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  1. VR version is out for PC! And not too surprising, a PSVR version will not be happening: https://www.roadtovr.com/dirt-rally-2-0-vr-support-oculus-rift-valve-index-htc-vive-psvr/
  2. I finally watched Spiderman - Into the Spiderverse this weekend. I assumed based on word-of-mouth, that I would probably like it, but holy shit, it's an absolutely astonishing film in every respect. First of all, the story was really engaging and well put together. As someone who has grown very weary of superhero films (yes, even Deadpool), this was a real delight. It seems designed to subvert expectations, with a wink and a nod toward the genre. It also manages to be very inclusive without being at all forced. Simply great storytelling with great characters. Technically it's spectacular, the animation is very stylized, which could be a distraction, but instead it elevates the visuals to match the great storytelling. I must say, it was absolute projector porn, the 4K image is literally jaw dropping. I swear I said "wow" out loud more than any movie I've seen in many years. The color rendition is hard to even believe. During some sequences, it was like someone had thrown fluorescent ink on the screen and then hit it with the world's brightest blacklight. I'm possibly the last person on this forum to see this movie, but if any of you haven't seen it, you're in for a real treat.
  3. LOL, oh yeah. I'm actually running that too, it's quite nice.
  4. Are you talking about iOS, Mac OS, TV OS or Watch OS? 🙂
  5. And now I've finished S2, which is last season of Fleabag, and I'm as entranced as ever. Simply one of the smartest, funniest, most consistently insightful, and edgy-yet-heartfelt shows I've ever seen. Given that Waller-Bridge wasn't even going to do a second season originally, what she did to evolve the characters and fill out her own character's inner life was just perfect. She managed to wrap up the story lines for various characters in a way that felt satisfying, open-ended, and unforced. I wouldn't mind if she made another season, but I respect her decision to end it and end it well. I look forward to seeing how her prodigious talents unfold on big and small screens in the future.
  6. First time I saw Showgirls was about 10 years ago at the legendary Castro theater in SF, it was an annual showing hosted by local drag performer Peaches Christ. It was the perfect introduction to the film. Most of the audience knew the film well enough to recite the ”classic” lines, and the most notorious scenes (The pool scene, for example) were preceded by uproarious cheers. Such a fun evening!
  7. Although he was in many films, I first thought of his iconic role in Blade Runner, as did the LA Times. I feel kind of dumb not knowing he was Dutch, I always assumed he was German 😟 https://www.latimes.com/obituaries/story/2019-07-24/rutger-hauer-dead-blade-runner
  8. I'll bet is actually looks better than the original since the the vector display on that game was so flicker-happy. The LCD emulation is likely much more stable. That's one of the nice things about running vector games on modern displays, they look absolutely amazing. Same with Tempest on a hi-res display, it's better than the original.
  9. I finished When They See Us last night. I started it a few weeks ago, but found Episode 1 so difficult to watch, I had to recover emotionally to be ready for more. I'm glad I stuck it out, because the story is well told, and I think it's an important topic to take seriously. The judicial system in this country is seriously flawed, flaws that have deep roots that extend well into our past. The disaster inflicted on these children is a much-needed and vivid illustration of how systemic racism isn't just a catch phrase, but a force that destroys lives and strengthens the vicious cycle. It helps that the production values are high, the acting is pitch-perfect, and the writing is excellent...but all those technicalities are sort of beside the point. I believe this is a must-watch show.
  10. Keep in mind the newer phones use HEIC/HEVC so all your (new) videos and photos will be roughly half the size.
  11. just saw this funny article at arstechica about FaceTime in iOS 13. Apple is using the depth mapping of the user's face and AR kit to shift the direction of gaze from the screen to make it look as if you are looking directly at the camera. It's simultaneously creepy and brilliant. Here is a video that reveals how the trick works: https://twitter.com/schukin/status/1146359923158089728
  12. Here is a run I did this morning in Argentina. This is just to illustrate the incredible track design and huge difficulty of the Argentina courses, they are absolutely unforgiving. After barely making it through the previous nighttime stage, I experimented here with soft tires for the first time. They really help keep grip in the hairpins. The main goal is to survive (I'm playing with hardcore damage on, which can take you out of a race if you are careless), the secondary goal is to keep the car above 15mph, because that poor Lancia has almost no torque coming from a standstill, as you can see a few times. I'm still in the lowest car class (1960s), but in the second difficulty level (Clubman). In VR, I always play cockpit view, but in 2D I just cant stand it.
  13. I finally caved in and got this. Partly because it’s dropped to $30 for a new copy (the store I got it at even had the "day one edition" left), but also because I really wanted to see it on my new projector. I’ve only done one class of career rallying so far, but you are right @RudyN, it’s definitely easier than the original Dirt Rally. I was able to take a never-before driven car onto a never-before driven course in free-play mode, and only crash (off course) once, although I did slide into some rocks a few times. That’s unheard of in the OG Dirt Rally, where even after dozens of runs on any given track, the threat of crashing is pretty much ever-present. I had to go in to double-check that all assists were in fact off. It feels like grip is more sure, and you can toss the car around into corners a bit more freely. Also the tarmac physics have been revamped again, for the better I think. In DR they were a mess, in Dirt 4 they were improved, but still oddly slippery. This game feels better. At first, playing in 2D again was a shock. I immediately felt handicapped compared to VR. I still pine for VR a lot, but I'm trying to rationalize this game by accepting 2D is just a different, less immersive style of racing game. And after putting in a few hours, I've readjusted pretty well. Graphically it's a step up from Dirt 4, if not a leap forward (acknowledging that the base PS4 is not the best platform for this game). In particular the lighting is substantially better, in one case, driving in New England there is a volumetric haze when driving toward the sun, with the sunlight filtering through the trees. What is unequivocally better in Dirt Rally 2 is the Force Feedback. Holy cow is it amazing. My wheel (T300RS) is thumping and jolting in ways it never did before. The default settings were super powerful, I had to dial it back by about 20% to get it to feel reasonable. I imagine CM must have spent some quality time tuning the game combo of the PS4 and TR300RS because it's just fantastic. I feel utterly connected to the car and to the roadway. This, combined with the terrain deformation is really something else. Having this quality of FFB helps make up for the lack of VR just a little bit. Oh, I forgot to mention the course design. I haven't raced every single track yet, but I've had experience in each location. Overall these feel perhaps a little less brutal than the DR courses, but much better than the procedural ones in D4. That said, Argentina is pretty damn crazy, twisty gravel and rapid elevation changes and tons of narrow bridges...great stuff
  14. Thats a good question, I don’t know. I’m sure some of the AV-savvy here will know. I’m sort of learning about this stuff as I go. I do know that the cable I have been using is quite old. Possibly as old as ten years, so that’s probably why it’s not up to modern standards.
  15. OK, not that anyone really cares, but I determined that my main 30ft HDMI cable is not rated to 18Gbps, so I've ordered a full set of new high-speed cables. It's nice that the Apple TV has a test for that, I don't believe the receiver does.
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