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  1. So in Sony's corner you have Oodle + Kraken. In MS's corner you have BCPack + Sampler feedback streaming. Check these threads out:
  2. I think I'm ok with $20 for that - but yeah at this point, they need to show me what I'm getting for those $20 dollars
  3. I remember SNES games being really expensive... I think I paid like $80 for MKII for the SNES.
  4. I almost made it on a bundle on-line, but got rejected at the "confirm order" step.
  5. They do, I wonder if any other retailers will also have something soon. Here's hoping amazon has some more allocation. Edit: It seems to be happening:
  6. That was a nice re-cap - a bit cringy but good summary.
  7. So let me get this straight... you gotta go to the store to pre-order a console, in the middle of a pandemic...right.
  8. I wonder if it's USB 3.1 Gen 2. Back-of-the-napkin calculations: Gen 1 is bottle-necked to around 500MB/s - so a one way copy of a 100GB game would take around 3-4 minutes. Gen 2 is twice as fast, so possibly 1.5-2 minutes (but it implies a faster SSD with a 1GB/s transfer rate). I could imagine a "reserve some space" in the fast storage for shuffling games in, that could be a intermediate approach. But even if it's automatically managed, you will still do some waiting, not to mention, SSD prices for drives with around 500MB/s are still around $100-$120/TB
  9. The external 1TB card is $220 https://www.bestbuy.com/site/seagate-1tb-game-drive-for-xbox-series-x-and-series-s-external-custom-pci-express-gen4-x2-nvme-solid-state-drive/6425015.p?skuId=6425015
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