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  1. I did the same on the Xbox version! At $10, it’s a no brainer...
  2. Sorry, just saw this! They were doing this thing where you had to click Add to Cart, and then the button would change to Please Wait... After about 20 minutes, the button went back to Add to Cart and then I could complete the order. It was odd, but WAY better than my futile attempts on Walmart.
  3. If anyone's still looking, Best Buy has online stock. I managed to grab a Series X this morning. It'll be available for pick up next Sat.
  4. I think I was about 10 minutes late...but I’m glad they keep dropping more!
  5. @Starhawk - sitting in the PS Direct queue for about 30 minutes now. Still says "more than an hour". I'm sitting comfy, though
  6. Nice work, Keith! I managed to get one in my cart, but then kept getting errors at Checkout until I got a “This item is no longer available.” message. Doh!
  7. Has there been any word on when vendors might get restock? You gents are making me jealous.
  8. Me too, Keith. Costco was taking orders today and I got a confirmation. About an hour later got a cancellation. Based on a thread at Slickdeals, they took too many orders and are now cancelling the excess ones. Bummer, as I want to play AC: Valhalla.
  9. Sorry to hear that, Carlos! I hope you can find something you love to do and not necessarily worry about the money. Like Jay said: good people bounce back, and I’m sure there’s something good in your future!
  10. I got both of the June of 44 reissues, but couldn’t find the jazz reissues that I wanted. I’m happy 😀
  11. I need to watch this...it's a real mess right now in the US. I was talking to a woman who works at a dispensary in Michigan (went full recreational last November), and it blew my mind when she told me that EVERYTHING is cash due to federal laws. I have no idea how you'd go about paying sales taxes, etc, in cash, let alone the logistics of paying employees in 100% cash. She said she was always nervous, as a couple dispensaries had been targeted for robberies as everyone knows they're all cash, and likely lots of it.
  12. Thread resurrection! I recently bought a Pit Barrel Cooker and am loving it so far. The first smoke was a Prime Brisket that I got from Costco for $3.49/lb (!!!!). Turned out great...used a rub that came with the PBC and then smoked it with a couple chunks of hickory. The second cook was some ribs...I used a Pork rub that I got from Costco (really tasty) and some hickory chunks. 4 hours later we were eating delicious ribs! This weekend is going to be a chicken and some bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers. I ordered some cherry wood and some Kosmos Q Honey Killer Bee rub for something a
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