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  1. UPDATE AS OF JAN. 7th 2004 my XBox live problem is still apparent and actually on New years day, it happened to 2 more of my friends on my list. these friends are again local to me and I had NO PROBLEMS with them for 2 weeks prior. It literally happened during a 4 hour period of playing with them. I called MS last night, and restated all my problems. The support person contacted his manager and the manager said MS/Xbox has had this same problem with other LIVE subscribers. Actually enough of them to raise the issue and they are looking at what it is, and how to fix it. Right now they are not sure what the cause is. Yesterday on TeamXbox forums another user started a thread with the same exact problem as mine. So I'm at least happy to know its not just me and other people are having this issue. What I would like to ask is that if you or anyone you know has a problem like this, PLEASE have them call Xbox support and log the issue. MS needs to know about this. Alternatively, I would like to know also, as I'm trying to log these cases so that I can keep track of the progress. thanks Chris (powerslide376)
  2. Just a tidbit in regards to how well written and intelligent the books are... eric nylund, the author of the first and third books has a bachelors degree in chemistry and a masters in chemical physics. So when he writes about some of the more 'techy' aspects of the universe it actually sounds like it would work:)
  3. Anyone here read the HALO paperback novels (Halo: Fall of Reach, Halo: The Flood, Halo: First Strike)? I finished the 3rd book last week and I must say it was a great piece of Sci-fi and truly ties in the game and the 3 books to make one complete coherent package. It also creates an amazing lead-up to Halo 2. This is what book/game tie-ins should be like (IMO). First Strike is definately more action oriented then the first book, yet it delves deeper into the mysteries of the Covenant and their hatred for the humans, then the second book. All in all, it also opens up some great doors for the second game. From possible SPOILERS***************SPOLIERS******************SPOLIERS******** other Spartans being alive in the game, to how the Brutes will play a part in the covenant forces, even to Sargent Johnson being back in action! Not to mention the secrets and technology that Cortana now posseses, her seemingly slow move towards mental breakdown and how that may effect good ol' John -117. Anyway, if you haven't read this book or any of the other HALO books, and are any bit a fan of the story, not just the game...I HIGHLY recommend them all. They are easy to read, keep your attention and really open up all sorts of possibilities in terms of story arcs. happy holidays, Powerslide376
  4. best use of the .50 caliber is still in Hitman 2, when you need to make a shot into the UN car brigade. Just a great little mission:-) Anyway, the gun is silly in how unfair it is. I fyou practice just a little, you can run around in the 1st level zoom and make head shots all day long. I actually didn't play Team Survival for about a month becuase of this. As most early matches where strewn with A-holes using the .50 cal and a grenade launcher. which in my mind is as bad as the spawn zone campers in GR. No skill and frsutrating as hell. Lately, the matches I play in Team survival do not allow the .50 cal sniper but DO allow the PSG1, the 7.62MM sniper, which SOUNDS like the .50 cal and can be just as deadly. I see that as being the next outlawed weapon:-) I think snipers should have a movement penalty actually. Or the acuracy should be depleted if they are standing up, moving etc. anyway....I'll keep you all posted on my friend list problems.
  5. in other news...I am NOW able to play RS3 and PGR2 with the one friend I had serious problems with earlier, now that his router is fixed. We can join each others games and talk to each other. We are still experiencing some problems playing a game with our third friend, all at the same time. However, of interesting note..I found this on IGN: "In other Rainbow Six 3 news, an upcoming patch will remedy the .50 caliber issue, as well as Friend List Join bug. The ELO system bug will also be fixed. And no, ELO does not stand for Electric Light Orchestra. " Im very interested in the Friends List Join bug. As I know one of my buddies cannot join my RS3 game, not to mention all the problems I have had in my previous posts related to PGR2. I'm wondering if PGR2 has the same issue and they just don't know it yet? If one game can have a friends list issue, another game can also I believe. things are becoming clearer now:-) Ciccone
  6. Just wanted to udate everyone on my unique problem. As a refresher, my problem is this: I cannot enter the same Project Gotham Racing game with 2 specific friends of mine (who happen to be local to me). I can enter a game with ONE of them, but when the other tries to join, one of us gets booted, or the one trying to join is told they have lost connection. Sooo...we tried this downloaded all current versions of firmware for routers and access points. No help. One of my friends then took his router out of the equation and plugged his Xbox into the cable modem. (Note: keep in mind, we DID NOT have any problems before 2 weeks ago, even playing PGR2, this problem just popped up. No changes were made on our networks by us.). So, I am now able to at least join this one friend (who removed the router) in PGR2, we can talk to each other in PGR2 and RS3 just like before. HOWEVER, i can still not be in a PGR2 game with this friend and the second friend! One of us has to leave in order for the other two to play! I'm so frustrated now. especially since one of my friends took his router out of the mix, and considering this DID NOT happen before. I spoke with MS about this and they are supposed to call me back. the Customer service rep on the phone said he has heard similair problems like this and believes some of the problems are due to geographic locaton and ISPs. I'm not sure what to think. unless the ISP changes something and it effects local players only. I'll keep you posted when i know more. later Chris P.S. I currently use the MN-740 wireless access point with the XBOX and a Linksys WRT54G router.
