try at some point but right now it's my biggest gaming disappointment of 2017 ( and I really enjoyed the first one).
  7. The Xbox winter sale has begun and the complete edition is on sale again for $20.
  8. No Switch here, so nothing from that on my list. Horizon: Zero Dawn - A beautifully rendered world, great gameplay, and most surprising for me, a touching story. My favorite surprise of the year - the KillZone games never didn't much at all for me, so I was shocked that they made something so different. Assassin's Creed Origins - It may be the best AC title yet (hard to take off my rose-colored glasses when it comes to the Ezio trilogy). I liked Syndicate, but the extra year of polish really shows here. Uncharted: Lost Legacy - Short and sweet, but so much
  9. I had a free Redbox rental so I picked this up to finish the campaign (I had done the first three missions in the EA Access trial). I liked the campaign (though it is quite short and ends in a surprising way), and I thought they did a nice job of integrating the hero concept that is in MP with the story so it felt like more than just an extended tutorial. I then played a little MP just to see what it looks like and overall, I just feel kind of bad for the people that worked on this game that weren't involved with the loot box decision. Other than that it feels like they addressed a lot of
  10. Really interesting. I didn't know that the narrative director for Horizon did Fallout New Vegas. Be warned though, watching this will make you want to play Horizon again.
  11. It's hard to imagine that they won't keep Fox as a separate division, given that they have been so focused on having Disney='family friendly' that they dumped their Miramax/Dimension catalog to Lions Gate a few years ago. Even as far as comic book movies go, there's no way Logan or Deadpool gets made with a Disney label, and they aren't leaving that cash on the table. What happens with Hulu in the long term will be interesting, given that Fox has been moving their content their once deals expire with Netflix.
  12. I have to chuckle that I'm following up an old post expressing worry with this - MoviePass is apparently experiencing login issues today, and their 'help' suggests trying again later. I'm sure glad I discovered this when I was just browsing times rather than being at the theater. Yikes.
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