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  1. This game overloads my brain - one day I’ll come back to it
  2. Man this has been in a backlog for so long for me that now the PS5 director's cut will join it in the backlog too
  3. Directors cut? I’d he saying Sony meddled too much with the previously released version?
  4. I mean pretty much all movies are needless - but l know what you mean. I loved it though, very well made and the day 1 stuff was fantastic - I thought "hey somebody played LoUS didn't they.?"
  5. Well I'm on the hunt for another Xbox Series X I just sold both my Xbox One X's for quite a fair price (Scorpion edition for $345, regular edition $310) along with the PS4 Pro ($322). Man the thirst for consoles is real - I never thought they would fetch this much actually.
  6. A couple of months ago I did the "itunes 256Kbps ABX test" and couldn't tell them apart: http://abx.digitalfeed.net/itunes.html - I think I got about 65%? and that was with intense focus, trying to listen for differences. And with my my good system and room where I mix music. I used to be able to tell from the high-freqs, specially around cymbal sounds in the 2000's with mp3... and I was sure I was going to be able to tell with AAC enough to justify lossless Amazon Music HD but...nope.
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