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  1. @Romier S Hows the VRR support with the X? That's probably the feature I'm most interested in? What about Dirty screen effect/vertical streaks at low black levels?
  2. Looks like I missed it. Says $329 for me. Edit: never mind, I see once logged in, I get the discounted price.
  3. Looks like Freddy Krueger has a new strategy to scare teens.
  4. that's a good msrp price actually at 7.6cents/piece.
  5. I think this is from a panel interview (there’s video) unless he’s repeating the same points.
  6. Microsoft has surely turned me. My PS4 is now the one gathering dust as I buy all games (and gamepass just makes that sweeter) for the X. The PS4 pro is mainly used now for exclusives which is where Sony has the upper hand ATM. ray tracing on the new consoles is great news.
  7. I didn’t like the Joker as a movie. Great performance by Joaquin Phoenix though
  8. Finally got the email with the 3 year offer for $169.99. Should I? i do want to see the mandalorian so I’m leaning towards yes.
  9. You can do that or hold the power button.
  10. Terminator looks bad. I will still see it in the theatre sadly .
  11. I’m with JTello, not a fan of artificial delays.
  12. Tree House: https://shop.lego.com/en-US/product/tree-house-21318
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