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  1. I guess it depends on who you follow on Twitter... I mostly follow tech folk with some news and local things... I don't get too much garbage.
  2. Which auction was this? surely not ebay?
  3. That's funny I made the same mistake with the canopy... And also with one of the rear axles.
  4. I hope it’s presented by a “stayed up all night” Mark Cerney again.
  5. I agree with John - making the base console the xbox one S (not even X) in Microsoft "Xbox platform" strategy will undoubtedly limit game companies towards making significant jumps improving game simulation - The architecture and design of a game will still have to be based around the limitations of the "base console". Which is interesting because MS is also touting the improved SSD tech - so to me that means that for at least a couple of years, it will be simply used to speed up asset loading and not used in any novel way. Richard brings up an interesting question though - will MS make the ecosystem "a buy once play everywhere?" even for 3rd parties? They certainly already do (Xbox + PC at least) for their first party titles.
  6. Though now that I look at Vizio's OLED announcement... I'm curious to see the pricing structure there - It seems like it'll compete with the LG X series since they are touting HDMI 2.1, DV, 4K@120Hz. Hopefully Vincent does a comparison once out in the market.
  7. Yep... I should have snatched that 65" C9 from costco back around black friday deals it was around $2K
  8. Heh I though it was going to be 4 out of 5 cock blockers.
  9. I hope this is not a sign of internal power struggles, seems like misfire to me.
  10. Well what do you consider errors? There's plenty of things, timing, how you hit the bends, the vibrato, do you bend the notes to the right pitch...etc... I think there's always room for improvement at any level. Plus imitating Angus Young feel is almost impossible Also look at the original artist on a live performances do they nail their own solo's? My point is let's say you had a teacher and you would ask to be evaluated on how "learned" you had a particular solo/riff/song etc... a good teacher would probably be able to pinpoint things you could work on. The internet has certainly made that much harder to gauge progress with all the virtuosos on a global scale now - basically the same as online gaming really. I think if you actually want some perspective, an online teacher where you can submit your own videos would be a good idea - they can spot and give you ideas on what to work on. My answer would be as good as you want to be. Take this for example, where this dude does a great job of playing the song to Satriani himself (I would be sweating it and choking if I was in that position) - Joe still had pointers on what could be improved even at this level
  11. Nice! Now after 4 years, I see you are in the beginning stages of G.A.S (Gear acquisition syndrome) Nice Strat! Another question, have you tried playing any of the old Guitar Hero/RockBand games with the plastic guitar with buttons? I find I can't really play it - my brain just goes into "string" mode and I can't do it.
  12. Dolby Vision IQ is interesting but useless for me as I already have a dedicated light controlled space. It's sort of like the equivalent of Audissey dynamic volume on the audio side. I really hope 8K does not become a thing... but it totally will won't it? Ughh.
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