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  1. Absolutely, that was a big part of the conversation. He says he has access to a place with good ambient daylight. I suggested he go take photos (with any decent camera) of locations in that spot where he might shoot a painting, just to see how the surfaces look on camera...is the light actually even, and consistent.
  2. I have a question for those of you with more wide-ranging camera knowledge. I have a friend who is a painter. He wants to photograph his paintings to create prints from. The prints may be as large as 48" in the long dimension, so fairly large. And he wants them to be detailed, as close to the original as is reasonable. Obviously the color of a print likely won't exactly match the original painting, but that's not a huge issue. I told him he should probably go for a 40MP camera for maximum quality. But as far as specific camera models, I don't know. What he d
  3. I'm honestly not up to date on the latest camera bodies (nor am I aware of your general knowledge, so forgive me if I say things you already know), but I would say once you get into the upper end of enthusiast, or lower end of "pro-sumer" bodies, the lens will be every bit as important. Obviously, for indoor low light, get as fast a lens as you can afford. But make sure the lens you choose is reasonably sharp when opened up. At the same time, beware of shooting super wide open. 1.2 will have such a razor thin focus that you'll likely miss what you wanted to get. Start at 2.0 or 2.8. (that said
  4. I tried to, but I need Moonshadestone, which I don't have. One another note, I watched a video yesterday that suggested the best weilding style for a mage is Caster/Sheild in the left hand and Melee weapons in the right hand. I understand the game is flexible and you can play how you like, but I had no idea that the magic weapons assist your MP refresh, so wielding a caster and a magic weapon at the same time boosts that. Do I understand that correctly? Up until now I've associated R with attack and L with defend, so I've been holding my sheild in L (and my Talisman of God alter
  5. I beat Flamelurker! I died two more times, neither of which got him past 1/3. Then the third time I was more patient. I didn’t stay locked on all the time, which I think was part of my problem before. I timed my healings better, I ended up using 9 Full Moon grasses. Lol. I used more of the space, and crucially, I didn’t get trapped by him for long. Most previous times, I’d end up in a confusing mess of flames and death, trying to roll out, and then he’d swipe and I was gone.
  6. Holy moly. Shit. And I was so excited that CM had gotten the license for the official WRC games. Now who knows what they will end up like.
  7. Ok finished Depraved Cavern, then went through Tunnel City, but the Flamelurker is wasting my shit. Trying to figure out his patterns, but not doing great. It only takes 2 solid hits from him and I’m gone. So I spend a lot of time healing, and also using spice to regen my MP. So I’m vulnerable a lot. I’ve gotten him as far as 50% so far after 4 tries.
  8. I have that. What I don't know is where I can upgrade it. When I go to upgrade at dude at the Nexus, it doesn't show up in the list of upgradables. I had previously upgraded a Scimitar to +4, so it does more damage than the +1 Falchion.
  9. Tried to make it through Island's Edge, but died, and then died again losing my souls, and again. I did get pretty far, but magic character+Skellys+tight hallways are a bitch. No room to dodge. So I went for Depraved Chasm instead. Super impressive level design, and the amazing graphics bring a truly visceral level of grossness to the experience. On my third trip in, I noticed lines of ants crawling over many portions of the level, what a great little detail. The enemies are easier than Island's Edge, which makes me think this is the level I should try to beat next. Although they are sneaky
  10. Oh, speaking of hilariously stupid mistakes... So I killed my human-form body for absolutely no reason.
  11. Haven't been back to Demon Souls since last week, but I went in this morning and polished off the Fool's Idol. It's funny because last week I kept getting lost in the Prison of Hope, doubling back, dropping through the same traps, dying, rinse repeat. This time I found my way through the shortcuts way faster. And I lost some of the anxiety that this game is so good at instilling, so I could think and react a little better. To me that's the main obstacle of the game, overcoming anxiety that clouds judgement and reaction time...that and a basic familiarity with the gameplay mechanics, things lik
  12. There may indeed be mutually reinforcing motives around HBO Max, but I think if one is realistic about the prospects for mass gatherings next year, particularly in the US, it’s not looking good. As I consider the vaccine news, which is undeniably good news, I still keep reflecting on how poorly the US has managed other aspects of this pandemic. We haven’t gotten much right, which could easily continue with the vaccine rollout. I’d be ecstatic to be proven otherwise, but the realist in me says we won’t be packed back into theaters on the regular for at least a year from now.
  13. This much I have gleaned from watching videos on the game. I noticed in my game that Bolitaria is trending lighter now than the other realms. I died once in human form, while farming for souls (I admit it!) in The Island level. Stupid mistake, but those skeletons make you pay for slight errors. Once I learned their routines I was able to make it pretty far into that level, but felt I was on borrowed time...outmatched. So I went for Prison of Hope instead. I'll be glad to be done with that one.
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