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  1. Thanks for the tip on this. Both of my Joy Cons are exhibiting drift and it's getting worse. I'll pick up some of the cleaner and give this a go.
  2. Almost all the new Xwing stuff was leaked from a retailer preorder months ago. Good to see it was correct. This was not part of that list and looks like a great entry point into the game for a new player:
  3. Also looks like there will be a game featuring the Xmen and New Mutants that looks like an Elder SIgn reskin. 1 to 6 player coop is what I think I saw
  4. Look forward to what you think about it. While I liked the idea of a 3 in one to some extent, I was worried about giving up quality. I was also more interested in it as a a laser and cnc router than as a 3d printer. I'm probably going to be looking into a resin printer soon. Too many Battlefleet Gothic ships, and custom Sisters of Battle I'd like to have.
  5. I really wonder what events the game would have had at GenCon.. Arkham has had some crazy large group events in previous years. I could see them having done that for Champions as well this year.
  6. I'm still waiting on Star Trek - Attack WIng movement templates from a KS in 2015. No, I do not expect I will ever receive them. In other news, Dr Strange should be out for champions this week. Looking forward to paying with this deck. FFG also announced the will be doing a a virtual flight report for GenCon online with product news for their lines.
  7. Twice. Both were for facebook marketplace purchases from people who didn't want to use paypal or some other method of funds trasnfer.
  8. I am as well, although it's not going to make a difference as to whether I purchase at this point. Hopefully it does well enough that a more x-wing/tie fighter-like game eventually gets made.
  9. I used one of the turnip sites for a couple of weeks. Think it might have been Turniprophet or something like that. Some posts they're price, and you queue up. When it's your turn you get a Dodo code. Generally costs something like a couple nook mile tickets or a tip. It was low stress and I always got a good return on my turnips. I'm jsut too lazy to wake up early on Sunday to buy in most cases. Stockpiling for CJ and FLick hasn't been bad, but I also don't need the bells right now as I'm breeding flowers and not worrying about infrastructure . FLick hadn't come for a couple of weeks so I think it took me about 8 trips to unload all my bugs on him.
  10. I find the butterflies and beetles, while not quite as high in individual value, are significantly easier to catch in large quantity. For both I just dump the pricey stuff into storage until Flick or CJ show up.
  11. I picked up a 29" LG ultrawide because of expanded telework.. It's so nice being able to have multiple pdf invoices and excel files open at once. It'll be hard going back to a single normal display at the office. Bonus that I can just swap my gaming laptop in the same spot. Also finally replaced my desk chair with a more ergonomic big and tall chair. Wish I had this at the office as well. All told it was under 600 and made a huge improvement in productivity and comfort for me .
  12. Price was right so I finally bought in on this. Should be a nice Imperial Assault alternative.
  13. FFG just released an open alpha ruleset for solo play for Xwing today. Functions in a similar manner to the fan created heroes of the arturi cluster from 1st edition. Time to bust out some ships again.
  14. Looks like you may have done one better this time. Appears it's going to be Ant Man, Wasp, Quicksilver, and Scarlett Witch if the X-wing group posts are correct.
  15. I've been enjoying the rather low-fi home broadcast from people like Ben Gibbard and Ben Golds. There's a certain amount of cahrm to it and it also reminds me a bit of some of the roughness of peel session recordings.
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