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  1. Harley Davidson Fatboy Model announced https://shop.lego.com/en-US/product/Harley-Davidson-Fat-Boy-10269
  2. I broke down during double VIP points sale and bought the Roller coaster with battery box and motor and the Ford Mustang https://shop.lego.com/en-US/product/Ford-Mustang-10265
  3. Come on, you are old now. You cannot hear the whine anymore haha My kids swear the walkway lights (which charge as connected to the outlets) have a terrible high pitch whine... I can't hear a damn thing.
  4. My wife has mention an interest in an iPad pro... should I wait for a refresh or just get the current model?
  5. Same here. Yeah that's a great part of the original ride. And the wonky neck is part of the charm You nailed it. Now that you mention it, the "story" of the ride does seem out of place- the original makes more sense.
  6. For the first time, we'll be staying at the Hard rock hotel - a bit pricey but can't beat the 5 minute walk to the gates and express passes. We are planning a December visit to Disney.. and yeah...and got sticker show looking on-site hotels and tickets.
  7. Yeah it was basically the same but IIRC, a littler shorter in Hollywood than in IoA. We've easily ridden the IoA version at least 20 times - I recognize all the re-skinning - I was really hoping for a new track and setup - everything is very similar and as you say it's a bummer there's no surprise spraying anything anymore. The new animatronics inside are definitely new and improved.
  8. How much longer until we have real-time deepfake in iOS?
  9. 5 years now? That's a pretty good run. I'm with the others - I would go for a phone refresh. you would prefer LCD? What is going on with OLEDS and Apple?
  10. Rick Beato is great. And he's not afraid to jump from various genres, from Pantera to Pop music - he offers production insights, chords used.. great series. Not to mention he has a genius kid that has perfect pitch...so envious Oh and BTW Gibson vs Fender us up on Business War podcasts
  11. So we are planning to go to Universal Orlando - I was thinking end of july... but does't sound like enough time for them to figure out the Hagrid ride. What would you guys recommend?
  12. Buy an apple tv, then return it.
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