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  1. The most reasonable speculation I've seen is Black Widow, Dr Strange, and the Hulk. Black WIdow would make sense, getting the hero pack out to somewhat coincide with the movie. I've been reading much griping about a lack of villains packs. Wouldn'r be surprised if something pops up between WRecking Crew and the new box set. And if not, I'm behind on Arkham so I'm ok with that.
  2. A friend was complaining that his hdr feed was too dark as well, I didn't ask him id he had that issue with any other source material. I was only watching the regular feed and all the issues i think i had can be blamed on my horrible tv. Really enjoyed the episode. If the rest of the season matches the quality of this episode I'll be pretty happy. I have spoken.
  3. Yea. I played at a launch event yesterday. 4 player groups, which was really fun, but took a long time as we were constantly referencing the rules guides. We barely squeaked out a win. I'll definitely be staying on top of releases for this game.
  4. Longevity is certainly a concern with that title. It's probably as much an engine to get people to rebuy pop sculpts in a slightly different size. The Netrunner I'm looking for is the CCG. I completed my LCG set this fall. Those last few data packs were a beast to track down. Damage and threat tokens ordered. I may end up having to get his Arkham tokens as well.
  5. Picked up Champions - probably buying some Aurbits tokens to go with it (silly blinging out a ame, but hey, why not). Almost walked out with one of the Funko Verse games. It looked pretty good at GenCon, kinda like a streamlined Imperial Assault. Decided restraint was needed. Joey, I'd be curious if that store has any Netrunner (Wizkids version) laying around.
  6. Apparently some stores have been given early release copies of the Marvel LCG and permission to sell a week early. My local Gaming Goat should have it on Friday. Speaking of which. It's kinda funny to hear so much praise for the franchise, as they have a pretty poor rep in the Chicago area, especially the suburbs I live in where the first stores opened. Still, while I understand supporting your LGS, especially ones that put on events, 20-30% off everyday is too good to pass up. Just makes me miss my local store that had all my Star Wars games at 40% all the time. Games were not his main product. I think he just like having star wars merch for sale and didn't care what his margin was.
  7. So there will be a set of 4 of the Mumford posters again, just like the previous 2 movies. Just no images for the other 3 yet. See if I get them myself or just wait and buy them on ebay.
  8. Only One this time? The last two movies had a set of 4 posters from Mumford.
  9. Picked it up on the switch. Really is a delightful little game.
  10. Hoping that my order of the new LP by Blushing comes through. Missed out on the US preorder and trying from someone who was supposed to be UK only. If it gets cancelled maybe I can sweet talk one of you fine UK gents for a hand in the matter. Band is certainly a Lush clone, but I don't see that as a negative in any way.
  11. It's a long watch, but there was an AMA with the FFG head of studio. Confirmed in no uncertain terms the fate of many of there product lines.
  12. Older game, is it worth grabbinhg the expansions for Elder Sign. Local store just moved and they have a ton of stuff on clearance as they moved to a smaller space. I didn't want to wait around for the demos at gencon on the Marvel games. The miniature game is a no go for me much for the reason I don't play legion. If the figures were assembled and painted might be a different story. Hoping to get a demo in of the lcg at Nova Open later this month.
  13. I forgot to check at midnight. I'd ahve bought more destiny at some of those prices for the shot at some cards I need. Replacing 2 IA maps and that's about it.
  14. I played a demo of it at Celebration and it was really fun. Like that it has a solo mode, which could make for a good travelling companion for work.
  15. Local store is refocusing on only supporting a few mini games and clearanced out all their board and card games today. Grabbed a bunch of old and new. Pandemc 10th Anniversary, Elder Sign, Outer Rim, and a bunch of Arkham Horror stuff. Pickesd up the new 40k Sister of Battle figure. That could be aslippery slope when they release the rest of the new figures later this year.
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