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  1. Man, I really really want to get into the Switch game, but budget isn't allowing it at the moment.
  2. Eh, she'll be fine. At this point I don't expect another trip to Yharnam anymore. Bloodborne is the new Half-Life 2 to me: ground breaking, personal favorite game with awesome story/lore, and we're never stepping proper foot in again (yes, I'm aware of the VR game, but it's no Half-Life 3). I mean, I'll always get a nice chuckle out of Bloodborne kart, but that's about it. I'm really shocked we haven't seen a PS5 remaster with 60 FPS.
  3. I'm not really slagging it. You got to love a movie where the most horrifying thing in the world is to send someone to Detroit. That and the slideshow where you refer to someone as being tough and ruthless... only to follow up with a description that says rough and toothless.
  4. I'll put this on my to watch list. Finally got around to The Queen's Gambit. They did the Hollywood thing again where part of the story takes place in location, but they actually filmed in another. New Circle Road my ass. It got the same reaction from me when I'm watching the movie Kentucky Fried Movie, you see a shot of the Statue of Liberty, but the title says Hong Kong. It's that same feeling.
  5. #Alive - Just awful. Stupidity all around and a lack of attention to detail. Soul - I wasn't expecting it to hit the feels. I really didn't. I'll have to rewatch it, but this was much better than I expected. The Scorpion King - Finally got to watch this cheese fest. The generic nature of it would be a lot more forgiving if it logically tied into the Mummy series.
  6. I remember that fight being super easy in the first phase, alright in the 2nd phase, but 3rd phase is what wrecks me. Beat it once and never looked back.
  7. Shadow of the Vampire - The front of the DVD box was very misleading. It said, "A Shockingly Funny Spellbinder". I thought this was a drama? Anyways, I though it was alright. There was not a single laugh to be found. Must be an intellectual joke only jazz and wine snobs laugh at. Dracula 2000 - Ah yes, when late 90's/early 2000 movies had a particular look to them. I kind of thought it was hilarious passing off a Scotsman as Slavic. But thanks to this movie and 300, I have no doubt in my mind Gerard Butler would make an excellent live-action Groundskeeper Willie. The G
  8. I'm at my parents' home where I have crap internet and only my brother and his wife's DVD collection. I'm envious of you guys enjoying Soul and hating on WW84 so let me bore you with my cinematic journey. Lara Croft - I avoided this because I honestly had no desire to watch this during the original theatrical run. Huh, it's got Iain Glen in it. It's alright, and I could've been fine without seeing it. Lara Croft: Cradle of Life - Another meh with Gerard Butler from his pre 300 days. That and Angelina Jolie scuba pokies for some odd reason. The Mummy - My in
  9. I see Mobile, and I hope it just means they're in equilibrium with the market and not eating more market share. There should be space for all.
  10. One of my favorite Youtube channels is Sous Vide Everything. It's about a Brazilian, Guga, who does exactly what the video says. He has a sister channel called Guga Foods. I recommend both. He does a lot of experimental and typical food preparations. For finishing Sous Vide Foods, he uses a Searzall and a Butane torch (I have that torch, but I use it for dessert applications). What do you use to finish Sous Vide, Jay?
  11. Got it down now. It's amazing how two or three adjustments can go from okay to magnificent.
  12. What a coincidence, I randomly made Mapo Tofu the last two days. That's good eatin'.
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