  7. besides this beast bieing almost as big as the oversized footrest, it has one of the WORST design flaws I have seen. it has controller ports ON THE BACK!!! Heeelllloooooooo...paging Dr. Phantom designer...ummmm why the F*Ck would you put controller ports on the back? So let me get this straight, I want to put the phanton in a steel reinforced home entertainment center, on the middle shelf. But everytime I want to plug a controller in, I need to either A. move the phantom OUT of the shelf to plug in the controllers, or B. somehow find a way to reach behind the entertainment cetner to plug in the controllers, or C. keep the controllers plugged in which makes it difficult to roll up the wires and store the controllers in an out of the way place. that is the worst design since PS2 making onlu 2 controller ports. man, I cannot believe people get paid for this crap. Powerslide
  8. hmmm...also just found out the Microsoft MN-740 wireless adapter for the Xbox has a new firmware release...I guess I need to try that too.
  9. yeah see, hooking my xbox directly into my cable modem is not my ideal situation...A: because I need to get my laptop online with wireless and B. I cannot conveniently run a cat-5 cable up 3 stories of my house to get the Xbox connected to the Cable Modem. I can do it for test purposes but thats about it. I'll have my buddy try unplugging and re-plugging everything in first and see what happens. later Chris
  10. we are on live approved ISP's (Adelphia). I live approx 20 miles from him. We both have Linksys approved routers. We both use Wireless to connect the Xbox to the routers. We both have been playing for 3 months with NO ISSUES, even played PGR3 and RS6 since they came out with no problems until 2 days ago. I have no issues connecting to ANY OTHER Friend. Same thing with him, he can connect to his other friends. its such a strange quirk. you guys say you think its a router issue...can you explain WHAT you think the problem with the router/s could be? considering everything used to work perfect. I have added NOTHING new on my system, changed NOTHING on my routers (until the problem, at which point I downloaded the latest firmware). So unless the router decided to change itself, it should be the same as day 1.
  11. thats the next step, bypass the router all together, but we both use Wireless...since our Xbox's are in rooms too far to run wires. I have the Xbox OFFICIAL wireless adapter, he has the linksys one. my confusion lies in that this problem just occured. I mean, if it was router issues, wouldn't it have happened the first time we tried to play together? Why did it work for 3 months and then all of a sudden happen. ughh...oh well, thanks for the advice again powerslide
  12. well My friend and I tried the firmware fix...and it DID NOT work. Damit. I can join anyone elses games, and its fine. IN PGR2, this specific friend and I cannot race together now. In RS3, we can play together only if someone else starts the game, and then I cannot hear him, but he can hear me. I don't know why this crap is happening, we've been playing for 2-3 months now with no problems and all of a sudden this happens. any more input from you guys? later C-
  13. hmmm, that is interesting....I def. don't run a firewall, but I wonder if one of my friends is now..
  14. so 2 friends of mine and myself cannot seem to play in the same game. If I start a game they cannot both join, they actually boot each other out! If they start a game, the same thing happens. We tried deleting each other and then sending new friend invites and then went to the lobby to chat...same thing. Only two of us at one time. Has anyone else had this problem? (BTW, I had no problems playing with other friends on my list, but even if I joined another buddies game and tried to invite one of the 2 friends mentioned above..same crap, they could not both join.) my friend called MS support and they had other complaints about this, but did not know what it was yet and they are supposed to call him back tonight. Just wanted to see if any of you had this problem. oh, on another note the night before last (Tuesday night), one of those same friends was playing RS3 with me and I could not hear him talk. He could hear me, but I couldn't here him. We tried many troubleshoots but to no avail, he was mute to my ears. last thing MS needs is bugs in LIVE...I hope this is just some stupid easy fix. later Ciccone (powerslide376)
  15. Sam P: sounds good man...but how do I find you all? get your tags from the list and just put you in my friends list? or do you guys post 'meeting times' in another thread? C
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