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  1. Two crashes so far here. The last crash lost my progress on a level I had just completed.
  2. And for the Xbox, if you click on get help on the hidden achievements, it searches for an achievement title, clunkier since it brings up the browser, but at least you can see what they are. I get the hiding certain trophies for story spoiler reasons... but in Astro? really?
  3. I just clicked on the trophies option to show me the hidden title and found them on my own that’s part of the fun of trophy hunting.
  4. That's the dude I trusted when getting PC parts. Especially thermal tests for PC cases.
  5. Yes! For some reason I have issues estimating depth during jumps in this game. I have mixed feelings so far. The charm of LBP is gone and can’t quite put my finger on why that’s the case. The art style is there with a pristine presentation, cardboard cutout animations everywhere in the background - but maybe it’s other things like sackboys tween sounding voice/grunts, the switch to full 3D, the music selection, the enemy’s not being made of various craft materials and brains, the generic 3D level intros, among other things. I think overall it reminds me more of Tearaway or a
  6. I was going to get it digitally but what the heck I was at Target and saw they had it in stock. Bought.
  7. Digital Foundry - the new QA. Basically they found the Xbox version seems buggered since compared to PS5 a lot of details seemed to be scaled back in prioritize frame rate mode.
  8. S I think if cross-platform titles have some level of haptic feedback and use the Activities feature - that may enough for me to choose the PS5 as the console to buy third-party games for, unless of course they are on gamepass.
  9. I finished the Aftermath story DLC - utterly ridiculous story but darn nice production values. Looked great with the "Story 4K" item downloaded. I also did a Klassic Tower with Rambo:
  10. I do that every single time - it’s muscle memory at this point. At least they should have implemented a “oh you are holding it let’s take you to the power menu”
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