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  1. This is a twitter thread BTW, so there's more there if you click on the tweet.
  2. yeah I’ve subscribed for about a year to 3blue1brown - he has the best visualizations for math concepts - checkout his Fourier one or quarternions or linear algebra, etc.
  3. Well 2019 was an incredibly busy year for me and I forgot all about this game. I originally bought it for the PS4 but I saw it on gamepass so I started playing on the Xbox one X. This game so far nails the skill progression curve. I like all the puns and jokes - I can only assume a lot of these maybe lost if you don’t know Spanish - which is surprising as I understand it this was made Canadian white folks Keith if you like Ori you are really missing out on this one.
  4. Neat, I never got the Wii or Wii U so it'll be good to get a chance to play some of those mario games.
  5. CDC just denied they are changing their recommendation.
  6. On the story yeah - I’m not pretending I’m playing the last of us here or anything but my first impressions Doom 2016 has a stronger intro IMO - this one is straight arcade as you put it. Anyway I played some more, but the first thing I did was to adjust de HDR calibration as I was using the defaults before (big mistake). I used the DF numbers from their review and man what a difference - HDR is now as punchy as it should be - I advanced more in the game so I’ve seen a few more levels, the temples/cathedrals looks pretty stunning. I’ve started to dig it more now that I’m getting more familiar with the combat differences from Doom 2016. Eternal definitely requires more strategy - you have to juggle the flame, chainsaw, dashing, grenades, use secondary mode with specific weapons on certain enemies etc. In can be overwhelming at the beginning.
  7. So I never finished Doom 2016 - so I played it to completion over these past days. I enjoyed the heck of it. I just got done with a few of the sections in this game..... And.... yeah not digging it as much. Coming straight from Doom 2016 - it's a bit of a stark contrast. The animations seem... off? It gives you more of that classic Doom feeling which is not my cup of tea for a game in 2020. The intro of Doom 2016 seemed more atmospheric to me - this one you just kinda drop in the middle of stuff. The visuals are good some places, off in others - but that's just my early impressions. It's very smooth 60fps though so far, which is great. As mentioned earlier in the thread cartoonish is a good way to put it.
  8. Yeah bought it at launch, but waiting for the fixes before I start playing.
  9. Looks like they are working on performance and other bugs: https://www.orithegame.com/known-issues-bug-status-report/
  10. Yes a few days earlier, The mayor of Frisco, had declared that keeping all businesses open was fine. Then the Collin county judge stay at home order did not define what "essential" activities and businesses where, so finally Frisco adopted the Denton county definitions. It's all a big slow shit show. The skate park (we live by it) is supposed to be closed now but there was tons of people there yesterday - from my home office window I see the trails around our home, lots of families out but I see nobody is following the 2m/6feet distancing guideline as they cross each other.
  11. The previous to past Sunday (the 15th) I managed to get a window for the 18th - by the time they where putting my order together they didn't have the milk, chicken and eggs on my cart so they got removed - still got some other groceries.
  12. Frisco, TX, where I live officially declared lockdown yesterday, with fines of up to $1000 - we've already been home for about 2 weeks anyway. I've been working from home for about 7 years now - so not a lot of change for me personally - but my family is starting to show signs of discontent
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