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  1. So much death, soo, soo much death. On a positive note, I had a Thunderlord drop yesterday in Crucible. Now I need to find time to level it along with Invective and the Last Word. I really want to run the Templar today for my chance at a Fatebringer, so if any of y'all want to participate in sherpaing Hunter (and if need be Titan) through, I would greatly appreciate it. It'll be good to have you back in the loving embrace of Destiny.
  2. I'll play Nightfall with you depending on time. I usually get online around 3:30 MST or so on Tuesdays.
  3. Due to how excited that guy got, I felt like I was intruding on his "personal" time.
  4. I would buy it too for that $200 giftcard, but I would return it the next day unopened to get my initial investment back.
  5. I can't wait. This should tide my wife and I over until whenever Diablo 3 comes out.
  6. On Killzone's website Guerrilla posted a new video of multiplayer. It seems that Killzone 3 will have mechs that are playable. That is going to change the dynamics quite a bit.
  7. The song La Rose kinda messed with my head (in a good way) with all the pitch changes. Their music feels like it should be in a trippier version of Twin Peaks.
  8. Yeah, your correct I also excited to see what Ken has in store for us.
  9. That is what I'm talking about! Throw in some racism and it'll be like playing in the streets of Wyoming.
  10. I like the cartoony steampunk look to the trailer. I hope that Columbia's dystopia is different then Bioshock's dystopia inspired by Ayn Rand. There are so many other socio-political philosophies to create a failed system out of. I like that the playable character is a Pinkerton, maybe I'll be able to bust up the skulls of some Wobblies or hunt down some bandits.
  11. To quote camp (and pre-verizon google): Don't Be Evil.
  12. I am afraid the odd thing is the same odd thing that has always been the driving force of Capitalism. Control the market. I am sure this has everything to do with Google/Verizon wanting to have a large amount of control of the old analog tv frequencies.
  13. Thanks for the reply Dave. The motherboard does support the q6600 (I think that's the one you meant to say), and yes they are pricey compared to the current AMD chips. I guess I am going to wait for the demo to come out, before I go down the road of deciding if it I need to worry about upgrading or rebuilding.
  14. The System Requirements have been announced: Now here is my question, how should I go about upgrading my computer? The current build is: Processor: E2160 1.8GHz LGA 775 The Motherboard can take up to a E7600 Wolfdale 3.06GHz due to FSB being limited to 1066 2 GB of PC2 5300 RAM Video Card is a GeForce 8600 GT 512MB Case has a 450W power supply. I have enough hard drive space and a fine dvd burner so I don't figure I need to change them out. After Civ V is released, I don't imagine myself playing any new PC games until Diablo 3 comes out (sometime in 2014 or whenever). So if you were me, how would you go about building a computer for Civ V and to run Dragon Age Origin on max settings? thanks, michael
  15. I love it. The first game was my biggest loss when my PS3 died. I was playing through it very slowly (collecting everything). I need to get back on that (dark)horse and play it through the end before this one comes out.
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