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  1. Hey Tonner, I noticed you have been looking at the Sony I posted. Any interest in picking it up? I would be all over it if I didn't already have a Samsung.



  2. Hey Buddy,


    Thank you for you know what!! Work has been hell but I should have relayed that message much earlier. Also have been having serious problems with the neck again.



  3. Oh wow, your reply never showed up. I wonder if visitor messages do not appear like PM's do? I ended up seeing T4. Sorry I missed your reply, I will PM you next time so I don't miss it.

  4. Hi Dave, hope all is well. We need to get together and hang out. Maybe catch a movie or play some games.

  5. Hi Dave, reading Speaker for the Dead, sequel to Ender's Game I see. I read it years ago, good book.

  6. Thanks for the well wishes Daniel!

  7. I'm doing well...have not heard from ya, I better pick up the Show this year so we can game on the weekends again.

  8. Hi Daniel,


    I love the Bourne Trilogy packaging. I remember you wrote you were going to pick it up as well. That you had not seen the Ultimatum yet. What did you think of the last installment?



  9. Hi, Dave...hope all is well...any way you can introduce me to your friend John?

  10. You know what Bruce...Dave can't make the game. I have a free ticket for you if you want to go.

  11. You know what Bruce...Dave can't make the game. I have a free ticket for you if you want to go.

  12. Hey Cameron, do you have L4D? Whats your gamertag, I would like to send you a friend request.



  13. How is it going buddy? Long time no speak. Madden for the PS3, dammit, you broke our annual weekend tradition.

  14. Sounds good, I'll wait.

  15. Should I get Alone in the Dark for the 360 at $9.90 (I have enough games to hold me over till the patch)? I rather not shell out more with all the pre-orderers and I'm sure the PS3 will be 40 or more.

  16. Are you interested in the 3 pack I posted? The Thing (new version), Dawn of the Dead (again new version) and Land of the Dead.

  17. The person to go to before I purchase a BR. :)

  18. Don't forget to accept my friend invite once GOW2 comes out, we can schedule games..maybe co-op together?

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