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  1. only one game I have completed multiple times KOTOR
  2. been a LONG time but feel free to add me to psn or xbox SoFlaWrat
  3. add another SFlaWRat
  4. ID: SFlaWRat Time:always more or less Games:links,pgr2,topspin
  5. Would that 256/128 you mention happen to be DSL Lite from Bellsouth. If so I would highly recommend upgrading if at all possible to thier standard tier of 1500/256 for only $10 more. The Lite package only gives you 17% of the DL and 50% of the UL for 75-80% of the cost of the main package. [/b] yes it would be B.S lite....and I was afraid of that
  6. would a 256 down/ 128 up work or is that too slow???
  7. hmmm I know Im not in the target demo now....the only xbow game that I thought was great was K.O.TO.R...no broadband so no live and I dont like fps anyway I thought halo was bleh ..Ill go back to hiding now
  8. anything out on any console along the lines of this great game??
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