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  1. Don’t you mean three games? I mean September's just around the corner, right? Not only that, but depending on how long it takes you to play BotW, you may be playing its sequel as part of this series as well.(Ha ha.) Speaking of which, I know I said in another thread that I’ve been playing Breath of the Wild off and on between other games. Well, that's out the window now. Seeing the announcement of the sequel to BotW announced at E3 gave me the urge to play it again, and I haven’t been able to stop since. A little over a week ago, my Switch said I had played it for 30 hours or more. I looked again yesterday because I played it a ton over the holiday weekend, and it said I had played it for 75 hours or more. So, yeah, that escalated quickly, as they say. I have completed 97 shrines, three Divine Beasts, and recovered all of the forgotten memories (including the 13th one). I’ve also found all four Great Fairy fountains, and am trying to upgrade all of my armor to the max. I also have the Champion's Ballad DLC pack, which I never really played on the Wii U. So, lots of content left for me to do. I may be doing this for a while. Send help.
  2. You are correct, sir. Nintendo Gamers Prefer Using Switch As A Handheld Rather Than Docked Darren Calvert for NintendoLife: This data is a bit old (October 2017), but I wouldn't be surprised if the ratios are about the same or if handheld mode has gained in recent years.
  3. I do not doubt this. The question is will it happen this year or sometime in the next five years when you’ve finally decided what to get? 😋
  4. Me too, but I think they know that they can sell more units and make more money if they create a low-cost portable option. Kids are going to love this thing.
  5. I just saw this on my Twitter feed. I'm glad to see it's finally official. I suppose this is the death knell for the 3DS. If Nintendo is pushing this as the portable option, I can't see the 3DS being available for much longer. It will be interesting to see how well made/durable this thing is. The obvious use case for me would be to buy one (or two) for my kids, but obviously, I hope that it would be rugged enough to be handled by a small child. Also, if I own digital copies of Switch games, can they be transfered over to the Switch Lite, or do I have to buy all new copies? Nintendo has been notoriously bad about restricting digital copies of games to the consoles they were purchased on in the past, but I don't know if their policies have changed with Switch games. And yes, hooray for a proper D-pad!
  6. Pro Tip: Do not be tempted into buying the Jak trilogy on PS4. It sucks. Play the PS3 version instead if you can.
  7. It's been overblown. Unless you are actively trying to bend the thing, you won't.
  8. I think you'd be surprised at how quickly you can amass hours of playtime on this title by both building your own levels (or at least trying to) and playing levels others have built. I remember playing Super Mario Maker on Wii U and was shocked when I realized I had somehow suddenly sank more than 20 hours into it after only a week or so. I should go back to my Wii U and find out how many hours total I put into it overall. I'm certain it's well over 30 hours, maybe even 40 (or more). My guess is that I'll sink even more time to SMM2 for two reasons. First, there's a proper story mode with over 100 Nintendo-designed levels. Second, there will likely be many more people playing and creating levels for this version, given the fact that Switch is many times more popular than Wii U ever was. It's not like I ever ran out of levels to play on the first one, but this time around, it feels like you could truly have an almost infinite number of levels to play. Alas, I have not picked this one up yet either as I'm trying to save some money at the moment and work through more of my gaming backlog. I probably won't wait for a sale though. If I did that, I would likely be waiting a very long time.
