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  1. Keep in mind the newer phones use HEIC/HEVC so all your (new) videos and photos will be roughly half the size.
  2. just saw this funny article at arstechica about FaceTime in iOS 13. Apple is using the depth mapping of the user's face and AR kit to shift the direction of gaze from the screen to make it look as if you are looking directly at the camera. It's simultaneously creepy and brilliant. Here is a video that reveals how the trick works: https://twitter.com/schukin/status/1146359923158089728
  3. Here is a run I did this morning in Argentina. This is just to illustrate the incredible track design and huge difficulty of the Argentina courses, they are absolutely unforgiving. After barely making it through the previous nighttime stage, I experimented here with soft tires for the first time. They really help keep grip in the hairpins. The main goal is to survive (I'm playing with hardcore damage on, which can take you out of a race if you are careless), the secondary goal is to keep the car above 15mph, because that poor Lancia has almost no torque coming from a standstill, as you can see a few times. I'm still in the lowest car class (1960s), but in the second difficulty level (Clubman). In VR, I always play cockpit view, but in 2D I just cant stand it.
  4. I finally caved in and got this. Partly because it’s dropped to $30 for a new copy (the store I got it at even had the "day one edition" left), but also because I really wanted to see it on my new projector. I’ve only done one class of career rallying so far, but you are right @RudyN, it’s definitely easier than the original Dirt Rally. I was able to take a never-before driven car onto a never-before driven course in free-play mode, and only crash (off course) once, although I did slide into some rocks a few times. That’s unheard of in the OG Dirt Rally, where even after dozens of runs on any given track, the threat of crashing is pretty much ever-present. I had to go in to double-check that all assists were in fact off. It feels like grip is more sure, and you can toss the car around into corners a bit more freely. Also the tarmac physics have been revamped again, for the better I think. In DR they were a mess, in Dirt 4 they were improved, but still oddly slippery. This game feels better. At first, playing in 2D again was a shock. I immediately felt handicapped compared to VR. I still pine for VR a lot, but I'm trying to rationalize this game by accepting 2D is just a different, less immersive style of racing game. And after putting in a few hours, I've readjusted pretty well. Graphically it's a step up from Dirt 4, if not a leap forward (acknowledging that the base PS4 is not the best platform for this game). In particular the lighting is substantially better, in one case, driving in New England there is a volumetric haze when driving toward the sun, with the sunlight filtering through the trees. What is unequivocally better in Dirt Rally 2 is the Force Feedback. Holy cow is it amazing. My wheel (T300RS) is thumping and jolting in ways it never did before. The default settings were super powerful, I had to dial it back by about 20% to get it to feel reasonable. I imagine CM must have spent some quality time tuning the game combo of the PS4 and TR300RS because it's just fantastic. I feel utterly connected to the car and to the roadway. This, combined with the terrain deformation is really something else. Having this quality of FFB helps make up for the lack of VR just a little bit. Oh, I forgot to mention the course design. I haven't raced every single track yet, but I've had experience in each location. Overall these feel perhaps a little less brutal than the DR courses, but much better than the procedural ones in D4. That said, Argentina is pretty damn crazy, twisty gravel and rapid elevation changes and tons of narrow bridges...great stuff
  5. Thats a good question, I don’t know. I’m sure some of the AV-savvy here will know. I’m sort of learning about this stuff as I go. I do know that the cable I have been using is quite old. Possibly as old as ten years, so that’s probably why it’s not up to modern standards.
  6. OK, not that anyone really cares, but I determined that my main 30ft HDMI cable is not rated to 18Gbps, so I've ordered a full set of new high-speed cables. It's nice that the Apple TV has a test for that, I don't believe the receiver does.
  7. I agree. The internet has become one giant echo chamber where people amplify opinions into deafening screams of both agreement and disagreement. Usually it's taking someone else's opinion/idea/creative output, pulling apart some portion of it, with the intent of bending it into something not only more bite-sized and click-baity, but more outrageous, and controversial...rinse and repeat until it's whipped the faithful and/or haters into a froth. It's but one of the reasons I come here so frequently. LCVG is an oasis.
