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  1. Took advantage of the sale, and grabbed this for $20 on the PS Store. I’ve spent about 6 hours in-game so far. Too early to make in-depth comparisons to Dirt Rally, but first impressions are that it’s a very competent and pretty difficult rally game. One thing I noticed right off the bat was how well executed slides are. You can really sense the inertia when your car slides, and the rate of sideways deceleration, feels VERY good. Also clearly superior to DR is how damage affects the car’s handling. If you hit an object hard enough, at the right angle, it will throw off the alignment in a believable way. Graphically it’s not quite as pretty as DR 2. The lighting model is more simplistic, and the textures and lower res and tile more obviously. The jury is still out on FFB. The rumble part feels more simplistic. Although the game always vibrates when you lose grip, it seems like it’s always the same vibration no matter the surface or level of slippage. But it’s useful feedback in any event. Sadly, even on the PS4 Pro, the frame rate is locked to 30fps. Most of the time this isn’t a big issue, but on quick turns it’s apparent. And it’s downright distracting when you start to get a lot of camera shake, for example, when you hit a considerable rough patch, or go off course. Course design, one of DR’s best features, is really quite good in WRC 8. Lots of road surface undulations, some incredibly long stages. And there are way more locations and stages per location compared to DR
  2. I think I probably put more hours into DriveClub than any other game this decade. Such a fantastic blend of arcade with a hint of sim to keep it interesting. Had the online play worked properly from the start, it would likely have taken its rightful place as an all-time classic...complete with a solid sequel or three.
  3. I have, great show, it does look great, but I think Apple is on a whole other level. Although this reminds me that it can be difficult to separate high production values (including cameras, lenses, and lighting) from a HQ stream. I was wondering about that while watching The Morning Show because it clearly is well shot and lit, but I don't think that explains the level of detail. I've never seen so many pores on people's skin in a stream. See is no slouch either. It could be my new gigabit internet connection playing a role as well. That matched with Apple's own hardware (Apple TV) may allow them to scale the data rate higher than 3rd party apps on the ATV. I dunno, just a guess.
  4. I have to say, the picture quality on TV+ is pretty astounding. To my eyes it surpasses all the other major streaming platforms. Morning Show in particular routinely has eye-popping detail. See isn't far behind.
  5. I was starting to get annoyed with how my gear was arranged. Being as I have acquired new synths and never really planned for where they would go, it all expanded organically, but not with any forethought. So I decided to invest in a good synth rack, and at the same time reorganized the entire 'music space' - including raising my IKEA desk to standing level (I use a standing desk at work, it's better for my back). I got a Jaspers rack, they are made in Germany, super solid, and fairly easy to adjust. Here is how everything is sorted out now: I need to reorganize some of the modules in the Eurorack cases, because their placement is awkward for this new arrangement. But overall this setup makes me very happy and more in the mood to be creative vs feeling like i'm wading through piles of gear and a cabling mess. And also, there is now room for more synths 🙂
  6. I watched The Incredibles last night, 4K, HDR10, it looked quite good. I caught some banding in one scene (sky with a fine gradient), otherwise it was a good picture. HDR only stood out in one scene (the first time Syndrome has Mr Incredible detained in the forcefield thingy). I've not got any 4K version to compare it to, so it's hard to judge if it looked as good as it could in this format, but I was happy with it.
  7. Finally, finally fiber came to my neighborhood. I actually ordered it 2 years ago, but the build-out took way longer than expected. Just ran a test: The best part is that it's $25/mo LESS than the shitty service I was getting from Comcast. This is more than 10x faster and it's $50/mo. Sonic is a local provider with a great rep.
  8. I see pretty soon we're going to have to choose whether to post about Apple TV+ here or in an "Entertainment" thread. For now, I'll post here. I just finished watching the first 3 episodes of See and I'll admit I went in with a skeptical mindset, and generally moderated expectations. I've heard a lot about how Apple wanted family-friendly fare, and would not explore more 'adult' themes - but See has a number of key moments that fully dispense with that rumor. Not that this show is as explicit as Rome, or Game of Thrones, but it's not Pollyanna either. Overall I'd say See is quite a good sci-fi show, with a genuinely original style. It's earnest, and perhaps a little overwrought at times, but it contains a number of turns that are a pleasant surprise. Occasionally there are questionable dialog choices, but those are outweighed by the smart ones. Visually it goes from realistically drab to quite stunning, and generally has high production values. The acting is good if not yet mesmerizing. Although one character in particular (avoiding anything close to a spoiler here) is quite compelling to watch. Certainly a show I will continue to watch, although it will need some further character development to really take off.
  9. based on the qualifications in this pdf, that won’t work: https://www.apple.com/promo/pdf/EN_US_ATV+_Promo_TandCs.pdf the second bullet: “Offer cannot be combined with other free trials or offers for Apple TV+.“ edit: I guess that applies to US only. I’d imagine it’s the same everywhere it’s legal to do so.
  10. Maybe I didn’t explain my situation well. Simply due to my ignorance, I didn’t realize that the keynote on Sept 10 was the starting date for the “get a year of TV+ free with new hardware purchase” - I just assumed the starting point would be Nov 1, the day TV+ went live.
  11. I just signed up for my free year of TV+, I was very surprised to see that they back-dated it to last month when I got my iPhone 11 Pro, I fully expected the free-year-with-purchase to start when the service launched, not when it was announced. I haven't watched anything yet, I just signed up on my phone while at work.
  12. Probably will sit this out. I get bored very quickly with expansive games like this unless the story is coherent and engaging and this sounds like it is not that kind of storyline.
  13. I mean making phone batteries hard to replace is bad enough, and I have bought kits in the past to replace iPhone batteries myself, but selling what are effectively disposable headphones is too much. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there is no way to replace the battery without breaking the headphones, yes?
  14. regarding the new AirPods Pro, how does the rated battery life compare to the previous model?
  15. I actually don't follow any real-life motorsports, which is funny considering how much I love racing games. It's also funny because both my parents raced cars, in fact that's how they met. I must have acquired the gene for the love of driving fast, but a mutation that allows me to enjoy said driving from the comfort of my sofa. I did play MotoGP quite a lot, back in the day, but in the end I prefer rally over all other racing genres because of the controlled chaos. Track racing is all about repetition, perfect braking and acceleration, staying on the fastest line. I like that stuff too, but rally is less about perfection and more about making a million decisions per second to stay alive. I find that quite addictive and exhilarating.
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