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  1. Finally caught up with The Expanse. Season 5 is the best one yet, IMO. I was pretty disappointed with S4. While it did come together in the end, I felt like there was a lot of filler. But not S5! I loved all of the character arcs, which were quite varied. While not all were at the same depth, the character development was great. I think the writing is sharper than ever. Wasn’t quite ready for the gut punches that showed up. I was brought to tears, which I wasn’t expecting from this show. Very much looking forward to S6. Thank god this show was rescued.
  2. Yeah, this is the first time I can recall that at 2 years of owning an iPhone, I'm not really clamoring for the new one. A big part of that is the battery improvements made in the 11 Pro, unlike previous iPhones at 2 years, the 11 is still holding up admirably in terms of battery life. It's not as good as new, but it's more than good enough. My previous phones were basically limping along at the 24 month mark, so much so that I had replaced the battery in some of my older phones. And the reviews for the 13 pretty much universally emphasize the incremental nature of this upgrade. I'm fine waiting for the 14 at this point.
  3. I’d like to go back there, I was on a fairly tight schedule. We needed to get to Great Basin to set up camp before dusk. I basically did a “greatest hits” kind of tour. But I think there’s plenty more there to shoot. But glad we got to see it. Thanks all!
  4. Recently got back from a 16-day, 3,200 mi road trip with my boyfriend. While this trip was centered around 5 national parks in the west, along the way we managed to also stop at some points of interest. One of the first was in Ely, NV, at the Nevada Northern Railway museum. It's a working museum, so while I roamed the repair shop, there were a number of workers actively performing maintenance on the trains. Amazingly, for about 90 mins, aside from the workers, I basically had the place to myself to shoot photos.
  5. Yeah. I really really wanted to like Sense-8. I did like approx 50% of it a lot, but then it would jarringly hurtle into cringe-land for the other 50%. I couldn’t take the whiplash.
  6. New stuff today. To sum up: bigger, smaller, better, faster, easier, rack focus, Dolby Vision.
  7. I started streaming with Rdio, it had a far better UI than Spotify IMO and a decent enough collection. Neither had a lot of the more obscure artists I listened to at the time, so my choice came down to IU. When Rdio folded, I stopped streaming altogether. I resisted subbing to a new one for years, so I missed the Apple Music growing pains. Then maybe 1.5 to 2 years ago I signed up with Apple Music and I like it. I like that it keeps all my burned music, which includes a lot of things not even in their library, I like having access to all of it from my phone without needing it to be on the device. I was recently on a 2 week road trip and was introduced to their infinite play feature (I didn't even know it existed). I played an album, and after that ended, it riffed on the album and just kept playing related music. It was very cool. I heard a lot of stuff I didn't know. I suspect Spotify has something similar, but it was new to me. I do fear what might happen should I unsub. Like the potential for deleting my local burns that overlap with their library. But I do have a backup of my local library should that day come to pass.
  8. Kinda related to this thread. I have tickets to see Com Truise in SF tonight, but with the resurgence of Delta (I call it Delta Skelter), I’ve decided not to go. The venue is requiring proof of vaccination, but even then it just feels like a bad idea to gather en masse indoors right now. Was really looking forward to this show. Just came here to commiserate a little.
  9. I've spent the first couple days of this work week retouching images from a photoshoot my company arranged. As I've worked on making masks, I found myself continually impressed by the IQ of the photos. Super clean and detailed, no weird edges or lens blooms around high contrast areas. So I checked the file info. The photographer used a Phase One IQ3 100MP camera with a Schneider Kreuznach 80mm LS f/2.8 lens. So wonderful to work with quality like this. That is all.
  10. Just listened to it. I always like hearing Housemarque talk about their games.* They are very smart and down to earth in general. I will say that it's kind of bittersweet to hear Krueger talk about story development, and how that drove the gameplay to a large extent from the beginning...while realizing my chances of seeing the ending are near zero at this point. And that realization (which has been creeping up for the last few weeks) deflates any interest in the story that had been building. I'm not even a little bit interested in reading up on it if I can't see it for myself. It's a shame. I imagine a rather large chunk of people who have played the game are in the same boat. *I also watched the documentary "Name of the Game" a while back, about the making of Nex Machina, worthwhile for fanboys
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