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  1. Thank you guys for all the suggestions.
  2. I've run into some financial issues at the moment, and I have to unload some collectibles for a quick buck. I have a question about the exact mechanics of selling as it regards to shipping and PayPal. I've never sold online before. I'm planning on selling some anime figures via reddit (r/AnimeFigures) or MFC. I understand the mechanics of posting a sale (item, shipping not included), but I'm not sure beyond that point what to do once someone wants to buy. I have assumptions, and I've watched some YouTube videos, but I would rather have our folks here tell me their experience. PayPal It sounds like once someone agrees to buy your product, you send them an invoice (contingent on the next bullet point) via their email, and they provide the funds and shipping address directly to you. Shipping This is where I have very little clue on what to do. Do you ask what shipping they want next? Should I only stick to UPS or FedEx? Do I take the item to the shipping place, get it weighed, get customer's feedback, then send them the invoice? Again, I would appreciate a very specific walk through of this.
  3. Never finished the second game, but I'm looking forward to it.
  4. I feel that given the development time for any franchise in this day and age, we'll probably be playing this game on the new Nintendo system.
  5. Hmm, I see some button mashing on the square button. May be it plays like Kingdom Hearts? While I have expressed some detached feelings about the game, I'm willing to see what the reviews for this game are like and boy is March a long way off.
  6. Fair enough. I personally enjoyed it because I needed a dumb action movie. That and nothing touches the original.
  7. I'll save my excitement until I see game play footage.
  8. Shrek 2 (rewatch) - The finale was cringey when it first came out, and it's still kind of cringey now. I'm referring to the Living La Vida Loca number. Donkey dragon babies are still cute. Early Man - This was a weird one as you would expect the hijinks that comes with cavemen. Instead, it's a movie about soccer? Doesn't quite have the same charm as other Wallace and Gromit films. I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House - A slow burn horror that's a little too literary for my tastes. Deathstalker - The amazing thing about old school cheesy swords and sorcery movies is the large cast involved. I mean seriously, you couldn't find a modern SyFy movie in this day and age with more than 10 people on the same set. This movie had an orgy scene with at least twenty five people and a gladiator battle scene with forty some people.
  9. Interesting name, Ad Astra. Sounds like a pharmaceutical.
  10. And I can't stop watching. Good thing I don't have to wait for the movie.
  11. Done with first episode. It's pretty good. Vaguely understand what's going on, but that's me trying to eat dinner and watch at the same time.
  12. Raiders of the Lost Ark (rewatch) - Klaus Kinski could've played the role of the Gestapo agent Toht. Learn something new every time I watch this movie. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (rewatch) - For the first time in ages, finally found out that the name of the place was Pankot. I thought it was Bangkot, which sounds very similar to Bangkok. Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade (rewatch) - Still my favorite of the whole series. Logan's Run - That's a lot of nudity for a PG rated movie.
  13. I wasn't part of the zeitgeist for this way back when. What was the perception of why it was cancelled?
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