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  1. Richard from Digital Foundry takes a look at the new form factor for Xbox Series X.


    There’s not a lot of new info here, especially if you’ve watched or read the other “build ups” that were posted around the time the specs and internal design of the console was revealed a couple weeks ago. Still, it’s nice to get Richard’s take in both the new console itself and the new controller.

  2. 57 minutes ago, ChrisBardon said:

    Damn if this game doesn't tell you much about what's going on though.  I just figured out how that focus during combat worked by accident when I missed a block and hit the wrong button.  Kind of refreshing actually when so many other games go through the "push A to jump" style of tutorial...  In fairness though, it doesn't mention this on the control list on the pause screen either.  

    If I remember correctly, don’t the voices Senua hears tell her to focus? That’s how I figured out what to do when I got to that battle.

  3. 20 minutes ago, AlbertA said:

    Looks like they are working on performance and other bugs: https://www.orithegame.com/known-issues-bug-status-report/


    I’m glad to hear that these issues are being addressed. The only problem is that I’ve beaten the game already, so I may not get to appreciate all the work that went into fixing all these issues.


    Once again, it pays to not play a game at launch as it will almost assuredly be better to play a few weeks, or even a few months, later.

  4. 2 hours ago, Angry the Clown said:

    I'll be keen to see reviews of the trackpad case too. I can't see myself being a single case user. I'm sure I would buy both the smart folio case and some kind of keyboard solution as an alternate option as the foilo is better for angling the display if drawing on a flat surface, and I wonder about accidentally hitting keys when flipping keyboard cases back on themselves to leave an iPad display clear for sketching, or even just when holding to watch a video or something. It does leave me thinking about whether to just get the folio case alone, and partner it with a bluetooth keyboard and Trackpad2 (I don't own either right now).


    Interesting math on buying all these components separately for an 11” iPad Pro:


    Magic Keyboard 2: $99

    Magic Trackpad 2: $129

    Smart Folio Case: $75

    Total cost: $303 (not including tax)


    Magic Keyboard with Trackpad: $299.


    So, it’s actually about the same to just get the Keyboard with Trackpad instead of buying the components separately. In my case, add another $40 for the Canopy iPad stand and it’s a bit more money. If you’re using a 12.9” iPad Pro, It’s actually about $25 more to get the Magic Keyboard with Trackpad as the Smart Folio case is only $25 more than the 11” one.


    The thing is if I would not want an iPad without the Smart Folio case. I just want a keyboard when I need it — not all the time. It’s nice to be able to both prop it up on your lap or a table to watch a video and it’s good for angling off of a flat surface if need be.



  5. I’ve been playing around a bit with the new mouse cursor on my 11” iPad Pro, and wanted to share some thoughts on it.


    I have two Apple pointing devices in my home: a Magic Mouse 2 (current model) and an original generation Magic Trackpad (the one with the AA batteries). When iPadOS 13.4 dropped, I decided to use the trackpad first since my mouse was already connected to my iMac. Unfortunately, the actual usefulness of the old trackpad is limited. I can move the cursor around the screen and click on objects with the physical click just fine, but none of the gestures work. I can’t tap to click, use the two-finger tap for a right-click, use two-finger scrolling, or any of three-finger gestures that apparently work with the Magic Trackpad 2.


    This is incredibly disappointing. The trackpad works great with my iMac, and it supports most, if not all, of the gestures you’d expect. Why none of these work on the iPad as well is beyond me.


    Fortunately, the Magic Mouse 2 works much better. It does support scrolling and right-clicking as you’d expect. However, the functionality seems somewhat limited compared to what you can do with the new Magic Trackpad. One oddity I’ve noticed though — and I hope this is something that Apple fixes/changes in a future update — is that when you’re scrolling down a page, you can’t just tap on the Magic Mouse to stop the scrolling like you can on Mac. You have to swipe your finger slightly in the opposite direction to stop it. It’s annoying because it’s not the behavior I would expect based on how it works elsewhere.


