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  1. Yesterday I took delivery of a new gaming peripheral designed to help me win more rally stages in Dirt Rally 2, and more generally to assist in any driving game where I use my FFB wheel setup. It's well-made (in America no less), on the expensive side for what it does, and so far seems to be exactly what I needed. I felt more comfortable in teh driver's seat and more able to handle the capricious vicissitudes of a brutal rally sim. What is this magic gaming peripheral? .... A lumbar car seat insert. Some of you already know I have a ruptured L4-L5 disc, and it so happens the position I sit in while using my steering wheel setup is the worst for my condition. I've paid the price a few times for spending too many hours playing driving games. To the point where I can barely walk, and even one trip to the ER. The pain usually sneaks up on me before I'm aware of my poor posture. But lately I've paid special attention to my seating position, and realized that I need something other than carefully stacked couch cushions to maintain an ergonomic position. All of this got me thinking that many of us here are in the first generation of video gamers who will be seniors in the not too distant future. I'm 50, the first game I ever played was an arcade Pong machine when I was a kid, probably in 1975. How will games adapt for older folks? And how will we adapt to the physical and mental requirements of gaming? Gaming is not exactly hard labor, but it does require manual dexterity, extended periods of cognitive attention, and some degree of stamina. In terms of physical input, the work of Microsoft on their input devices for the physically disabled is perhaps a good example of what us elders may be using in our later years. It may end up being a big part of the gaming world to design more such peripherals, which could benefit both the disabled and the elderly.
  2. As I mentioned in the main PS4 thread, I grabbed this while I was trading in my base PS4 for a Pro (it was between this and Spiderman). I should preface this by saying I've never played a Remedy game, and in general I've not played many Metroidvania type games, and indeed I'm pretty terrible when the action ratchets up and I'm faced with multiple enemies. But so far I'm really enjoying this game. Where a lot of story-heavy games lose me either in cumbersome controls or storylines/pacing that don't hold my attention, this one is suffering neither of those for me. But what really has kept me coming back is the mood of this game. It just oozes style and creepiness in an understated way. It reminds me of a David Fincher movie, although some parts remind me of Kubrick too. It has a very well developed sense of place, even if that place is frequently bewildering and unsettling.
  3. On an impulse, yesterday I traded in my launch PS4 for a Pro at GameStop. I intended to get a new one, but they had a used one available. I realize it was a gamble, since I could have gotten one of the jet engine Pro’s, but I lucked out and got a 7215b. It’s not whisper quiet, but it’s not distracting either. The controller looks barely used. I also picked up a used copy of “Control” - but when I got home the first two games I tried were God of War and Tetris Effect. GOW is just ridiculous. It already looked great in 1080, but in 4K HDR with my new projector’s expanded gamut, it’s unbelievable. Likewise TE was eye-popping. I still love the immersion in VR, but the color and razor sharpness in 4K is stunning. I also gave Control a spin. I’ll post impressions in that thread. So far, I’m liking it.
  4. Wow, looks very cool! I had to triple check, Albert's original posts here were almost 2 years ago!?
  5. I spent some time this evening looking at raw output from the iPhone 11 Pro tele camera. This is far from definitive, I didn't spend a lot of time working the RAW file to eek the most out of it. Nevertheless, it is very clear that the native image processing system in the iPhone does a shit-ton of NR, and that hidden in the raw is a lot more detail. Here are some quick comparisons. First the full image, this was shot using Halide, ISO 160, 1/120th sec exposure. The raw image was processed in Photoshop manually (since I don't have an iPhone raw profile for Photoshop...not even sure there is one). After processing the raw, I saved this scaled down version from PS using the Preserve Details 2.0 setting, which adds a bit of edge enhancement. The examples that follow this are from the original, unscaled versions. Here is a 100% crop of the internally-processed iPhone JPG: And finally, this is a 100% crop of the first image (again, manually converted from RAW in photoshop): Yes, there is a lot more noise in the converted raw, but SO much more detail. I used a fairly light touch with the NR, trying to retail as much detail as I could without allowing the noise to distract too much. Don't pay too much attention to the color differences, I was not trying to match the iPhone color, I was just aiming to make it pleasing and roughly life-like. I need to find a good raw processing tool for iOS, so I don't have to jump through as many hoops. I discovered that Lightroom mobile doesn't even have a global NR tool (it does allow for NR using local adjustments and you can apply those to the whole image, but the fact they don't offer a global NR adjustment makes me question the quality of the local one).
  6. I think my favorite new feature of iOS 13 is the grabbable scroll bar handles. It’s so useful when scrolling long screens of content.
  7. Had some more time with the camera. These are untouched out of the camera aside from scaling down. The last two are obviously low-light where night mode came on. The last shot was a 3 second night mode exposure, handheld.
  8. I meant to ask, does the XS preview the portrait effect in real-time? I've seen errors like this on my phone, but because it shows me what the portrait effect will look before I take the shot, like I can try and adjust to avoid them.
  9. If anyone wants to pixel-peek that photo, here is a link a full size JPG (3.8mb)
  10. I walked over to my local taqueria after work yesterday, it was nearing sunset and the long shadows made me stop in my tracks for a photo. This is literally around the corner from my place: The scene was already pretty monochromatic, but this was converted to B&W in the iPhone photos app. Taken with the telephoto camera.
  11. I'm ready to get a little more serious about my iPhone photography. I've seen Dan's posts that he is using Halide, does that seem to be the gold standard for iphone RAW photo taking? Are there others to seriously consider? I have a few downloaded already including Manual and Camera+ neither of those seems to be updated for the Pro (and neither stuck with me for day to day use), whereas Halide is already supported and they seem to update it frequently.
  12. The iPhone Pro has landed, so far so good. Restored form an iTunes backup which took about an hour. Then updated to 13.1 Some initial observations. I didn’t realize this phone is larger than the 8. I knew the screen was larger, but the phone itself is wider and taller. Not sure how that escaped me after 3 versions in the same body, but it did. The midnight green is a very cyan green. In some light the band has a distinctly blue cast. I’m fine with it. The screen is gorgeous. Switch to dark mode, and black UI elements just blend with the bezel. I’ve seen a lot of Samsung OLEDs and I always found the color rendition to be painfully saturated. The iPhone is far more subdued and natural. Adjusted quickly to the lack of a home button. The fact that there isn’t even a spot to accidentally tap on helps dissuade one from even trying. So far the cameras are a delight. Fast and fluid to work with. Have taken some side-by-sides with the 8 and especially in lower light the difference is immediately noticeable. the speaker sound quality is excellent. The 8 was already pretty good. But the Pro is great.
  13. Well what a difference 2 years makes! I feared Fleabag would founder into obscurity after it seemed to garner mediocre reviews on Prime (I think the star rating at the time was just over 3). Finally, the critics and awards shows have recognized the brilliance of this show and of Waller-Bridge. The Emmys for acting and writing are absolutely deserved (although I wouldn't have faulted the show if JL Dreyfus won a comedy acting Emmy again). The only short-change I think is not recognizing the supporting actors, in particular Sian Clifford who plays her sister.
  14. I'd say wait, based on my experience with the beta on my iPad. The 13.1 beta immediately corrected a bunch of issues (compared to the 13 beta), particularly with Safari.
  15. Something just occurred to me. How do you activate Siri on phones without a home button? Do you have to say “hey Siri”? While not the biggest deal in the world, I think that would be annoying.
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