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  1. Yep cross play will continue to be a thing so long as PS5's aren't available to the masses. Any time I have ever checked availability at various online retailers they all show out of stock. Granted I don't check all that often. I don't have time or the patience to click refresh and hope to get one any time they do some mystery drop somewhere. As far as I am concerned, PS5 doesn't exist until I can walk into a BB or other store and see consoles available for purchase in store. Or at the very least be able to pre-order online and put myself in some queue to get one when they are available.. I am happy to continue to play stuff on my PS4 pro until either of those happen.
  2. Funny thinking back on the development this game. It was one of a few games I was actually looking forward to. The early feedback on this game kept me from going anywhere near it. Now all this time later I couldn't care any less about it.
  3. I refuse to even try to get a PS5 online and compete with the scalpers in the 1-2min window you get when they appear. If they aren't going to allow people to pre-order (1 per customer...why is that not a thing?) to secure one and they aren't selling in stores than I'll continue to game on PS4. Any word on when they are going to up their game and start selling in store or allowing preorders? Heck I can't even find a PS4 dualshock controller anywhere. I've got 3 and each one has some kind of issue.
  4. Grabbed this for free on PSN and have been playing it PS4 Pro the last couple of weeks. I am enjoying it much more than I thought I would. Not that I was avoiding it because I heard it was a bad game mind you. When I saw the previews 2-3yrs ago I thought "Eh another end of the world zombie game trying to be TLOU" and gave it a pass without much of a thought. After reading some of the early reviews of the game, I am kind of scratching my head at some of the low scores having now played it almost 3yrs later. Yes I have experienced the occasional "zombie clipping through a wall" bug but nothing that has spoiled the game experience for me. What I am enjoying about the game is the pacing. Most open world games throw a bunch of crap at you and I start to feel overwhelmed to the point of eventually saying "screw it" and just focusing on the main story line. Days Gone seems to give me side missions at just the right time and in small doses in between main story line progression. I never feel hurried nor do I feel pressure to do one mission or another. I love that. So far it has struck a perfect balance in that regard and I have yet to feel any mission fatigue having put some good hours into the game. I also find myself mixing it up with the combat system. Most of the time I take is slow and stealthy focusing on melee kills but other times I will go in guns blazing (ammo permitting) and I have zero problem with either style. Although the stealth/melee does seem a bit overpowered unless of course you are dealing with a horde. At first I wasn't sure how I felt about having to take care of my motorcycle but so far it hasn't been a problem at all. I actually like the feeling of running low on fuel, having to look for some and then refuel your bike. This has created some cool moments of tension and at times really feels like all of what is good about this game coming together at once. Also the characters are solid as is the writing. It is no TLOU but what is? This seems like a super solid effort by a team that was passionate about the game. Also it is located in the cascades in Oregon so I am a bit biased in saying I love the setting...I was born, raised in and still live just 40min from Mt Hood. So ya between this and Control, PSN has been supplying me with some great free entertainment these last couple of months.
  5. Nice. You should check out State Azures youtube channel. Full of of a bunch of great ambient improvisations and whatnot but he has his Tangerine Dream cover album 'Dreams' up on there for free listen and its quite good (I bought it on bandcamp a while back). I think it fits the vibe of this thread nicely.
  6. Welp it appears waiting for the "next gen" patch was the way to go. Glad I didn't pick this up for last gen console. I'll visit Night City when said patch is created and PS5's are...available. The messy release of Cyberpunk 2077 and next gen console launches is so how this should have played out in 2020.
  7. Reading through the posts in here, my desire to seek out a PS5 continues to sink. The whole online only release looks like a debacle and the launch titles don't really interest me at this point. Hopefully they will start selling in stores in 1st quarter of 2021. Has Sony announced a timeframe for when they want to start selling in stores? I suppose when Cyberpunk 2077 gets a next gen update then I will probably go on the hunt for a PS5. That is the only game on my radar that I'm amped to play but I don't plan on playing the game until it gets that update since I want to experience the game in all its glory, assuming it lives up to the hype that is.
  8. Nice. I'm always on the lookout for quality ambient vibes. Speaking of which...if you are into ambient with sci-fi vibes I would definitely recommend the artists ASC (real name is James Clements). Here are a couple releases that have a sci-fi / space theme: I really dig his stuff and his ambient releases (of which there are many) are among my absolute all-time faves. Really talented producer and I believe he has done video game soundtrack work as well.
  9. I have enjoyed many rounds of Golf Club and GC 2019. Its one of those games I'll fire up and relax to while streaming music. PGA Tour 2K21 worth it if I own the previous games?
  10. This looks amazing. I didn't see it mentioned anywhere on here.
  11. Looking over the links in this thread I was surprised I didn't see mention of anything from Mitch Murder. I hadn't heard anything from him in a while but going over his youtube I forgot how awesome his stuff is. His newer stuff is pretty rad.
  12. Again not as uptempo as some of the stuff in this thread but super chill 80's vibes on this amazing cover of 'Love On A Real Train' which is one of my favorite tunes from the 80's: I've listened to that so many times. It is, to my ears, absolutely perfect.
  13. Thanks, Ed! I lurk around here from time to time but rarely post anything. Hope you are doing well. Still dabbling in making music? BTW I'm loving the 'Persuasion System' album from Com Truise. Listening now.
