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  1. This is cool. I already have both a strobe and a smoke machine that I use for Halloween every year, BUT if this can sync into the tracks, for solos and big rock endings I am SO buying this. :rock
  2. The update is up. All the fixes seem to be in place. Load times are gone. The music store is almost awesome. I love the interface, fast and fluid informative. Song previews rock. And it's pretty much impossible to buy a song twice now. So, I have found another 5 to 10 songs I want to download and here is the rub. THERE is no continuing after you start a download, you have to sit and wait it out. This really bugs me. I could be shopping for more songs. Going to get the kids up an see where they moved the pop cap to now. This is going to be a good friday.
  3. You will be happy to hear. It might be a lot less. I called in my pick up on monday. They picked it up the same day and to my surprise I had my replacement on friday. 5 DAYS, I am pretty impressed. The Funny thing is when it first RROD (the day before Halo3) I just went and picked up an elite with my copy of Halo. If I new it would be that fast I probably could have waited. meh, maybe not.
  4. I just picked this one up myself. I just finished the first assassination and despite still finding the control scheme a bit awkward to say the least, I am loving it. I know it's still new to me but I can't see myself getting tired of the side quests and exploring. After slogging thru all the cookie cutter side quest and collection quest in Mass effect, this should be a cake walk. :tu
  5. Funny, I actually tried this rationalization on my girlfriend today. She didn't buy it. Apparently, 2 are enough. I suppose she's right. How old are you kids? I have been thinking about picking this up but I made a mistake shelling out for DDR a couple + years ago, and I don't really want to repeat it. John
  6. I feel like I am starting to get the hang of this now. My fingers still hurt and I haven't made it through all the songs yet on easy. But I now believe I can. Great game and great controller. Shame about the online multiplayer. I'll definitely be picking up rock band now. :rock
  7. Myself and a buddy just got this game as well from a friend at work. I can't believe how bad I am at this. I can see the appeal, but I honestly don't think I have what it takes for this. My fingers hurt, and it's kicking my ass on easy. I'm not giving up yet, but right now I want too. There isn't a online multiplayer? I am a bit surprise by this or am I missing something.
  8. Yup. 150 items, then they force you to convert new items to omni gel. It's been happening alot to me now. You nave to make a point of selling off every thing before you start a new mission.
  9. I think I will have to go for this one too. It will be my first LE since halo2.
  10. Ok I'm done, I looked at it today and said NO... I have way to much to play already. F-it, I am picking it up tomorrow. So much for will power. j.
  11. foos


    Thanks Romar, That really clears things up and gives me some hope. Most sites are saying if it comes 1.1.1 you are done until a new solution is found. I didn't realize that you could have the old baseband and the new firm ware. I still don't have my phone yet as my darling sister decided to express mail it to me. :bh But, it was purchased the same weekend you got yours, and in New Mexico where I suspect the stock sits on the shelf a bit longer than in Buffalo with all the cross boarder demand. So hopefully I'll be fine. Thanks again. John
  12. foos


    Hey Gunner, Which unlock did you use and did it work? I was talking to a friend last night who ran anysim and although it told him it unlocked successfully, he can't make out going calls. I am expecting my iphone any day now and I am assuming it's going to be the 1.1.1 firm ware. If you have a method that works please share. I'd rather not make an iBrick. Thanks John
  13. Brought my copy of Halo3 and Brand new elite home with me last night. (My 360 timely red ringed on sunday night, and I am much to impatient to wait for the replacement.) I opened the box and thought about the idea of having to get on the phone with microsoft.... and said f-it, it's not worth it I am going to bed. Maybe today. Maybe. J.
  14. There is another car pack up in the marketplace now. 400 points for eleven cars. And one free car.
  15. foos


    I read they are changing there minds about this and the apple site should be updated to include gift cards. I am not sure I am totally buying this so take it for waht it's worth. http://iphonewave.blogspot.com/2007/09/iphone-100-credit-itunes-gift-cards.html
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