  9. On top of all that, it's exquisitely recorded, making it great demo material for a stereo or pair of headphones.
  10. Good news, fellas! It looks like I may be able to afford that new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR after all. My Barclaycard with Apple Rewards just increased my credit limit to $11,500! Of course, this means that I won't be able get the stand for the display right away. Maybe someone can buy it for me for my birthday. Or I could just do this:
  11. So this wasn't officially announced at E3 (it was announced by Team Cherry back in February — on Valentine's Day no less), but it did have a pressence at the show this year. It popped up toward the end of Nintendo's E3 Direct during the sizzle reel of forthcoming games. It was also playable on the show floor as noted by this article at Kotaku. It was also featured at Nintendo's Tree House Live from the show floor. Unfortunately no release date has been set as of yet. The closest we have is the "Coming Soon" tag from the sizzle reel, which could mean tomorrow or three years from now. Regardless, I'm ready for it. As you may have guessed from my avatar, I'm a big fan of the first game, having spent over 40 hours with it. Silksong appears to be more of the same, except that instead of playing as the Knight, you play as Hornet, a character the Knight encountered in the first game. She will have a slightly different move set and her own unique abilities, which should help to freshen up the gameplay a bit. Also, it sounds like this game's theme will be ascending rather than descending, which was the overall theme of the original. So instead of exploring tunnles deep below the serface of the earth, you'll be climbing to the top of something — a tower perhaps or a large hill? I'm not sure exactly. Obviously, there's more to come. I will be keeping an eye out for news on this one, and anxiously awaiting an official release date announcement.
  12. I watched (or rather listened) to it this morning. It's good stuff. He obviously can't go into a lot of detail about future things like Project Scarlett or Halo: Infinite, but he does talk a lot about his philosophy when it comes to things like hardware, the role of streaming services for games, and competition. For all the recent talk about Microsoft working with Sony and Nintendo, he flat out admits that he wants to build the best console hardware in the world, and he wants Project Scarlett to be number 1 in sales. I'm sure he's sick to death of hearing about how Microsoft flubbed the launch of Xbox One and is doing everything in his power to prevent that from happening again.
  13. I don't know. I like the "Not Secure" tag in Safari and Chrome. Makes me feel like I'm living dangerously!
  14. Hey, look! It’s the annual E3 Giant Bomb interview with Phil Spencer! I haven’t watched it yet — looking forward to it though. These interviews are usually very good.
  15. 540p might not be too bad in handheld mode, but 720p dynamic is brutal. I wouldn't be surprised if the only time the game hits that if is you're standing perfectly still with the camera pointed at a wall.
  16. I ended up double dipping on both the game and the DLC at the start of this year. I had a real strong itch to play BotW and couldn’t wait any longer for a sale. Thankfully, I had a couple Target gift cards, which I used to buy a digital code, which I then redeemed on the eShop (complicated enough for you?). So I didn’t have to spend my own money on it. So far I’ve put over 25 hours into the game according to my Switch. I’ve completed between 35-40 shrines (I can’t remember off the top of my head). I’ve also completed one Ancient Beast. I have a long ways to go, but at least I’ve made some progress. I don’t feel like I’ve wasted my money on the purchase. I’ve been treating this as my “Game Between Games” — a palette cleanser, if you will. After beating an intense game like Hollow Knight or Cuphead, it’s nice to have a relaxing title like this waiting in the wings to play for a couple nights. Best of all, it’s an easy game to just pick up and start playing, no matter where you are. It’s not super narrative-focused, so I can remember what I was doing and not feel like I’m completely lost on the plot. I just pick a place on the map I haven’t been to yet and start exploring. Great stuff! Now that the sequel has been announced, I may have a strong urge to play it more regularly than I have. I’ll be on vacation with my family next week. That might be a good time to sink more hours into it (assuming I have the time or energy for that).
  17. Guys, I'm starting to get concerned. It's been four hours since this announcement was made and we still haven't heard from Romier. Can someone drive over to his house and make sure he's OK?
  18. If Nintendo expected it to arrive in late 2020, I would have expected them to say so in the trailer. It could happen, but for now I remain skeptical.
  19. I just looked, and the game is not available digitally yet. As for that lawsuit, Dennis Dyack, founder of Silicon Knights, talked about it on an episode of IGN Unfiltered recently. It's a good interview, worth checking out if you have the time.
  20. I'm encouraged by the fact that it looks like this mansion (err, hotel?) is pretty big. I'd rather explore one really large building than the multiple buildings in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. And I, for one, like the name Gooigi.
  21. So, should I play this game on Switch instead of my Xbox One X? It'll look about the same, right? 😉
  22. During today's E3 Direct, the release date for Link's Awakening was revealed: September 20! Can't wait!
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