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  1. It sounds great, Keith! I've never heard this song before, but she's got a good voice! I really know nothing about recording vocals, so I'm not sure I can help much. At various points, I think I can hear the room that she's singing in, room reverberation. It might compound that issue, but I would try adding reverb to the vocals to add space...the rest of the track is fairly spacious, so it might help blend the vocals and music together more. To expose my ignorance of vocals even more, I wonder if you'd considered recording another pass of the vocals to layer in. I think what I hear in a lot of
  2. As long as the bezels are very small, so the machine doesn't take up much extra space, I'd be OK with 32" - but I think I'd prefer 30" I'm super excited for these new machines. I've almost gotten to the point where a new computer just seemed like a perfunctory purchase, compared to years ago when it was a major event. With these new AppleSi machines, that 'event' status has partly returned...assuming the desktop class chips impress like the portable ones did.
  3. Speaking of compression, earlier this year I came across this guy's videos. He designs compressors and other audio processing gear, both analog hardware and software emulations. A lot of his videos are really excellent discussions of mixing techniques. But this particular one about how to hear compression is easily one of the best explanations of what compression does to your sound. This is specifically about drums, but I think it can be generalized to some extent to compression itself. And, of course the video also functions as an ad of sorts for his plug-in Novatron. I downloaded a demo over
  4. Fascinating discussion. Thanks Keith for asking the question, and thanks Albert for sharing your detailed knowledge.
  5. Been working on something that predates the arrival of the Prophet. Since then, I’ve spent a lot of effort tearing the track apart and putting it back together with the Prophet as the centerpiece. Although the mix needs help—there are 7 sound sources not including percussion, which is a lot to find room for—the sheer sparkle of prophet still shines though. A healthy dose of reverb doesn’t hurt. A work in progress. IMG_2903.MOV
  6. Thanks! I passed that along to him. I'm not sure exactly where he's at, I haven't spoken to him in a few weeks. I did a FaceTime with him to give him an overview of how his camera works...yes, he's starting pretty much from the basics. He got a pretty good deal on a used 40MP Canon (can't recall the model at the moment) DSLR.
  7. Been waiting for many months for this to become available. Mine finally arrived today! This is a reissue of arguably the most iconic synthesizer of all time, the Prophet 5 (this new one comes in a 10-voice variant, hence "Prophet 10"). Obviously I got the version without the keyboard attached. If you've never heard of the Prophet 5, rest assured you've heard its sound a lot. It was all over music starting in the late 70s into the 80s until digital synths took over, and people foolishly started throwing away their analog ones. When I first heard they were reissuing the P5 using the same comp
  8. I also think Apple never really wanted to do an iMac Pro. I think it was a stop-gap done out of necessity to staunch the bleeding caused by a large number of users (or rather a large number of coveted, high-end users) moving away from the Mac to Windows for better high-end GPU support. IIRC at the time they had no high-end Macs that could compete, the totally redesigned Mac Pro was a long way out. The fact that they announced the Mac Pro more than a year in advance is another un-Apple thing they did for the same reason...to try and stop a mass migration of higher-end users.
  9. I'm happy that I've held on to my 2012 iMac, given how things appear to be shaping up with the Apple Si hardware. This machine still does what I need, when I need it, most of the time (the upgrade to the i7 was prescient). Definitely shows it's age at times, but I can easily hold out another 6 months or so. I never imagined when I got this machine that it would likely be my last Intel Mac. I think given the seamless path by keeping everything on one chip, and the iMac's already limited upgrade options, that pretty much seals the deal. In fact, I expect the new iMac design
  10. Oh I don't find the uncertainty that bothersome. If it's real, then I don't see it as a "Karen" moment really. In that case, it's a woman really freaked out by some dudes who I presume had been tailing her for a while. She had the ovaries to confront them, even though that's perhaps not the wisest decision. I agree that if it's fake it's well done, but I'm not at all convinced it is. To me a "Karen" is a woman who publicly explodes with a shockwave of entitlement. That's not what I see here, if it's real. Embrassing, and dumb? Absolutely. But entitled? Not really.
  11. Seems staged to me. The reaction where she says "what are you talking about?" just feels off and rehearsed...when someone says "there's a thing hanging out of your car" - you don't look at the person and say "what are you talking about?" - you look at the car. Also, how in the hell did she miss not only the bright red pump handle, but the 6 feet of hose on the ground as she got out, and approached them?
  12. Over the weekend, JPL got 30GB of data from Perseverance. The show-stopper is the first-ever video footage by a craft of its own EDL. They strung them together to coincide with the real-time announcement of the EDL stages. Apparently all but one of the cameras worked (they had redundant backups), not bad for commercial cameras, just slightly ruggedized for space travel. Also, during the press conference, the EDL manager hinted that there is some kind of encoded message in the pattern that makes up the parachute. I haven’t looked, but I imagine someone has it figured out.
  13. I’m almost looking forward to the video, taken from the rover, of it lifting off as much as anything else on this mission. That’s going to be some cool footage, assuming all goes according to plan.
  14. Staying on topic, here is a cool video exploring the science behind the drone onboard this latest Mars mission. I remember reading about this idea years ago, and then I forgot about it. Really amazing technology.
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