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  1. Epic wouldn't allow a controlling stake anyway Ibelieve even if Sony could afford it - and probably impossible now since Tencent accounts for about 48%.
  2. I know what to get @foogledricks for x-mas - he loves this art style.
  3. How else are we to notice the fine droplets from J.K. Simmons shouting? How... I ask?
  4. I think nex-gen will definitely be affected by what MS decides to do with the lowest spec console. In the worst case, it'll be some version of the "one X - that would be a big "HELL NO!" from me, as that means essentially all cross-platform titles, we'll be targeting that as the lowest common denominator and the industry won't advance game simulation. IMHO, you can see some of this on PC - I feel like it has stagnated even though there's super powerful GPUs available and insane cpu's - mostly because the lowest common denominator are still console specs. Yeah you can turn eye candy and run at very high refresh rates, but the fundamental game simulation aspects are held back. Hopefully Lockhart simply has less GPU but the same CPU base as Series X - that would make sense to me in order to advance game simulation - though there's obviously intersection with GPU compute as well here. This is why MS messaging saying "2 years before series X exclusives" is annoying to me. I can see why they want to push for forward compatibility but ultimately I think that will hold the industry back. That means that Sony's first/second party titles will be the ones pushing the envelope as they seem to be drawing a clear next-gen line in the sand - I'm fine with that - but I wonder how the market will respond. From my own limited sample, all my kids friends have cheap Xbox One's.. simply because of the price - they never got into the playstation 4 ecosystem.
  5. The main issue there is your receiver supporting eARC, otherwise you’ll miss on Atmos, TrueHD etc - and that’s assuming your receiver supports ARC. This is because as far as I’ve remember seeing, TVs usually don’t have a dedicated HDMI output. Also using the TV to split the audio is basically asking it to be the HDMI switcher. They amount of support for different things related to audio will probably be spotty as they found out on the LG CX.
  6. That's strange - probably more to do with the SDK for the device not properly advertising the capabilities of the downstream device. Those two I'm 99% sure can be addressed with a firmware update.
  7. That's interesting - I must not be an item in the HDMI 2.1 eARC compliance testing suite, which you need for certification a manufacturer can claim HDMI 2.1 support.
  8. Yeah hence the name "Return channel". 6-7 years ago, that was not as common. ARC is limited to about 1MBps, so uncompressed stereo only or Compressed Dolby Digital or DTS (No Dolby TrueHD for example) eARC supports higher bitrate (37Mbps) over that return channel, so you can do 7.1 uncompressed, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, etc. With optical (TOSLINK) you are also constrained by the bitrate (it's an 80's standard ) so only stereo uncompressed or compressed Dolby Digital/DTS (No TrueHD, etc).
  9. Yeah the receiver needs ARC or eARC support (typically the receiver output port is ARC/eARC capable). I think at this point most them have it.
  10. I wish my wife was as sensible as you guys This is basically us:
  11. Yeah, which is good, hopefully pushes Sony on those items as well.
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