    I like how the cursor snaps to a box around buttons and other object in the UI. It makes it so you have to be less precise with your movements and it’s a great why of knowing for certain that you are clicking on the correct object.


    I’m currently debating whether or not I want to spend $299 on a Magic Keyboard with Trackpad when they are released in May, or if I should just get a Magic Trackpad 2 ($129) and save myself some money. I already have a great typing solution — a Magic Keyboard 2 with a Canopy by Studio Neat — and I have a Smart Folio Case that’s still in good shape as well. It would be nice to have everything — the case, the keyboard, and trackpad — built into one unit for convenience. It’s just... that’s a lot of money, and I’m not sure I need to spend that much for something that may not be that much better than what I already have.


    I’ll probably wait until reviews of the new keyboard and trackpad combo come out to make a decision. In the meantime, I may just keep the Magic Trackpad connected to my iMac and must the mouse on my iPad.

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  6. Minnesota just got the order from Gov. Walz to stay home, staring midnight Friday. The order lasts for two weeks and is intended to buy the state critical time needed to increase capacity at ICUs. He says that 40-80% of Minnesotans will contract COVID-19 over the next few months. This stay-at-home order doesn’t stop the spread of it — it only slows it down. The goal is to ensure that everyone who needs a hospital bed and ventilator can get one over the next few months.


    Bars and restaurants have been closed just over a week already. We’ve also had restrictions on large gatherings. Those things have helped buy some time, but it sounds like they need a little bit more. Had we not done anything, we would have reached peak ICU capacity in about 6 weeks (end of April) with the peak outbreak at around 9 weeks. So there would have been three weeks where there weren’t enough beds or ventilators to go around resulting in many deaths as a result. This is what has been happening in Italy these past few weeks. Obviously, we don’t want to go there.


    With this current plan, they hope to push out the peak of the infections out to to about 14 weeks (if I remember correctly), with current ICU capacity being reached at around 11 weeks. Like I said though, they want to use this extra time to increase ICU capacity to accomodate the surge they expect to see in the coming months. The most shocking thing to me from the governor’s presentation today was that there were a total of 235 ICU beds available in the entire state. The. Entire. State. He even confirmed that that number was not a typo. That’s all we have right now. 235 beds. The goal is to get that number up to 1,000. Hopefully, that will be enough.


    I believe I said this earlier in the thread, but the senior leadership team at my company sounds optimistic that we  might be deemed “essential” and allowed to remain open the next two weeks. We supply products and services to a lot of other “essential” industries around the country (and the world) such as oil and gas, pharmaceutical manufacturing, paper products, food and beverage, and so on. At this moment, I’m still waiting to receive confirmation that this is indeed the case. I’m guessing we’ll receive a memo later this afternoon.


    As for my wife, she works in the health care industry as a CT Tech at a heart clinic. I imagine her employer will be considered exempt as well, but again, I’ll have to wait for her to confirm with her boss.


    Today’s order also extends school closures until Star Wars Day (May 4th), so we’re going to have to figure out how to do this distance learning thing with our 8 year-old. FUN!


    Meditation Center Yourself GIF by Jasmine Thompson

  7. 3 hours ago, foogledricks said:


    Yeah, every time I hear how long the virus lives on surfaces, my bullshit senses start tingling. At some point they'll settle on an official number and my money is on it being 0-48 hours. And everyone knows they test that by having people lick infected toilet seats at different intervals... which is inhuman.



    How about instead of licking toilets, which I know we all do in the privacy of our own homes, we put copper everywhere instead?




    Copper is antimicrobial. It kills bacteria and viruses, sometimes within minutes. In the 19th century, exposure to copper would have been an early version of constantly sanitizing one's hands. 


