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  1. We watched Soul tonight. I had zero expectations going in and only knew that Reznor and Ross worked on parts of the score. I'd agree with Kelley. Easily the best thing I've seen in a long while. Everything about this movie was a delight.
  2. WW84. Not the worst thing I've ever watched, but overall a let down after the first one. It felt like a bad superfriends episode. At least we get Cheetah as a potential nemesis going forward. End credit bit was probably the best part of the movie for me.
  3. I know most of the discussion si centering around larger more expensive sets. What's worth looking at these days in the 65" range in the $600 to 1k range. Any tech to stay away from or look for in particular?
  4. Picked up a treeman today. Might have to go back and get the new box tomorrow while they are doing black Friday sales at my FLGS.
  5. Well, today was a bust. My store only got one copy of Milla Jovovich's The Divine Comedy and someone grabbed it right away. If anyone sees one in the wild, I'm interested. I'll keep an eye on Rough Trade and Newbury when their stuff goes live as well. edit. Hurray for newbury. Copy on the way.
  6. My store didn't mention everything that got afected, but just said that a number of things have been delayed in shipping and will be in next week or were just pushed back even later. Sounded like some disappeared completely. Hr also said that each RSD drop and now BF was progressively more difficult to deal with as far as getting inventory. Heading out to get my wristband for tomorrow morning like a freaking idiot. At least it's only cold and not snowing or raining anymore.
  7. Was a rare weekend of soundtracks for me. The Tron set showed up and it really is nicely done. Picked up the Cowboy Bebop OST as well as the Crow from this years Rocktober releases. Black Friday should be mercifully easy on the wallet, which is good since I'm ordering another theremin.
  8. I was really hoping the cookie denial was going to end in a force choke.
  9. Oh, storage upgrade, need so bad. It would really nice if some of the season ingredients stacked to more than 10.
  10. Yea, some options in there I would have liked for the campaign I am currently in. The good thing with LCG's is once you are current it's easy to stay that way. Buying into an older one or falling behind if you want one of everything makes for a painful catching up process.
  11. Well, it's down to board games and LCG's which is what it does well.
  12. Well this is interesting: November 16, 2020 Atomic Mass Games Takes Its First Steps Into The Star Wars Miniatures Games Galaxy Development of Star Wars X-Wing, Star Wars Armada, and Star Wars Legion Moving from Fantasy Flight Games to Asmodee’s Miniatures Games-Focused Studio That doesn't leave much Disney IP with FFG.
  13. It kinda does. After we move (if we ever find a place to buy) I'll be getting a display box to hold about 30 or so records that I can flip through with the front facing forward. Things I listen to a lot or newly acquired can go in there. The guy who's owns my local stores makes them and has a means of transferring high quality graphics onto them, which i may take advantage of.
  14. I was never good about keeping up with this. It would be pricey to do it all at once but every now and then I'll grab a bag of sleeves. Eventually the whole lot will get done. As I'm sleeving I'm also entering into discogs so small batches are more manageable.
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