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  1. I picked up a 29" LG ultrawide because of expanded telework.. It's so nice being able to have multiple pdf invoices and excel files open at once. It'll be hard going back to a single normal display at the office. Bonus that I can just swap my gaming laptop in the same spot. Also finally replaced my desk chair with a more ergonomic big and tall chair. Wish I had this at the office as well. All told it was under 600 and made a huge improvement in productivity and comfort for me .
  2. Price was right so I finally bought in on this. Should be a nice Imperial Assault alternative.
  3. FFG just released an open alpha ruleset for solo play for Xwing today. Functions in a similar manner to the fan created heroes of the arturi cluster from 1st edition. Time to bust out some ships again.
  4. Looks like you may have done one better this time. Appears it's going to be Ant Man, Wasp, Quicksilver, and Scarlett Witch if the X-wing group posts are correct.
  5. I've been enjoying the rather low-fi home broadcast from people like Ben Gibbard and Ben Golds. There's a certain amount of cahrm to it and it also reminds me a bit of some of the roughness of peel session recordings.
  6. Just sold all of my fruit, but will have a replenish in a couple of days. Add 5340-2466-5039. If i', online before 7pm CST i try and keep my island open for visitors. By no means am I far along, but i like that this game doesn't really have any real goal or endgame to it beyond what you want to make of it.
  7. Many artists we like to listen to have been live streaming from their home studios. These little mini concerts give us something to look forward to in the evenings. I'm fortunate I can telework, but I miss being at the office. Less distractions and more productive for me.
  8. Let the incessant facebook group speculation begin.
  9. Oh it wasn't just Thor. They hadn't received any of their Asmodee product scheduled for delivery this week.
  10. My local store can't seem to get their shipping issues with Asmodee sorted. They're waiting on Friday's shipment to arrive, so no Thor yet. Not the end of the world by any means, but I have some work trips coming up and this has been my go to game for travel. 4 days left on the Batman: TAS kickstarter. I wonder if this might be able to fill the void that Imperial Assault getting cancelled had been serving. Source material is good.
  11. Oh, figured you didn't. Reading some of the facebook groups and other forums, you'd have thought it was the end times.
  12. If it's anything like destiny was, FFG said the first couple of print runs were already in based on vendor pre-orders and overall interest/reception at preview events. They always run conservative at first unfortunately. I think it's funny people are losing their shit over FFG/Asmodee direct preorders being shipped and people getting the product a few days early compared to the TC subs (whome are not a local store for most of the people using them). I spoke with my LGS and I'll have a copy waiting even if they get allocated. Have to decide on the Dark Tower kicstarter tonight. I've wanted a replacement for years, but this is just different enough from the original for me to be leary. I'll probably cave sometime tomorrow afternoon.
  13. Dark Tower - I really want to back it. Loved that game as a kid and I really want to play this. I just know it's all or nothing on this one. It'd be an easier choice if I just hadn't backed Car Wars which I'm kinda regretting now. WIth it being in lin ewith the cost of the vintage set in working order, I probably should just suck it up and get on board. Destiny getting sacked really sucks, but I get one last trip to MN for worlds. My local players are split between keeping their stuff and still playing (it really is a good game) or rage selling which they will likely regret at some point. It'll be intereting to see how many of FFG's Star Wars properties make it through 2020. Marvel Champions continues to be great. I'm looking forward to the monthly additions to this game as we go into the spring.
  14. oh wow... Attack from Mars is my favorite machine. I'll be curious if this translates well.
  15. Check amazon, there's a whole slew of product in this category starting at about $30.
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