    Since then, studies have shown that copper is able to destroy the microbes that most threaten our lives. It has been shown to kill a long list of microbes, including norovirus, MRSA, a staph bacteria that has become resistant to antibiotics, virulent strains of E. colithat cause food-borne illness, and coronaviruses—possibly including the novel strain currently causing the COVID-19 pandemic. 


    If copper were more frequently used in hospitals, where 1 in 31 people get healthcare-acquired infections (HAI), or in high-traffic areas, where many people touch surfaces teeming with microbial life—it could play an invaluable role in public health, said Michael Schmidt, a professor of microbiology and immunology at the Medical University of South Carolina, who studies copper. And yet, it is woefully absent from our public spaces, healthcare settings, and homes.



  8. I just wanted to give a shout out to my brother-in-law who is starting his new job today. He will be a nurse in the ICU at the University of Minnesota, putting him directly on the front lines in the fight against COVID-19. He completed his schooling late last year and earned his license a couple weeks ago.


    Obviously, he’s a bit nervous about it all. Starting a new job is always tough, but the current situation makes it a hundred times more stressful for him (or at least I imagine it would). At any rate, we probably won’t see him for a while now, as he is likely to self-quarantine himself until he feels it’s safe for us to be around him again. 

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  9. 8 minutes ago, Angry the Clown said:

    Disney+ launches tomorrow here. Curious to see what’s actually available. With everything going on I did in fact subscribe for a year at the reduced rate.


    Oh, cool. Be sure to check out this show called "The Mandalorian." It's pretty good. My advice: go in blind. Hopefully nothing about it has been spoiled for you.

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  10. Today in Minnesota...


    • Gov. Walz placed himself in self-quarantine for two weeks after coming into contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19.
    • Lt. Gov. Flanagan's brother has died from COVID-19. He had been diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago and his immune system had been compromised. He is the second person to die of the disease in the state of Tennessee.
    • Sen. Amy Klobachar's husband is being hospitalized for COVID-19. He has not come into contact with her in the last two weeks, so she is fine (or so we think).
    • Cases in the state rose to 235 — up 66 from yesterday.


    At this point, there is no shelter-in-place order in the state. It is on the table, however. Maybe it's time the governor to close the parks as well.




    EDIT: Also, if you come near me at all, I'm going to start singing this:



  11. I'm working from home today and decided to sneak in a quick round of Tetris 99 during my afternoon break. Then, this happened:




    First time every, baby!


    Oh, and I've decided that I much prefer playing this game in handheld mode with the Joycons. The isolated buttons of the D-pad mean that I accidentally drop a piece in the wrong spot much less often due to a faulty input. I think if I had tried to use the Pro Controller during this match, I wouldn't have won it.

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  12. On 3/18/2020 at 2:24 PM, Romier S said:


    Now they put up an announcement THE DAY BEFORE on their main twitter page inviting people to listen to their head systems architect speak about the design of the console and that's now an "making it an event" to you.



    Like it or not, any time Sony says anything about the PS5 right now is an event. People are thirsty for information on the new console, and Sony has only given us a few drips so far to satiate that thirst (at least up until yesterday for the real techie folks).


    I think Sony could have done a better job in setting expectations for what Cerny's presentation would be. Yes, they did accurately describe it as a deep dive into the technical aspects of the PS5 architecture, but obviously, that description wasn't clear enough for a lot of people. Perhaps if Sony had been upfront about what the talk would not include -- the reveal of the console and controller, new games, launch date, price, etc. -- and reiterated that it was a talk originally intended for a game developer audience, there might have been less backlash to it.

  13. 54 minutes ago, OldDarth said:

    It will be interesting to see not only what, but how, Sony does their reveal. With Microsoft having laid their cards on the table, Sony can really tailor their presentation to steal the media spotlight.



    It will be interesting to see how Sony chooses the present the information. Will it follow the format of their recent State of Play presentations? Will Cerny appear on the video as a talking head to go over all the specs? What will the tone of the presentation be? So many questions! Thankfully, we don’t have to wait long to find out.

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