  8. Yes! Season 2 just came out.
  9. If you're clutching pop culture so hard that you get burned by some criticism, perhaps you are clutching it too hard. As a gay man, I have really no strong feelings about Swift one way or the other. I can't see into her mind, so I can't tell whether she sees dollar signs or rainbow flags. I've read some arguments on both sides, and I think they each have a point. In the end, that usually how I feel about heartfelt cultural criticism. And by that I don't mean one-off tweets or rageful FB posts, those just get ignored. I mean considered criticism. There is a place for it, and it may require one to separate from things one loves to see another's point of view.
  10. Thanks Ian! I do have it set to adhere to the content's format. I still haven't looked into the cable situation closely, but I do note that my system can't do 4:2:2, only 4:2:0 which means at least one cable is not up to snuff...so I need to sort that out at least.
  11. I’m also watching it again in anticipation of starting S2. It’s worth watching again because it’s been so long, but moreso because of the dense story and intertwined timelines. Also it looks amazing in 4K.
  12. I really like Song Exploder - which describes itself thusly... "a podcast where musicians take apart their songs, and piece by piece, tell the story of how they were made."
  13. I'm hoping y'all can help me troubleshoot an issue I've been having with my new setup, which I believe is related to the receiver. I've noticed a significant lag when starting a movie/show from within the Apple TV 4K. For example, if I navigate to Netflix on the ATV, and select something to watch, the screen goes black and I can hear the audio begin. A few seconds later, the video will switch on, synced with the audio. If I stop the movie to return to the menu, there is a similar pause to a black screen for a few seconds (and I know the menu is there and functioning because I can hear it navigate if I swipe on the remote). It happens for any 'channel' on the Apple TV, e.g Hulu. This isn't a major problem, but it does get annoying. To help eliminate some possible causes, I connected the ATV directly to the projector and this does not happen. The picture picks up immediately on starting and stopping. So something in the chain between the ATV HDMI out and the Receiver HDMI out is causing this. It's a difficult problem to do searches on because most of the results are for audio delay, and audio sync, which is not the problem. However, I have read that the HDMI cable can be an issue with lagging, specifically low-quality and unsheilded cables. the cables I'm using for the ATV are pretty standard, ordinary ones. I'm also wondering if there is perhaps some settings in the Yamaha that are causing the video delay. Perhaps it is activating some kind of processing that takes a couple seconds to engage? This possibility occurred to me today at work, so I haven't had time to test it yet. Here is the gear: Receiver: Yamaha RX-v685 Projector: Epson 5050ub Apple TV 4K
  14. Last night was the first real quality time I had with the projector after a busy weekend. I rented “Bumblebee” from iTunes (still no UHD player for now). The movie itself was fine. Entertaining, if not engrossing. But OMG the visuals. Absolutely gorgeous. It’s basically like viewing in a quality movie theater (albeit smaller at 100"). I set the pj to cinema mode and the lamp to eco and even with these lumen-dampening, settings it’s brighter, more colorful and more punchy than my Panny. But it also holds the blacks way down. I set the HDR to 7 down one from the default of 8, I liked how it make the image a little more contrasty. I haven't done any calibration, I will likely do some small adjustments myself soon. I'm not a pro, but I do color correction at work all the time, so I have a sense of what an image needs. Any fears I had before that I’d be able to see pixels are long gone. I can perhaps detect them on high-contrast text (e.g. white on black) if I strain, but that's about it. I was also surprised at how much better my plain-jane PS4 looks. I believe the Yamaha receiver must be upscaling it (still trying to figure out how to look into these settings), because everything is significantly sharper and smoother. With this level of improvement, I don't feel any urgency in getting a Pro. In fact, I may just wait for the PS5 at this point. And otherwise the Yamaha has provided a joyful reintroduction to my Dynaudio speakers, which I haven't been able to use for a few years since my Rotel amp died. I spent most of yesterday morning listening to music on them. And to think that I haven't yet seen the best the Epson can output with a quality UHD player, I really couldn't be happier with the purchase.
  15. It's here. For fun I put my outgoing projector on top of the Epson. Needless to say the Epson is BIG. I've gotten it hooked up and have taken a quick gander at some 4K HDR stuff, and oof it's quite beautiful. So much lovely detail. I do have to take a moment to praise the old Panny, though. It provided many years of stunning imagery itself. But the future is definitely here.
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