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  1. I finally sat down to play this game only for it to tell me I have to update my system first. Wonderbar.
  2. I'm very, very close to pulling the trigger on a iPhone 13 Pro Max right now. I'm just finding more, and more reasons to not be patient with my S7 anymore. What are some of the things that stand out for you/wife for the new iPhone experience?
  3. I honestly can't wrap my mind around an adaptation of God Emperor to be honest. Love the book, but I'm not sure how you distill the essence of the most bizarre part of the bunch.
  4. I've had time to let Dune (2021) settle now. I have a weird dichotomy to settle, and I'm not sure it'll ever go away. Barring a complete quality nosedive a la Game of Thrones, I think Dune (2021) is my preferred adaptation of the book, but man is there a long list of things I prefer with David Lynch's version (henceforth referred to as '84) and the mini-series (henceforth referred to as Sci-Fi). Some general comments, comparisons, and spoilers to follow: Gurney Halleck - I'm fine with Josh Brolin's portrayal, but I much prefer Patrick Stewart. Seriously, it's hard to beat Patrick Stewart. Both are still better than P.H. Moriarty. Jason Mamoa as Duncan Idaho The trip to Arrakis: I'm not sure why it's such an abbreviated sequence in Dune, but I really love the space travel sequence in '84. There's a scale to "we're packing up EVERTHING" that '84 captures as well as the whole batshit insanity with how space travel happens in the Dune universe. The arrival on Arrakis I also prefer. Liet Kynes I prefer the opening narration of the book and '84 (I don't remember how the mini-series goes), but the opening narration by Chani is alright. It's different, and neither better or worse in all respects. I'm still unsure about Zendaya at this point. She was just kind of there for me. I'm going with the mini-series on this one, but I'll withhold until we see part 2. I like the Baron in this one. Stellan Skarsgård and the make-up crew did a good job capturing the obese, but still fierce and intellectually plotting Harkonnen. It's a much better interpretation than '84 although I'm fond of the hamminess of that performance. But oddly enough this is where I think the character interpretation by the mini-series nails it better. But I can understand why they went in this direction as the mini-series portrayal of general depravity and decadence from an unmasculine, aristocratic degenerate is a hard sell as a bad guy to general audiences. The pronunciation of Harkonnen in Dune and the mini-series is probably more accurate (I'm not sure to be honest), but damn I like the '84 version pronunciation better. Dr. Yueh The actual love between the Duke and Lady Jessica felt a little underdeveloped. It's a pretty big reason for the events happening in the story. Spice Quota: I started reliving memories of playing the computer game. Ornithopters: Pretty cool. Lack of pew pew lasers: I'll probably going to be giving it a second watch. I had to view the film with low volume (family reasons), but I'm hoping I get a better sense of the sound design and orchestral score. I hope to have a better sense of the film at that point, but I'm still super excited about part two.
  5. There's a lot to unpack, but I can finally say this is one of the things the movie finally got right the '84 and the mini series couldn't.
  6. I'm almost finished with Chapterhouse: Dune, so the first book is still super fresh in my mind. And for shits and giggles, I sad down to watch it. I liked it. I couldn't tell if one of the music cues sounded oddly familiar.
  7. I've been in a rough stretch the last few weeks, and the only thing I could do was some retail therapy while picking up supplies for my dad at the local Wal-Mart. I missed a memo somewhere. Why is the physical retail copy of Metroid Dread cheaper than either buying it from the online Switch store or buying that download card? Whatever happened to downloads being cheaper because of less overheard and logistics (2010 logic)?
  8. I'm going to wait on reviews. So far, most reviews are pointing to using a particular Zabra for working out. But I'm going to see what people say about these new AirPods in comparison to the AirPods Pro.
  9. Does anybody here have experience working out with Airpods or the Apple Watch? If I'm jumping into the Apple ecosystem, I'm curious what the accessory experience working out with Apple Products is like. I'm a dinosaur with my phone arm band.
  10. I'm watching rasslin for the first time since it went HD. Evidently I have a lot of catching up to do. I have no idea who CM Punk is, but it's been a long time since I've seen people just so passionate about something. And I have no idea fans were that crazy about Chris Jericho and were singing along to his song. It's been fun. I'm in what'd I miss mode for the last 15 to 20 years.
  11. I'll probably get this game. I've accepted that outside of Steam's seasonal sales I'm basically paying full price.
  12. I do need new shoes. Should I take the advice of some people and get my gait evaluated?
  13. Eastern Kentucky, and it's generally five degrees warmer than Central Kentucky (the move home is one of the huge life changes that came out of left field). Right now only the mornings are cold, and the later afternoons evenings here are feeling great. But I'm not only trying to get out and run more, but I'm going to try and make the jump into cold weather running (I'm talking 40s/50s).
  14. I'm enjoying it, but that might be more out of just enjoying gaming again for the first time in a long while.
  15. It's less what I don't like about Galaxy (I can't point to specific things to be honest), and more having to do with the quality of life I can get if I go over to the Apple ecosystem because 99% of my friends are on the Apple ecosystem, and it seems everything revolves around Apple stuff. So many quirks (text messaging issues being one of them) have popped up just because I'm on Android and everybody else is on Apple. Every time I try and convince myself to go over to Apple, something always keeps me from joining (people who are very against Apple crop up on my Youtube videos quite a bit). And the most recent thing (serialized batteries) honestly doesn't bother me. I'm thinking of making the jump to the Apple ecosystem. Not only that, but for once I kind of want to be part of the latest and greatest (with the possible exception of video games, I'm always behind on the technology curve). I'm really thinking of the 512 GB (seriously, I do way too much management on 32 GB) iPhone 13 Pro Max. I'm going to do some more research, but I'd like some first hand thoughts on your Apple products. Such as: Former Android folks, what was it like to jump to iOS? How well does iOS versions of Microsoft products, especially TEAMS, Skype, Excel, and Onenote work? I've been deep in the Google ecosystem. There's this seamless updating thing I do where I add new contacts via Google Contacts... on a computer (I've never been comfortable doing those sorts of things directly on a phone, but I'm going to force myself to finally do stuff directly on phone). Does Google stuff still work alright on iOS? Anything else I should research before I make the jump... soonish?
  16. I went through a massive change in my life the last three months. It knocked me off of my routine. But I've finally stabilized, and I've gotten back on the workout train. But now I face the prospect of working out and running in the cold. Anybody have good up-to-date advice on how to handle these things? I did join a gym, but I feel like my next steps is to learn to adapt to the cold while I run outdoors.
  17. Time to dust this off. I've made some upgrades to my coffee game. I'm still rolling strong with the Aeropress, and I've gotten a new French Press to replace the one I broke years ago. But I've made two more upgrades. My Handground Precision Coffee Grinder (which if I've done my research the internet coffee nerds really hate) gave out earlier this year, and I got this guy instead. It is amazing compared to my previous machine. I also went mad and invested in this thing. It's the Chemex 8 cup. I think I've gone off the deep end.
  18. As a former line cook/chef, knife skills very important yo.
  19. I currently own a Galaxy S7 from 2016, and this is the first time in forever I'm thinking of jumping ship to Apple. Anybody wanna doing any convincing?
  20. I have some weird things happen to me the last two months, and by the time I free up budget money to buy a disc PS5, I'll also strangely enough have money to buy upgrades and get Forbidden Wilds (my must-have for PS5). So the timing is almost perfect for me.
  21. Was not a fan of the third Conjuring. It was boring. But I will readily admit that the 2nd one scared me shitless for movie and external reasons.
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