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  1. Sorry, not sure how I triple posted...or how to delete ☚ī¸
  2. Was it Buzz...Aldrin?? LOL Thanks for sharing and I'll definitely listen...going on a road trip with my parents in a couple days (about 5 hours each way) and a good podcast always makes the time fly!
  3. We'll, I got the CR-10s assembled yesterday and did a test print with an included model of a lion...turned out pretty well considering I've done no tuning yet: I'm printing a flexi shark right now. I'm watching it happen and I'm still convinced that it's at least partly black magic.
  4. I just bought Pandemic:Legacy s1 on Amazon for about $40. I've played (and loved) the regular Pandemic, and am excited to try Legacy. Now just have to find time 😀
  5. Well, thanks to Brian (and Jay for bringing up the subject), I just placed an order for a CR-10s on Prime Day. They had it for $455 and then there was a $35 coupon with free shipping and no tax. Couldn't resist I'm off next week (although out of town Wed-Sat), so I'll have the weekend plus Monday and Tuesday to mess around with this. Let me know if you see any good Prime Day deals on PLA
  6. That machine sounds killer...let me know how much better it is than your i5-2500k...I'm running the same processor and don't *need* to upgrade, but have been kicking it around for a while.
  7. Those are super cool! Thanks for sharing; I'd not seen them before. I might have to get a printer now; I've got two nephews who would dig those 😀
  8. @Carlucci - I haven't watched a minute of WWE since Wrestlemania (got burned out, and the stories have been lame), but it sounds like last night's show was the best in a LONG time. I might watch it tonight on Hulu...
  9. Anyone listening to Crimetown? They focus each season on a city and delve into organized crime in it. The first season was about Providence, RI, and the second (current) season is about Detroit. The first was great and the second is even better. Living in Toledo, I'm familiar with some of the Detroit stuff, although so far it's mostly been before my time (or at least before I was paying attention). The next episode is going to cover Kwame Kilpatrick, who was definitely not before my time
  10. Other than Avengers, this summer season has been pretty anemic thus far.
  11. I caught it live Saturday night, and mirror most of Starhawk's feelings: 1) The battle royale was a bit of a mess (although it had some fun spots) but I thought the singles match was great (drawing a blank on the two wrestler's names; I'd not heard of them before but am a fan now). 2) The commentary team needs to improve. They weren't awful, but they need to tighten it up a bit. Same for production. It looked good, but they had a lot of inexplicably missed shots that were very frustrating. I'm sure this will get better with experience, but it was frustrating. 3) I marked out hard when Brandi announced Awesome Kong as a participant in the women's (formerly) 3 way match. They didn't use her enough during the match, but it was great to see her in a ring (outside of GLOW) again. 4) Agree with all your points on Dustin/Cody: I was not looking forward to this match, and it ended up being my favorite of the night (although it was hard to watch due to all the blood at points). 5) While not completely unexpected, seeing Moxley was great, and I'm really looking forward to seeing him vs Omega. Should be a lot of fun with two guys with differing styles. It sounds like Moxley is excited to wrestle a different style/environment than he was locked into. 6) The Bucks vs Lucha Bros was bonkers awesome. While definitely not a perfect show, this show was a lot of fun and set the table nicely for what's to come. If they can properly build some of the young guys (Jungle Boy has a unique look, although I think the name is stupid), AEW's future is very bright, IMO.
  12. Hey Ed - you touched on the question I had while reading this: "How did he get all of it back home???", but you never answered it. Did you get to bring any back?? It looks like an amazing trip, and I'm getting more jealous with each of your posts
  13. Yeah, I'm really excited for this! The wife and I went to All In last year, and it was a blast! I watched Wrestlemania this year, and haven't watched a minute of WWE since. I read reviews of the shows and usually end up thinking, "Well, I didn't miss anything." It's frustrating, because they have a truly amazing roster, but don't use them properly. Vince really needs to retire. If you haven't seen the Dark Side of the Ring episodes yet, they are pretty darn good. I knew some of the stories pretty well, but a lot of the details were new.
  14. When is this coming to the US? And/or how are you watching this, @dogbert? I'm dying to watch this, and Google News keeps trying to show me spoilers...
  15. Careful, I resemble that remark!
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