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  1. i have to agree with you darius that gt3 vs gt4 with the wheel is a world of difference. I have the first wheel GT Force (the one that came out before Driving Force and the current Driving Force Pro) and in GT3 the wheel sucked. It was easier to drive with the dual shock. however, in GT4 the steering wheel/gas/brake pedal experience is so much more realistic and feels right. because of this i'm considering getting the Driving Force Pro since the GT Force doesn't have the direction pad and the x, triangle, square,circle, start, select buttons and it gets annoying.
  2. was playing yesterday on a guy's server that was hosting 16 players flawlessly. he consistently got the most numbers of kills each round. i noticed he had a gun that was absolutely silent. he admitted to having action replay which allowed him to have a silent g6 and carry two primary weapons. anybody who questioned action replay got booted off his server
  3. i'd love to join up with you guys again in socom 2. though i might not be able to play everytime that you guys do, let me know when you'll be playing. my old self can't hang with you youngins like with socom 1 when we played nightly from like 8pm to 2am
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