  14. Nice. Been a fan of Com Truise since his first 2 albums. Love 'Galactic Melt': Will definitely pickup his latest release. Cool topic. I'm a sucker for synthwave/chillwave/whateveryouwannacallitwave so I'll be checkin out the links. On a similar note..Washed Out just released a new album today called 'Purple Noon' and it is fantastic. Amazing chill vibes on this one. Not quite the neon drenched cyberpunk synth style you are referencing in this thread but somewhat similar vibes nonetheless. This is for sunsets on the beach.
  15. No game in the last decade (or ever for that matter) has hooked me like Rocket League has. I have played that sucker consistently (as in pretty much most days off) since it hit PSN for free back in 2015. I continue to be amazed at what some people can do in this game in terms of car control/mechanics and I fool myself that I can someday do the same. I do take some level of pride in being pretty decent at it given most the players at my rank or above are at least half my age. I'd love to compete in a 40 and over tourney. It isn't the quest to rank up that keeps me coming back. It is how the game feels. Game play is easy to pick up and incredibly difficult to master. The perfect pick up and play game that I can play for 30min if I'm short on time or I can easily dump hours into it on any given night if I'm not careful. So ya the answer for me is pretty easy. Rocket League!
  16. Nice. I'm in the same boat. My +4yr old iPhone 6 battery is also on its last legs. Drains super fast if not in low power and now my lightning port has some connectivity issues. Can't get phone to sync with PC (fortunately the last backup was only a month or two ago) but can still manage to charge it. Sooo I just placed an order for a iPhone 11 pro max. I've taken my share of pics with the 6 over the years and am looking forward to using the new camera and the larger screen of the 11.
  17. I'm 44 and definitely can relate to experiencing some level of discomfort if I sit too long while gaming or doing anything on the computer. Usually feel it in my neck muscles first because of my old habit of wanting to lean forward. Been thinking of buying one of those wearable posture corrector thingies like this one here: https://www.amazon.com/Posture-Corrector-Adjustable-Comfortably-Kinesiology/dp/B07GQM1W25/?tag=verywellhealth-20&ascsubtag=4171981|nc774d2c954014d8e9047badb66e04ced15 The older I get the more I realize how important good posture is...and stretching...and eating healthy...and...you get the idea. As my Grandpa used to say, getting old aint for sissies. I've been using CBD oil just about every day for the last few months and have noticed hand/wrist pain (from gaming, computer use, etc) is almost non existent now so I got that going for me. I can really see why gamers invest in dedicated gaming chairs that support back and neck. For now the recliner couch works well as long as I place a couple small pillows behind my to support neck and back.
  18. Any word on if Once Upon A Time In The West will get a UHD release? I noticed they recently did a 4K restoration of the film so I'm curious if a UHD has been announced. Also I'll echo what everyone else said about Alien. It looks fantastic in UHD format!
  19. Absolutely loving this game. It is everything I wanted it to be and more. My one minor gripe is the poor implementation of HDR. As many of you are likely aware, they pretty much faked it and the results are pretty poor. I took a screenshot of SDR vs HDR as a comparison. After tweaking my TV settings for both SDR and HDR for this game these are what I got. SDR is so much better. What is everyone elses opinion on the HDR vs SDR debate regarding RDR2? Is anyone using HDR and happy with results? This is the first game I;ve been unhappy with HDR o my LG B6.
  20. Picked up SPR and Diehard last night. Just gave SPR a play. Wow they did an amazing job here. Picture quality is great. At first the grain levels were a bit much but once I started playing the movie I didn't really notice it. It felt like it was exactly as it should be. I'm so please with the disc. Easily my favorite "older movie on UHD" disc. Love it.
  21. I'm hoping they are wired differently and have better luck. They are the 2 ARC port for what its worth.
  22. Anyone else experience HDMI issues on their LG OLED display? Just recently it seems HDMI ports 3 and 4 have stopped working on my LG B6 55". The other day they were spotty and started to display at a really low res and now finally they show no signal. When I switch the same device to HDMI port 2 it is fine. My PS4 pro uses port 2, cable tv port 1 and LG UHD/Roku Ultra share port 3 (haven't picked up another HDMI cable yet). Wondering if I should look into an HDMI switcher and just plug that into port 2 and switch between PS4/UHD/Roku. Anyone have experience with switchers? Gotta love technology...
  23. Nicely done, Ed. Very pleasant listen. That modular stuff looks so daunting. One of the artists I follow on Soundcloud just posted a video of him using some type of modular setup. Thought you might enjoy it.
  24. Ok so I just had a WTF moment. Returned home from picking up some groceries, etc. Sat down with some dinner, powered on the tv and fired up Blade Runner 2049 again since when I watched it the first time I was really tired. Anywho the banding was back just like before. I didn't change ANYTHING other than power off and power back on when I got home. So I remembered my display detecting ultra deep color mode when I first fired up the UHD players after factory reset and then looking fine. I decided to disable deep color mode which forces a tv restart. Upon restart it detected the deep color mode on my UHD player again and voila the same scene in Blade Runner looked good again. No visible banding. So it would seem that the display is disabling HDMI ultra deep color mode when I power off even though it says it is turned on for said HDMI port. Very strange. At least I know how to get around the issue for now. I'll have to dig around the interwebs some more and see if others have this issue.
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