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  1. Well I'm on the hunt for another Xbox Series X I just sold both my Xbox One X's for quite a fair price (Scorpion edition for $345, regular edition $310) along with the PS4 Pro ($322). Man the thirst for consoles is real - I never thought they would fetch this much actually.
  2. A couple of months ago I did the "itunes 256Kbps ABX test" and couldn't tell them apart: http://abx.digitalfeed.net/itunes.html - I think I got about 65%? and that was with intense focus, trying to listen for differences. And with my my good system and room where I mix music. I used to be able to tell from the high-freqs, specially around cymbal sounds in the 2000's with mp3... and I was sure I was going to be able to tell with AAC enough to justify lossless Amazon Music HD but...nope.
  3. I hope it does well, I bought the disc version to support it at launch but probably won't play until a bit later - too many games in the queue always... not enough time.
  4. It should as long as the iphone 8 model you get supports CDMA (watch out for GSM only models).
  5. Wow, this was one of my favorite games back in 2000 on PC. I loved the mix of music, platformer, action/adventure and puzzle elements. This is the game that made me learn Moonlight sonata. I played this so many times, probably as many times as Romier has played TLOUS so there's clearly something wrong with my head. And now it's been remastered. Here's DF covering it all the versions:
  6. I know some of you play Madden here, but that always baffles me as a top 5 game. COD at least I understand. 3 Sony exclusive games in the Top 10- Well dayummm, with that kinda money no wonder there's so much shark fighting in Sony's world.
  7. Yeah I think it can be a bit more forward in the mix. I think a bit more aggressive compression to bring the voice forward in the mix and a bit of space, it sounds pretty dry right now. Also a common technique used as is a bit of slapback delay. Listen to similar vocals isolated, you'll always hear there's delay going on. You can also experiment by duplicating the track and delaying one of them about 30-35ms see if you like the thickening. Or you can go full ahead with a reverb but have a pre-delay of > 120ms or so.. this will avoid smearing the main dry
  8. Oh really? That's why I initially turned it off. I did a quick test yesterday and it wasn't doing that. We'll see. HDMI CEC, would be infinitely more useful if all devices simply added a little configuration option that says, turn on/ignore HDMI CEC power on command; most of them just offer an option to turn off HDMI CEC completely. Then I could set it up so that my TV and receiver always turned on but Xbox, PS, UHD player would only turn on when you turned on the devices themselves.
  9. That's super weird. AT&T seems to still be expanding here in the DFW metroplex though. At&t informed my brother (He's in Richardson) he know could get fiber - and he did. I got it last year (but had it available for a few years). He got the same price I did too.. $50 for 1G service for a year, $70 after that.
  10. I don't think magic bands will be phased out anytime soon, specially for kids. Supporting apple watch however is pretty neat - it should provide the same experience as the magic band really.
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