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  1. also: https://twitter.com/JackThePoolBoy/status/1318641002391822336?s=20 Hmm, why isn't that embedding?
  2. my crowler is long since gone, but I think that’s the size The Rare Barrel uses for their crowlers. It certainly looks about that same relative size. On a different note, if y’all noticed the Stone Xocoveza 6 pack in my pic, and you have access to it (I know it’s even brewed at Stone’s Berlin location), don’t bother. They seriously fucked with the recipe. What used to be a beautiful, rich stout, with chocolate and pepper heat is now really tame and pretty thin. Last year’s was like this too, but I gave it another shot because of how good it used to be.
  3. I have a fairly sizable collection of glassware from various breweries, I've broken a number of them. (protip: Glasses with brewery names/logos on them are great for beer gatherings, that way everyone has a unique and identifiable glass). I try to be philosophical about it since glass is so breakable, but it's always disappointing when it happens (particularly the irreplaceable ones, like a 1997 Anchor Christmas Ale pint glass, 😭). In some ways, it's better to think of them as temporary possessions, at least if you plan to use them and not just lock them in a display case. I don't have any ste
  4. The BF and I went on a 9-day road trip up to Washington state last week. The goal was Olympic National Park, which I’d not been to before. But the timing was partly to grab some of Fremont Brewing’s yearly release of their Dark Star Barrel Aged stouts. It was my BFs idea, actually. I do love me some BA stouts, but he’s fanatical about them. We didn’t spend more than 1 day in any place except Olympic, which was 3 days. But we made sure to hit our favorite breweries in each location. The route was a loop. Up highway 5, looping around Olympic, and down 101. On the way up: Po
  5. Just read that Dirt 5 has Sprint cars, awesome! I really liked that World of Outlaws game on PS2, 100% edge of the seat driving experience. I'll grab this for PS5 for sure. I hope the FFB is implemented well.
  6. Now that I’m back home, I’ve had time to read-up on the new iPhone line. Kinda glad I’m not looking for one as I know I’d be miffed at the bonus camera features on the Max. I tried talking myself into a big phone when the 7 line had similar disparities, but I just knew the large phone would be problematic for me. All the more reason to wait for the 13s.
  7. Just back in civilization after being engrossed in Olympic National Park with no cell service (a blessing) for 3 days. The 12 Pro looks great. I do like the design harkening back to the iPhone 5. Definitely won’t be upgrading this cycle. My 11 Pro is still fantastic. The cameras still consistently impress. And the battery is going strong. In fact this may be the first iPhone I’ve had that after a year still provides plenty of battery life. Bring on the 13!
  8. I went to the link, but don’t see this graphic. What’s the asterisk “*PS5” for under SN850?
  9. Also, kind of like how Memory Stick prices stayed high for a while after the PSP was released, it's probably best to wait until the initial rush of demand is over. I remember I waited a long time before buying a large Memory Stick (until I absolutely needed it) and I was able to afford a huge capacity by that point. Initially, the asking prices were outrageous.
  10. My sense about it feeling more natural vertical vs horizontal is all about the white panels and the sweeping curves. Those two elements suggest a flexible maybe even paper-like material which conceivably could hold that shape if propped up vertically, but would fall flat if laid down.
  11. Finished Raised by Wolves over the weekend, overall I liked it, but it does falter as it tries to tie up the story (I actually didn't even realize it's intended to be a series, I thought it was a miniseries). On the good side, the performances are exceptional, even the child actors. Also on the good side, it's high concept sci-fi with a lot of style. On the down side, the story gets muddled in the last 1/4, at at a couple of points laughably so. I'm sure I'll stream S2 to see if it can rescue itself, but the ending took the wind out of its sails a bit, even as it raised the stakes considera
  12. Super happy that they added cycling directions. I tested them yesterday on a route I take to a beer shop about 30 mins away, and it does exactly what I wanted...avoids the car congested boulevards, and uses neighborhood streets instead.
  13. Makes me wish Sony would do a sequel to DriveClub. I remember that it was DoA, but it came around so beautifully after a few months, and became a classic IMO.
  14. OTOH, Arstechnica's preview sounds like VR on the PC is a bit of a mess at the moment
  15. Yeah if I’m not mistaken, Housemarque was pretty close to bankruptcy. They bet big on Nex Machina and it didn’t sell well enough. Huge shame because that gem is one of the finest arcade games ever made. Probably my most played game in 2017. I’m very hopeful for this, although I’d love to see a sequel to Resogun.
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