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  1. Selling one SVS PB-2000 Pro 12" Driver Purchased this sub in Dec 2020. Shortly thereafter driver blew. SVS sent me another driver to replace but screws were stripped in sub so they sent me a whole new sub and did not want driver back. Selling for $150(plus shipping)? I have absolutely no idea what a fair price on this is to be honest. Let me know if interested or have any questions.
  2. Ended up ordering The Anthem AVM 60 https://www.anthemav.com/products-current/model=avm-60/page=overview They are coming out next week to get everything hooked up.
  3. Have been in Cali for 4 years and have had all my HT stock in storage due to living in an apartment. Renting a home in February so want to dust the cobwebs off and get this set up(hopefully all is still in tact) I have all Def Tech speakers with built in subs and a SVS sub. The main power source is a Rotel 1095 which I love The preamp I used was a Denon 3801 which I'm certain is pretty outdated in this day and age. Any suggestions for a new preamp to drive the Rotel?
  4. My PS4 was dying a slow death so an opportune time to by the GOW bundle, so on it's way from Best Buy!
  5. Played two games against Dean and online was pretty seamless. We won't elaborate on the outcome though
  6. I will purchase if they have figured out online play.
  7. Loved the Nine Inch Nails interlude at the beginning. Carl is gonna be pissed if they are forced to leave because I think he was about to get his cherry popped. Its also quite evident that even if all zombies were eliminated, the war wouldn't be over. The humans are much more of a threat than the zombies at this point. The zombies are merely a nuisance.
  8. Any prognostications about the potential impending doom, now that the crew is staying at a Sandals Resort pretty much? My only observance of trouble was the husband sitting on a porch smoking a cigarette. Later Rick woke up out of a dead sleep, as if having an epiphany.
  9. I concur Joel. A great start to the second half after a lackluster first half.
  10. Started Orphan Black last night. Hooked in first 5 minutes
  11. Had about 10 extra lbs I couldnt shake and thought I would take up spinning. I have found my self motivation has eroded and now need the structure of an instructor. After 4 weeks of 3 times a week I have dropped 4 lbs while continuing to lift 4 days a week. Spinning kicks your ass in sideways!
  12. Well a solid kickoff to the season last night. They fit quite a bit in to an hour. Flaming zombies!!! Can't beat it!
  13. Just caught premier of "Hand Of God", an Amazon prime production. Really strong first episode. Looking forward to more.
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