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  1. Yeah a Russian twitter account did that almost the same day of the keynote I believe. Based on the layout and part #s they were speculating 24 GB ram - sounds too good to be true
  2. So I'm in Santa Monica this week - I was walking near Santa Monica Pier... and happened to notice I'm walking besides Shuhei Yosida with what I'm assume is some game developers - they were talking prototypes and stuff.... so yeah that happened...:) I didn't want to be "that guy" that asked for a photo in the middle of a sidewalk
  3. The new Ryzen cpu line is making me consider building a new PC. PCIe 4 + new 5GB/s SSDs is the main attraction, followed by gobs of cores. Maybe it’s time to get back to PC GAMING and build one that’ll be connected to the home theater system
  4. https://letsencrypt.org/ is zero cost (well other than the time required to set it up) and its what I use on my sites
  5. With Let's Encrypt being a thing for a while now... IS there a chance to enable HTTPS support?
  6. With so many isometric shooter games out there... not sure this is something I'll visit.
  7. I'm not digging the art style... The plastic sheen of everything is what mostly turns me off - looks like Duplo.
  8. I'm trying to understand if this is more like Destiny or more like Spiderman.... At first it seemed more like Spiderman... but then they go on about delivering free regions at no cost, new characters at no cost....huh?
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