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  1. Ah interesting topic! I only played a little Hotline Miami, so I don’t really remember the soundtrack, but I think I get the gist. Some cool tunes in here already. I’m a big fan of Com Truise, who makes music in this vein. His latest album is pretty great. As a huge synth fan myself, I’m super impressed by his sound. Superb production from top to bottom. Here is one from his latest:
  2. I looked around to see if this had been posted, I didn’t find it. I must say I’m really intrigued.
  3. Finally was able to look at the new iMac specs. I know it’s a bit backward thinking, but I’m very sad to see spinning disks go. I really like having a capacious internal drive on the iMac. And, to me, the fusion drive really performed much better than a normal drive. Now, decent internal capacity is a fortune. Oh well.
  4. I just watched The Business of Drugs Ep 5 on cannabis. It’s probably the best exposition of the current state of legalization I’ve encountered. As usual, the episode covers a lot of ground, from the plight (and flight) of Humboldt outdoor growers, to the increasingly unjust situation of having so many people of color jailed for moving the same plant that lots of people, overwhelmingly white, are making a lot of money on. The overall gist of the episode rings true. One of my closest friends had a fully permitted grow operation for 10 years in Oakland during the medicinal years. Very soon after legalization passed (and way before it went into effect), he sold his operation, which surprised me. I asked him why, and he quite presciently said everything was going to change and the little guys would get squeezed out. I wouldn’t be surprised if the folks who bought his operation are no longer in business. It was sizable as a pre-recreational operation, but tiny compared to what is going on now, which the show covers quite well.
  5. I'm still rocking my Late 2012 iMac, which I had upgraded to the i7 at the time. And now that I'm working at home, I use it for daily image, video and layout production work and it's remarkably quick still. The writing is on the wall, though. Especially with the upcoming transition, I'm not sure if I want to have the last Intel rev, or hold on for everything to be smooth on the Apple Si end...
  6. The last 2 weekends, the "30 glorious rekkids" turntable warming card has gotten a few more letters crossed off. Last weekend Walt quite surprised me with 3 records for letter C, The Cars: And last night, he showed up with this treasure, the S1 Killing Eve soundtrack!
  7. Same. I started last week and watched ep 4 a few days ago. I like how it steers clear of moralizing and sensationalism (for the most part) and focuses on the reality on the ground, both for manufacturers, dealers and law enforcement. Delving into the ethical and economic issues at each step. I really appreciate the global scope of the show too, not really focused on the US, but internationally. Although the set of issues covered are really universal.
  8. Oh believe me, I always try to frame shots level, but very often, what I swear is level in the viewfinder is not once I see the shot on a big screen. Even when shooting something as clear-cut as the ocean, my level is frequently off. But if I’m shooting architecture with my 17mm TS, I’ll use the camera’s internal level to try and get it right in the camera, which with a lens/subject like that is pretty critical. Level is one of the first adjustments I’ll make in Lightroom.
  9. A beautiful scene! Personally, I’m sensitive to landscape shots being level (almost as much as architectural shots), and I can’t tell if your shot is level, which kind of confuses my brain. The cows look to be standing upright, but the horizon looks like it’s rising to the right, which causes a competing interpretation thing in my head. I’d be curious to see if it was rotated a bit to the left, if the cows still looked naturally planted on the ground, and the horizon looked level.
  10. Oh, and I keep forgetting to call out the stunning work of Ben Frost on the soundtrack to Dark. Perhaps what is most impressive is how seamlessly the visuals merge with the soundtrack. I think one of the reasons I consistently forget to bring it up is because the music blends in so well, it feels inseparable from the existential angst of the story. I've been a fan of his for for over 10 years, his earlier work is a bit more in-your-face, but conveys the same unsettling feeling of dread that is all over Dark. Also, as long as I'm talking about audio, the 'clock tick' transition sound is a tiny little stroke of genius.
  11. I just finished watching Dark S2 again in anticipation of starting S3. I did the same before watching S2. It really rewards a re-watch like few other shows, simply due to the subject matter and how you flip around in time. But it also reveals the mastery of storytelling at another level. I’m not sure when I’ll start 3. I’m not in a huge rush. As I was watching 2 again, I realized how “real” these characters had become, and how I will genuinely miss experiencing the emotional rushes this show can bring alongside the intricate clockwork of a story.
  12. I took break from music making, during which I decided I really want to get back into using the modular more. As much as I love the control I have using the Deluge and standard synths, I miss the happy accidents and organic feel of the modular. There is a sense of exploration and discovery that is harder to find in a pre-wired synth, and impossible to avoid on a modular. But as I started back using the modular daily, I realized that my 'new' rack setup (new as in last fall) wasn't quite right. Having the modular cases at just above waist level meant my head was hanging forward and I was getting neck aches after 30 mins. Getting old is fun! I decided I could only continue doing this if I moved the modular cases up. Thankfully, the investment in a quality rack made this fairly easy to accomplish. After moving things around a few times, I settled on this. For scale, eye-level (while standing) is right about where the blue bungee cord wrapping around the small case is. The large cases are at chest height, which means no craning my neck as I patch. And yes, I'm very much aware of the synth-sized hole in this setup! I have no plans to fill it yet, maybe next week!
  13. Completely off-topic response to that video, but the audio dropouts in his VO are driving me absolutely bonkers. It's just short of physically painful to listen to. EDIT: Like WarioWare!
  14. Likewise, I've seen them being promoted, but haven't seen one in person yet.
  15. So after changing the cables, and moving it the audible artifacts went away? Maybe in moving it you made it more level? Speaking of cleaner, what cleaner (system) do y'all recommend? I was surprised to see that Discwasher is still around and apparently still the best? Anything else I should consider?
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