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  1. Woohoo, small victories. One of my best friends/beer buds texted me a few minutes ago...here is a screenshot West Ashley is one of Sante Adairius' most acclaimed beers. It's a wild ale with Apricots, it's absolutely divine. He was browsing Instagram and saw it pop up in their feed. Texted me, I immediately got online to order, thankfully my phone had their order page in the history, so I went directly to the page and got a 3-bottle bundle ($75 flat including shipping): Literally 5 mins later, it was sold out. Perhaps I should feel a little guilty because I've had a WA in my 'cellar' two years. But I've been holding on to it partly because of how hard they are to come by. Sante has never shipped before, and these bottles don't go to retail, so you had to be lucky enough to be in their vicinity on the day they release. One time we opened a West Ashley and a Cantillon Fou Foune, which is their Apricot Gueuze. Fou Foune is no slouch, it's a damn good beer. But after trying both side by side, I had to admit that West Ashley was even better. At least for those two batches. It was more vibrant, and savory, and the apricot flavor was better inetgrated into the whole. I haven't had either of the other two, but I understand they are also very good.
  2. Yeah, to be honest, I wasn't interested based on the trailer. It was a comment on an NPR segment about shows to watch during quarantine that prompted me to start.
  3. Yeah, I don't think standing is a panacea. For one thing, you MUST have a pad of some sort. And you have to move around occasionally, and change your stance, etc. But definitely for my back, standing is better than sitting.
  4. Huh, I'm on an older OS 10.13, perhaps they changed it on a newer release? Personally, I usually hate the drop shadow, when I'm just taking a screenshot of a window to share, or something. I usually just use the crosshairs to select the window contents. Still, it's curious that you aren't getting the shadow.
  5. I had the exact same Aeron chair as in Kelley’s wife’s studio for a few years at work. Eventually, I had to trade it for a different, fairly generic lumbar chair because the Aeron hurt my back. There were a lot of things I liked about it (the fabric mesh never overheated), but for my body, it was a seriously poor fit. Obviously most folks have better experiences. As you may have noticed from my photo above, I converted my setup to a standing one, which is the best for me. I do have a good office chair at home, but nothing is as good as standing. I’m very lucky that the desk I bought years ago at IKEA is one of the best they have ever made (IMHO). It’s super flexible, with multiple shelf and desk height options (although you do have to dissemble it to change the main desk height) And I thankfully bought all sorts of accessories they made for it at the time. So I have a lot of configuration options. It’s since been discontinued, which is mystifying to me. Also mystifying to me is the name, which even by IKEA standards is strange. It’s called the “Jerker”
  6. I don't know, the 'seam' of the light is definitely continuous to the front of it, just look at the other viewpoints. And I think it must be if, as has been reported, the current VR hardware will work with the PS5. I also hope you can turn it off. I hate that it reflects, even faintly on my projector screen. I have crafted a little shield on the front of mine to block that light. One thing I'm KEENLY interested in is steering wheel support on the PS5. My Thrustmaster T-300 RS is still going strong, and although I haven't looked seriously at steering wheels for a while, it seems to still be a 'current' model and highly regarded. If the PS5 supported it the way the PS4 does (in basically every racing game) I'll be thrilled.
  7. I finished watching "Unorthodox" yesterday. Absolutely engrossing from start to finish, although the full season is 'just' 4 hours long. Due in part to the stellar production values, it has an incredibly authentic feel, topped by a really powerful performance by the lead actress. It treads in some delicate territory, like the clash between fundamentalist religion and oppression to the countering desire for freedom and self-expression, but it treats all viewpoints with a respect that is impressive in its own right. The story is based on a memoir, I won't spoil a thing, but I'm curious if the book continues after the show, because I'd love to see more of this woman's story.
  8. I like it a lot. Curious about the light band that runs over the top, is that only for looks or is it to allow greater range of detection for the VR system? Speaking of PSVR, I haven't followed these announcements closely, but am I correct that no new VR hardware has been announced? What is the consensus on that?
  9. Oh the drop shadow is automatic when you take a screenshot of just one window... which is command+shift+4 then hit space bar and click on a window.
  10. I'm so damn grateful I got fiber now that I'm WFH full-time. Working with large files would be severely painful otherwise.
  11. Not sure if these are common knowledge yet, or not, but here is a link to what I heard is one of the most accurate models predicting the course of COVID cases in the US. It includes expected hospital equipment needs as well: https://covid19.healthdata.org/projections
  12. One thing about my situation is that my mobility is pretty limited right now. My bicycle is my primary mode of transport, I sold my car years ago. About 3 weeks ago, I took my bike to REI for service, but before they could get to it, the shutdown went into effect, so my bike is trapped there until this quarantine ends. I’ve taken the bus to the grocery store, and a local bottle shop that’s managed to stay open, but each time it feels more anxiety inducing. This is one of the reasons I’ve overstocked on beer. I think I’m going to switch to delivery, especially now that I have an option that doesn’t require me to buy 24 cans min.
  13. Best of luck to you and your wife. I can't imagine the stress you all are enduring.
  14. I just went to check, and what Fieldwork is offering for delivery is really phenomenal. They have a lot on tap with now, tons of choices. No minimum order (that I can find), $2.50 delivery charge (I’m about 3 mi away), 2-hour delivery time, Crowlers and 4-packs. Definitely going to be ordering from them! No one else I’ve checked offers anything less than a case, some offer mixed cases, but still a minimum of 24 beers, and the shipping is usually about $25-30. The total cost is still a little cheaper than retail, so it’s not prohibitive except for the sheer quantity. To be fair, I think all the breweries I’ve checked so far are doing statewide delivery, whereas Fieldwork is doing their own delivery (FW employees), local from any of their taprooms. I probably would have already ordered for delivery already, from either Cellarmaker or Sante Adarius, but it’s a bit of a game to get to the ordering page soon enough to get the desirable beer bundle. They sell out fast. The way Fieldwork is doing it is ideal, IMO
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