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  1. Also It was super easy to do the trade-in with the Apple Card - they applied it the discount to the monthly payments (can't beat 0% financing and 3% discount) and they just sent me a trade-in shipping box.
  2. Well I broke down and traded in my daughter's macbook air for a new M1 - she loves it, no fan, doesn't get hot and great performance. It was the 8GB base model.
  3. I really want to play it but I’ll wait for the PS5 or Xbox Series X version
  4. So what would be my chances for getting a replacement panel for my B7 panel which has terrible DSE? The Xbox gray background in its interface really brings it up.
  5. I guess there’s never a perfect solution. But having been part of a team with plenty of low performers I see the allure for Hastings culture. The good ones end up leaving when the low performer problem is unaddressed as holding the bag gets old pretty quick. But yeah I can totally see that style getting out of control too - however at this point if you are joining Netflix you basically know what you are signing to - it shouldn’t be a surprise - but I would be interesting to see what the dynamics are. Would it be analogous to say wall street stock brokers where the stereotype is a j
  6. Haptic feedback for sure! Speaker? Yeah I think it adds a nice touch for me, specially when it is part of the haptics experience. Touchscreen is ok but unnecessary for me - mic - I don't have any use for it.
  7. Definitely the best season so far. It was pretty fun.
  8. That’s what I wanted in the last Jedi! Luke being a total badass. I can’t believe it took this show to deliver that but bravo
  9. I still can't believe they don't have a proper "go fullscreen, rotate when necessary" button like every other video app has (regardless of rotation lock).
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