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  1. My best friend bought one after seeing mine, but we were the only two that I know of
  2. Started playing this yesterday and finished up the first two dungeons. Really enjoying it thus far! I never played this originally (I bought an Atari Lynx instead of a Gameboy...great hardware, forgettable games) so I have nothing to compare it to, but I love the art style of the new one; it's really bright and fun. The dungeons remind me of the original Zelda, in a good way.
  3. What are you listening on? I haven't had a chance to do an A/B comparison yet. My primary listening lately has been Sonos, which I'm not sure will be able to show much difference.
  4. You had me at "Michael Lewis". Thanks for the recommendation!
  5. Thanks for pointing this out! I didn't realize it was two separate photos at first. #dummy
  6. My biggest mistake was completely forgetting about Spiderman, but I'd still have been in last place I'm still surprised by how poorly Godzilla did...
  7. I would have loved this show if they had kept it a little shorter. The Lucha Bros/Bucks was amazing, but the show felt like it went forever. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the show a LOT, but was drained by the time Jericho/Hangman started (which was a really good match). Sometimes less is more.
  8. Agree completely. Imagine the PPV storylines AEW could do with 3 months of weekly TV shows. WWE sometimes only has 2 or 3 weeks. Hard to build anticipation in that amount of time!
  9. Yep, REALLY looking forward to this! I think that delaying Moxley vs Omega will end up being a good thing (feel terrible for Moxley's injury, though). Omega vs PAC should be bonkers awesome and will build anticipation for Moxley/Omega. And Moxley/PAC should be great (assuming that will happen eventually). For a relatively small promotion with not a ton of history, they have a lot of exciting matchups they can book when needed. Have they announced the next PPV yet? I'd assume they'll announce it on the show tomorrow or early in the TNT series. I'd bet Nov or Dec for the next one.
  10. The first season of Succession was absolutely must-watch. The first episode is a little slow, but after that, it's great. I'll get HBO again after the second season ends and power through it. Cousin Greg is amazing!
  11. Sorry, not sure how I triple posted...or how to delete ☹️
  12. Was it Buzz...Aldrin?? LOL Thanks for sharing and I'll definitely listen...going on a road trip with my parents in a couple days (about 5 hours each way) and a good podcast always makes the time fly!
  13. We'll, I got the CR-10s assembled yesterday and did a test print with an included model of a lion...turned out pretty well considering I've done no tuning yet: I'm printing a flexi shark right now. I'm watching it happen and I'm still convinced that it's at least partly black magic.
  14. I just bought Pandemic:Legacy s1 on Amazon for about $40. I've played (and loved) the regular Pandemic, and am excited to try Legacy. Now just have to find time 😀
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