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  1. I lurk on the forum but I appreciate everyone's input. I got a $10 off code for criterion which I don't need. First who reads this gets it. YM1E48
  2. www.gamefanmag.com Gamefan is back. It was my favourite magazine.
  3. I'm selling Batman for $45 shipped anywhere in North America. Paypal is fine. If you need references then just send me an email ewillschick@Rogers.com
  4. Ell


    Firmware 3.1 and itunes 9 are out. 3.1 seems a bit smoother and faster on my 3G.
  5. I ended up answering my own question RE: the rebate in Braveheart--there isn't one in Canada.
  6. Does anyone know if the Braveheart and Gladiator BRs have the rebates for owning the DVDs included in Canada?
  7. Would anyone be willing to flip a package of Warner BRs to Canada? I would pay for shipping through paypal and give you $10 for your troubles. PM me.
  8. I would try a new HD if anything goes wrong again. The HD has been the source of every weird issue I have had.
  9. Last night my PS3 wouldn't even load the browser or start a disc. I eventually reset it and tried to restore everything. That didn't work so I tried reformatting the hardrive and it works this morning. I noticed that it wasn't reading some blu-rays quite so well last week. I ran it all morning and it seems to be back to normal. I have no idea why reformatting the drive worked for me this time nor why it worked after a firmware upgrade killed the ability to read BRs but it does. When in doubt, reformat!
  10. Try formatting your hardrive. I had a similar issue after a firmware update and it was my last resort before sending it to Sony. I never expected it to work but said what the hell and luck for me it did.
  11. If I can just jump in to ask what the deal is with controllers which came with the system? My A button is sticking and barely works. Will they just give me a new controller or do I need to bring the entire system in? Although getting a new system is never a bad thing with the 360.
  12. My pvr cut the last part of lost off. Can someone tell me how it ended? I was at the part where Locke was talking to Richard and Richard wasn't too convinced with Locke's story.
  13. I reformatted my hardrive. For some reason it ended up working and it has been fine ever since. I just backed everything up to an SD card.
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