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  1. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time is the dotd at $18 (reg $30).
  2. Enjoyed watching the game with the both of you.
  3. I loved the Giant team that showed up tonight. They dominated the Redskins in every way and blew them out.
  4. Why is Generation Kill still $45.50?
  5. I believe the Giants are not going to have a problem. I keep hearing the analysts talk up the Skins. Sure they have been playing better but I'm still confident the Giants are going to step up and kick ass.
  6. Same here. I'll easily pick it up for $20 when it gets there.
  7. We watching the game tonight fellas?
  8. It appears that most of the HBO series are on sale at &_D%3Ap=+&pu=defaultusr&_D%3Apu=+&pt=1261029601&iht=n&_DARGS=%2Fsite%2Fen_US%2Fsearch%2Ffragments%2Fincludes%2Folssearchparameters.jsp.frmSearchResults"]bestbuy this week. Band of Brothers is 37.50 on BR. I picked up BOB and Generation Kill (32.50).
  9. Xbox 360 Real Arcade Pro. EX-SE by Hori is $90 today.
  10. I think it's easily the biggest upset of the year and wow did the Dallas D show up. When Folk missed I thought, here we go. What a game. This just saved Wade I think.
  11. Now down only by 7 and the Saints have regained momentum with plenty of time left. We'll see now what the Cowboys are made of.
  12. The Cowboys now have to go into the half and come out and continue to finish the drives the rest of the game and the D has to continue to play brilliantly. Of course, the Saints can come out of this half and score 21 easily in a quarter let alone a half. The Jets put pressure on Brees and shut him down considering the numbers that he normally puts up but the game had to be coughed up as a Sanchez learning game.
  13. That was a nice deal. I have it sitting waiting for Christmas and it cost 40 when I got it.
  14. Flacco just killed the Ravens in this penalty ridden, turnover happy ugly game.
  15. Packers are running away with this game. Like you said, terrible secondary on the Ravens side.
  16. saw this on dealsea... Microsoft Store: Link
  17. Yep, the Cowboys next 4 games are brutal. I'm hoping the Giants make it, Damn Rice just fumbled.
  18. I'm a realistic Jet fan Joey. We making the playoffs is a long shot and we would get destroyed. This year is a building year, working on Sanchez. I would like Edwards to sign again.
  19. I'll be on. Ray Rice needs a big game. It will be tough, Rogers is used to throwing under pressure and it is at Lambeau. I'll be going for the Ravens.
  20. I like what I have read about the game and what I have seen. I would really like to see the gametrailers review when it comes out. I just have too big a pile of games I need to get to. I'll get it when I can pick it up at $30-35.
  21. I want to pick this up but I have too many games, Bionic Commando is only $18 for the 360.
  22. Just so everyone knows, Amazon still has John Adams at $25.
  23. A bunch more reviews which can all be accessed through GameStats. It's averaging around a 7/10. I'll get it when there is a price drop.
  24. Well, you know how it is. I'm in my 30's, I'm starting to get curious about girls. My days of prepubescence are coming to an end. A very scary time.
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