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  1. The song La Rose kinda messed with my head (in a good way) with all the pitch changes. Their music feels like it should be in a trippier version of Twin Peaks.
  2. The repeated dinging of this game for writing and voice acting coupled with the release of Red Dead on the same day has made me cancel my preorder and slide this game into a rental/cheap used buy situation. I really was looking forward to it (and still am to a lesser degree).
  3. I use my local Bresnan cable service. Bresnan advertises 15mb down 1mb up. My results are the following. Local: "][/url] Kinda Far Away: "][/url] I am pretty happy with the results considering I live in Wyoming.
  4. Awe fuck, I really am gonna miss you Quicksand. I really don't know what else to say. I loved team killing him, sneaking up on him with the chainsaw and just talking between matches. What a bummer.
  5. Merry Christmas Micheal! Wish you and your family the best this holiday season! See you in the new year bud!

  6. I've been listening to Beats Antique, since my wife too me to their concert last month. I also have been listening to quite a bit of dub too (Lee Perry and Augustus Pablo).
  7. This is really sad news. I loved inviting him into GOW, just to get a vitriol reply on how horrible that game is (that was always better than getting taken down by him while playing Ghost Recon). I wish he was still around so I could tease him about Uncharted 2.
  8. My wife and I are pretty excited about it. I like the premise of the film. More importantly, I like that it is Rated R. It seems that most Sci Fi gets edited down to being PG-13. I actually think this could be the movie of the summer.
  9. That's awesome. Those parents are building up a wicked immune system in that little rug rat.
  10. March 5th.

    Emergency Response Alert set off in our African Base. Prepare to gear up and deploy.


    8 days before the virus is released. Are you ready mike. It's Resident Evil time! :)

  11. wooooorrrrkkkkkk. I'll be online tonight if I see then we should play.

  12. Hi mike. Where have you been hiding?

  13. I think I would prefer a console version but I would be happy with a computer release just the same.
  14. I enjoyed all of his Dark Materials. I think that Pullman provides a great alternative to Christian children/young adult fantasy. I never got around to seeing the movie to compare it to the book. I've started reading Matthew Kneale's English Passengers. It's a funny story, where each chapter is "written" by the different passengers on a ship heading to Tasmania.
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