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  1. I got both of the June of 44 reissues, but couldn’t find the jazz reissues that I wanted. I’m happy 😀
  2. I need to watch this...it's a real mess right now in the US. I was talking to a woman who works at a dispensary in Michigan (went full recreational last November), and it blew my mind when she told me that EVERYTHING is cash due to federal laws. I have no idea how you'd go about paying sales taxes, etc, in cash, let alone the logistics of paying employees in 100% cash. She said she was always nervous, as a couple dispensaries had been targeted for robberies as everyone knows they're all cash, and likely lots of it.
  3. Thread resurrection! I recently bought a Pit Barrel Cooker and am loving it so far. The first smoke was a Prime Brisket that I got from Costco for $3.49/lb (!!!!). Turned out great...used a rub that came with the PBC and then smoked it with a couple chunks of hickory. The second cook was some ribs...I used a Pork rub that I got from Costco (really tasty) and some hickory chunks. 4 hours later we were eating delicious ribs! This weekend is going to be a chicken and some bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers. I ordered some cherry wood and some Kosmos Q Honey Killer Bee rub for something a
  4. Luckily for you, I have recently invented sedan nuts! They're like truck nuts but get better MPG. If interest is strong, I will be expanding into motorcycle nut (two might be unbalanced) and ATV nuts (they have a lot of sand on them).
  5. Interesting...I think I still have one that I'm not using...the question will be if I can find it
  6. I've got the exact same desk that I bought around the same time. Only difference is mine has a dark top instead of the light wood. I love it and it's still super solid after ~15 years and several moves!
  7. Finally got this started, and am now about halfway through season 2. It's so good! There are a few coincidences that are probably better if you don't think too much about them, but the characters and story are so entertaining that I'm willing to overlook a few things. I'm watching the English dub, and it's one of the better dubs I've seen! Thanks for the rec, @Carlucci!!
  8. I love the wall color, Carlos! I don't know if I'd leave that room much
  9. Terrific book, and I'm excited to see what they do with it on film. I feel like they've been talking about this for a while now, no? At least DiCaprio has?
  10. Have you watched North by Northwest yet?
  11. Terrific film! If you haven't seen this before, check it out. Someone took all the outdoor scenes and turned it into a timelapse. Pretty incredible stuff: Note: I am a different Jeff
  12. There's a lot of weird fetishes out there, Dan...
  13. This! I set up a recurring virtual happy hour on Thursday with coworkers and last week's was a blast. 13 people sitting around having drinks and talking about anything but work. I talk to most of them all day every day via one form or another, but it was nice in a virtual non-work setting. Also doing the same on Wednesdays with friends. It's really nice to see other people's faces after mainly only seeing my wife and dog on a daily basis. Not complaining about either face, but some variety is nice
  14. Well, I found out there is more after the credits Another 15 hours and I wrapped up everything I want to at the 100.5 hour mark. I still didn't do all of the Tickington things and didn't finish all of the challenges for the High Llama, but I was ready to wrap it up and am happy with having beat the last boss (who was MUCH tougher than the rest of the game!!). Now that I wrapped this up, I've moved on to Octopath Traveler, but that's for a different thread!
  15. That scene where they dance on bmx bikes at prom should hold up well, right?
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