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  1. I am playing...its OK. I would rate 6/10. Probably not enough to keep me interested long-term. There was speculation that launch would include lots of new content, but that did not happen. There was a patch on launch day that fixed 3 bugs and added nothing new. As it stands, it feels like a hollow shell of a game. Its really a space-sim with a few activities you can do to make money. Trading - nerfed heavily since beta. Trade routes used to give 1000 credits/ton profit, now you are lucky to find 300 credits/ton. Its time consuming and pretty boring to trade. Also the in-game tools appear to be broken. The trade route map does not provide reliable info (it often shows routes that end up losing you money). Frontier has been tweaking this alot lately and there may be some improvements, but overall this is a very boring part of the game. If you like trading, get Euro Truck Simulator. Mining - very tedious. Frontier has said that this system will be getting improved. Right now you blast rocks out of asteroids and then have to fly around picking up the fragments. I tried this about 1 hour and couldnt take it anymore. Missions - the mission system has gotten better. Overall the missions are cookie-cutter. There is not much lore/story involved, which makes all the missions kind of blur together. Exploration - decently fun. The galaxy is a huge place, and only a tiny fraction of systems are populated. Once you get outside the populated space, its a big empty galaxy. You can buy various scanners to collect info on these systems and sell the data back for a profit. I havent done much of this yet, I think its kind of neat to see new systems, but suspect it will get boring quick. Combat/Bounty Hunting - This is where I spend my time. Combat is good fun. There are some annoyances..when you attack wanted targets often the police will show up. They tend to fly all over the place and if you accidentally hit one with a single laser blast you become wanted. The fine is tiny 200 credits, but since you are wanted you can no longer dock at stations controlled by the police faction (or they will kill you). So you have to find an anarchy system or other station of a difference faction, jump there, dock, pay your 200cr fine and come back. This takes about 10 minutes and is very very annoying. Frontier has recently fixed another annoyance...where NPCs would swoop in, get hte last shot on your target and prevent you from claiming the bounty. Now you get the bounty as long as you have attacked the target within 10 seconds of it blowing up (most of the time). Overall the combat system is where I think the fun is. There are different lasers, cannons, missle racks etc so you can outfit your ship however you want. Bounties pay out pretty good, so you can quickly get ship upgrades. I play with a cheap Saitek Cyborg joystick and the controls feel good. Also have played with an Xbox One controller. Both are good.
  2. I caved and bought my way into the beta. Fun so far. Very spread-sheety. Not a whole lot to do. The combat tutorials were really fun, but I have yet to find any similar combat experiences in-game. They have added mining in the new Beta3 release, but I have not saved enough money to buy the necessary tools to do it (mining laser, refinery, plenty of cargo space). I spent a few hours trading. Buying stuff at one star-port, and selling at another. Made about 100k in 2-3 hours. I think the game has potential, cant wait to get oculus rift and try it.
  3. Does anyone else constantly get "Controller Disconnected" errors?? It happens with both of my controllers. I had hoped with all the controller firmware updates that have been released, this issue would be fixed by now. I have been playing Chariot with my daughter and probably every 15 to 20 minutes, one of our controllers will disconnect. It seems to get worse when both controllers are being used at the same time. When I play Fifa by myself, I will only lose connection maybe once per hour.
  4. I am playing more Fifa than anything else right now. Even my go-to game of the last 4 years, Starcraft 2. I got promoted up to Division 3 in Offline FUT Seasons, with my silver squad. I am at the point where I can usually win on Semi-Pro, but the games are close. Still only have 1 win on professional. Transfer Market is now visible on the mobile app, that is kind of fun. You could probably make some money just buying/selling stuff.
  5. I bought this over the weekend....played MyCareer a little bit. Overall it might be a good game. This review seems pretty accurate: http://www.operationsports.com/features/1981/nba-2k15s-mycareer-has-a-rough-start-shows-promise/ I ended up playing more Fifa Ultimate Team this weekend than NBA.
  6. is anyone playing this?? I am on the fence, wish they would release a demo.
  7. Wait...is it really limited to 6 (six!) people per club? What kind of a club has only 6 people! Thats a clique not a club. Should have named it DriveClique!
  8. I have the thrustmaster wheel. Its not bad. There are 2 issues: 1) there was a very high failure rate of wheels early on. Motors were burning up or wheels just stopped working. There were threads discussing this on inside sim racing forums. 2) The included rim is a cheap plastic POS. I ended up getting the wheel and buying the add-on rim (another $100). The F458 rim is much more solid feeling. The included rim feels like a hollow-plastic toy. I had no problems with my wheel failing. It does have one issue that I guess is normal with these wheels...it can overheat and when that happens some internal protection circuits kick in and make the force-feedback basically stop (it starts feeling really mushy). I have had this happen sometimes 5 minutes into a session, which is concerning. The over-heating has only happened a handful of times, and I dont think it has happened at all since the latest firmware. Overall I like the wheel, though I got bored with Forza pretty quickly so I am not using the wheel much now. Waiting for Oculus Rift to release, when that happens I think I will be playing Assetto Corsa a ton.
  9. Watching that gametrailers review romier linked above, the biggest flaw appears to be that the alien is always slowly walking around on its tippy-toes out in the open. Creeping...looking around. The alien just doesnt behave that way "in real life" (aka: the films). In the real world the alien would be lying in wait for you. But I guess that makes a better film than it does a video game. So, swing and a miss for me.
  10. Ars review: http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2014/10/alien-isolation-review-cold-harsh-and-unforgivable/ "Stunning, terrifying aesthetics can't save a stealth game broken at its core."
  11. I dont remember what server I was on, but did play with some HTF guys. My dude had a weapon shop. Character name = Mopadi
  12. I have an aeropress and love it. I also bought a steel mesh filter so you dont have to mess with the paper ones (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00A1GVVMY/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) Makes great coffee, quickly. Even crappy old Folgers tastes OK. Some people are pretty serious about their Aeropresses: http://worldaeropresschampionship.com/recipes/
  13. Thro


    I ended up getting the Damasko from watchmann.com. Have it on a black NATO style band. Really liking the watch.
  14. I seem to have stopped getting bonus cash/packs for logging into the mobile app and FUT website. Is anyone else still getting them??
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