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  1. That Chapterhouse being UK exclusive makes me sad. I'd have shelled out for that. My local store said the Wire release, which was looking to be UK only is coming to the US as well, so I'm hoping. Then the issue becomes there are 3 of us who would be wanting the likely one copy that will be there.
  2. Found 5 titles that are for sure purchases, and only 2 should be any issue trying to get based on limited quantities. My local store wants our wish lists by Monday. Haven't checked the UK list yet to see if there's anything exclusive over there I may want to track down. UK list here https://recordstoreday.co.uk/media/1724465/rsd-full-list-070421.pdf
  3. Very nice. We're currently shopping for something that is suitable for X-wing and expandable to an Armada sized surface.
  4. Yea. The acrylic move templates and tokens one that I have was a similar thing. The KS costed the guy his job and his marriage, which really sucks. Yea, we lost out on our pledge, but I think people often forget KS isn't really a store. I hope it doesn't, but of all the things I've backed since then, Dark Tower is the one thing I could see going awry.
  5. I'm down to Dark Tower, the latest Star Realms, and Car Wars in my KS queue. All are delayed but the delays are acceptable and 2 of the 3 I know will ship without issue eventually. I only have one that never delivered and that was from 6 years ago for acrylic accessories for games I no longer play. There's an artisan dice one I backed that is now 8 years overdue for some people. I had a single die and fortunately mine got made. I feel bad for the people who's rewards haven't shipped as they were some of the largest backers with some of the dice being over the 1k mark for a set. Nice product
  6. I'd imagine we get it eventually.
  7. So Sony is good again? At least in their mid and higher end sets? "Why did this stuff get so hard? " I've been asking myself this quite frequently lately.
  8. Shelf space will be my issue as I finish tackling sleeving my collection. I'm using a 4x2 kallax for the good stuff and 35 Litre XL Really Useful BOxes for the stuff that's just in storage (mostly my dad's collection). What little space I have left will certainly disappear as I sleeve. I was thinking about putting 4x1 on the 4x2, but i'm also looking for alternate options for a midsized collection that isn't custom.
  9. Yes, there's the 2 big season boxes and adventures box now. Looks like it may be fun, but I also wonder if it's going to be a bit too similar to other games I have that already aren't getting table time.
  10. Have any of you played Dice Throne?
  11. Really looking forward to you digging into the laser and router side of this. I almost bought but didn't have the space at the time.
  12. We watched Soul tonight. I had zero expectations going in and only knew that Reznor and Ross worked on parts of the score. I'd agree with Kelley. Easily the best thing I've seen in a long while. Everything about this movie was a delight.
  13. WW84. Not the worst thing I've ever watched, but overall a let down after the first one. It felt like a bad superfriends episode. At least we get Cheetah as a potential nemesis going forward. End credit bit was probably the best part of the movie for me.
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