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  1. I guess eventually this will become passé, but for now every arrival is a little celebration. Starting to get some old favorites into my budding collection. Today's arrivals:
  2. Subtitled for me. I just hate dubbing. I’m not even the fastest reader, I find it hard to keep up at times, that’s how much I dislike dubbing. But I’m pretty sure someone here, I can’t remember who, said they thought the dubbing was good. I wouldn’t know. Haha.
  3. Was just contemplating starting S3. It snuck up on me this time. Last year, just before S2 started, I watched S1 again to reorient to the dense, intertwined storylines. I only watched S2 once, so I’m feeling obligated to watch it again to better prep my brain. But, new episodes! Hard to resist. If I recall, S3 is the final season, I have high hopes for the conclusion...or maybe high hopes for the beginning...
  4. Yes. It’s hard for me to make an apples to apples comparison since I haven’t used my full size speakers (which are now my vinyl output) for a number of years. But I was quite impressed with the sound. Good sound stage and instrument separation. But what I noticed the most was the definition and clarity of Yorke’s vocals.
  5. After 3 months of not being in each other's presence due to COVID, my BF Walt and I reunited 3 weeks ago, then the following week I got my turntable. So this past Friday, I got a little surprise when he showed up at my place for the weekend. He had prepared, as he called it, a 'turntable warming' gift. Or, what I would soon find out was the first installment of a series of such gifts. The biggest surprise was the original Tron soundtrack, which was the first soundtrack I owned back in the early 80s. I think I lent the album to a friend and never got it back. It is a soudtrack very near and dear to my heart (I did buy it on CD when the 20th anniversary editions came around). Having this record back is such a nice feeling. The Radiohead OKNOTOK special edition of OK Computer fairly knocked my socks off. I knew he had it, but I didn't know that he had two copies! We listened to it over the weekend and it sounds fabulous. And I was also delighted by the Kraftwerk, an album I only ever owned digitally (a download). Having the original artwork is so cool. The ink used on the cover is day-glow like a tennis ball. I laid them out this morning for a photo op.
  6. Haha. You got me. Now I’m reminded of people talking about how PSVR is only $300. Although, in my defense, no one is going to buy a PC and VR setup for this, it’s going to be something people will dabble in after they get bored of Beat Saber IV.
  7. Wow, and here we are, back where we were in April. It sure looks like tomorrow may break a one day record of new cases in the US. It seems like we are on the precipice of a much worse outbreak, given the degree of pandemic fatigue, or just outright idiocy in the form of resistance to mask-wearing. Sorry if that offends, but really, if people can't give the slightest damn about the well-being of other people in their community, they really don't deserve to be part of one. Some people are calling this the second wave, but I don't think it's accurate, we never got close to the end of the first one.
  8. Yeah, i noticed the copyright afterward...but I still think they have an 80s look.
  9. Wow, those are amazing. My mom was a model for a while, I have some of her glamour shots, but they are in an older style, black and white (late 50s). Those are so 80s it’s hilarious. But good for your dad for doing that.
  10. As I read this I flashed (which is honestly the first word that came to mind!) on the trainwreck that is “Tiger King” My intuition is that Ham is full of shit, but it’s hard to say. The story ends on an unexpectedly sweet note.
  11. OK, it's official. Since I'm working during the stream, I may have missed it...did they say which Mac models will be using "Apple Silicon" first? I assume it's not an across the board change over from Mini to Mac Pro. I'm still running my 2012 iMac, which is still going very strong, but the writing is on the wall. A new Mac is on my horizon. It will be interesting to see how these new processors stack up.
  12. Wow, Foundation looks like it could be great.
  13. Fucking finally they have cycling built-in to maps. And they've added some great features around that.
  14. So this happened. I can’t blame any of you, though, that lays squarely with my BF who is a huge vinyl collector, upwards of 15k records. My resistance has slowly worn down, and in fact has inverted into enthusiasm after being around records and in record stores again (we always hit up local stores when on road trips). If you asked me 5 years ago if I’d buy a record player, I’d have to check myself from laughing in your face. And yet here we are. Oddly, this is now the only dedicated music player in my house. My CD player died years ago (at almost the same time my old amp died, both Rotel, probably wouldn’t buy a Rotel product again). So far, I have to say I’m impressed with the sound. It’s the first time my floor standing Dynaudio speakers have been used for anything other than compressed audio in years, and I’m reminded why I Irresponsibly splurged on them back in the day.
  15. The first landmark I recognized in the trailer was the Palace of Fine Arts, which at that moment I thought was coincidence. Then as it went on, I realized it was SF. Very cool.
  16. I’m leaning toward preordering a PS5. We’ll see as the time comes. I waited 3 months to get a PS4, and that was after skipping the previous gen entirely. Some of my enthusiasm will depend on FFB steering wheel support. If my current wheel (T-300 RS) is supported, then that makes it an easier move. Actually, I’m curious, not being one who follows console launches super closely, can we expect Sony to announce peripheral support for the platform, like FFB wheels, before launch, or is that something that will happen as part of the announcements of specific games (GT-7 most likely)?
  17. Not a single paper bill has moved into or out of my possession since March.
  18. I saw this on reddit yesterday, VERY cool idea. A modular synth in VR, still in development. There are software modular synths (VCV Rack), but I've personally never been interested because I feel it would loose all of the advantages and joy of working with a modular, but THIS is much closer. The spatial quality and the physical act of patching are there. The tactility of actually turning knobs, and moving sliders wouldn't be the same...but as a device for exploring modular (especially without sinking $$$ into it), this could be extremely cool.
  19. I haven't paid that close attention to Sony's plans, is the PS5 100% SSD? If so, that kind of inverts the cost proposition if they plan to offer more capacity on the digital model. Although, again, I'm not really current on the cost of SSDs and where the sweet spots are. Maybe they could do that.
  20. Anyone know what part of the livestream was focused on audio? I watched some of it live, but was working from home and had meetings so I had to tune it out for significant portions. I’d like to see what they were talking about, but I don’t want to watch the whole thing again.
  21. Do we know what ports are on the back? I’m curious mainly because of the port juggling I had to do with the original PS4 with a wheel and external storage. Not the end of the world, but I made sure I had all my racing games installed on the internal drive because the wheel automatically ate up a port. I’m guessing wheels will remain wired peripherals so having physical ports matters.
  22. The one that lines up the disc port on XSX and PS5 is interesting, it implies that the PS5 is rather larger...and just eyeballing the size of that port on the PS4, it looks significantly larger than that too.
  23. It just occurred to me that the PSVR is really the first PlayStation hardware to use this design language. I mean look at it, it fits right in
  24. Also wondering if the lower price point will effectively drive up the cost of the full-featured unit... EDIT: AKA PlayStation 5, starting at $499
  25. It's pretty damn elegant. It looks better standing IMO. I wonder how well it will age.
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