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  1. I've spent the first couple days of this work week retouching images from a photoshoot my company arranged. As I've worked on making masks, I found myself continually impressed by the IQ of the photos. Super clean and detailed, no weird edges or lens blooms around high contrast areas. So I checked the file info. The photographer used a Phase One IQ3 100MP camera with a Schneider Kreuznach 80mm LS f/2.8 lens. So wonderful to work with quality like this. That is all.
  2. Just listened to it. I always like hearing Housemarque talk about their games.* They are very smart and down to earth in general. I will say that it's kind of bittersweet to hear Krueger talk about story development, and how that drove the gameplay to a large extent from the beginning...while realizing my chances of seeing the ending are near zero at this point. And that realization (which has been creeping up for the last few weeks) deflates any interest in the story that had been building. I'm not even a little bit interested in reading up on it if I can't see it for myself. It's a shame. I imagine a rather large chunk of people who have played the game are in the same boat. *I also watched the documentary "Name of the Game" a while back, about the making of Nex Machina, worthwhile for fanboys
  3. I went into the Summer of Soul pretty blind. Only having heard a story about its release on NPR. Likewise I don’t know about the Sparks Brothers doc until you mentioned it, so thank you. I mentioned it to the BF and he was quite excited about it. So I suspect we’ll see it next weekend.
  4. It’s on Hulu and in theaters at the moment.
  5. Watched Summer of Soul (...Or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised) last night. I’m a little at a loss for words even after processing it over the evening. This movie is what America really needs right now, IMO. A nearly forgotten time-capsule of a moment, decades ago, where black people gathered en mass to express pure, unadulterated joy. To celebrate and to be celebrated! It’s also an astonishing cultural artifact. Unearthed in pristine condition. I really couldn’t believe my eyes and ears at times. Questlove does a fantastic job interweaving concert footage (of which there is a lot and much of it is beautifully shot), historical context, present-day interviews with audience members and performers. It ends up like a kind of bittersweet love-letter to an America we all know is possible, and yet one that is far too fleeting. A place where African Americans are as free and open to public self-expression, public expressions of pride and joy without fear of reprisal or, in the words of a particularly stunning moment in the film, “backlash.” I won’t spoil anything by naming specific performers. I can’t say enough good things. Oscar for best doc, easy. Heck, I’d put this in the category for best picture.
  6. Damn that's a thing of beauty, James. Nice going! But I see a massive hole in your post, where the heck is Dirt Rally 2? Between DR 1 and 2, I've spent a significant part of my life over the last 7 years on those wild and twisty roads. To my mind there is no better or challenging racing experience, and a FFB wheel makes a massive difference. The good thing is that you only need to get DR 2 with the DLC to get all the content from both games. Heck, even the latest WRC games are pretty stellar, some argue they have surpassed DR. I do think the tarmac handling is pretty sweet in WRC 9, but overall I still prefer DR2.
  7. Me too. I got pretty far one time, maybe 75%, until I met that nasty severed (I think) mini-boss. Since then, I haven't gotten nearly that far.
  8. Love the haptics in this game. So many elements have haptic feedback. It’s highly varied and at times incredibly subtle, for the better, IMO.
  9. I tried out all the graphic modes. Maybe it’s because I started in 60FPS, but no way am I playing in Fidelity. The 30FPS jitter is too much. oh and
  10. Totally gorgeous! A lot of the reviews noted how animated films and games have nearly merged, in some ways this game looks better than current 3D animated films. And I've only played in Performance mode so far. Detail, detail, detail everywhere you look! And as Dan noted, the music is top notch which also helps it feel movie-like. That multiple-warp sequence we all saw in the reveal last year is breathtaking in 4K on a big screen. It's funny coming from Returnal where Selene runs so damn fast. I keep toggling R3 on and off again because I feel like I should be moving faster. But after about 30 mins, I'm getting used to the pace.
  11. Wow, early FedEx and everything. It's arrived! Gonna take an extended 'lunch' break today
  12. Holy crap, mine is scheduled to arrive today as well! I'll believe it when it's in my hands...
  13. Totally! Transparent, automatic screen augmentation across devices...amazing. I'm curious what devices will support it, I have a feeling only the current generation.
  14. Woah, really? We'll be neighbors! (sort of, I'm in the East Bay)
  15. It will be interesting to see how faithfully they recreated the San Francisco area, not that a faithful recreation is at all necessary for the game to be great. I only mention it because there is this odd sense of deja vu that recurs when I watch these videos. From the zigzag cascading Lombard St waterfall, to the submerged Ferry Building, to the decrepit Transamerica tower. Of course we all know these feelings if we are familiar with cities that games are based in...like Project Gotham's SF, which had just enough geographical correctness to trigger occasional moments of familiarity, to THPS which triggers only a mild version because of how everything is so cartoonishly rearranged. The open-world nature of HFW, however, could allow a more realistic presentation...that coupled with the post-apocalyptic setting could be great fun for "sightseeing".
  16. It’s not super surprising to me. It reminds me of that statistic about how you’re X times more likely to get into a car accident within a mile of your home. Well, that’s because the vast majority of car trips begin and end at home! Oh, and for the record, I updated the game a week ago after the latest update seemed to be stable. So no more keyboard exploits.
  17. The only downside is you can't freely remap buttons on the wheel, it has 4 presets for layouts...but none of them allow me to map the e-brake to my clutch pedal, which would make hairpin turns so much more fun.
  18. I grabbed Wreckfest a couple weeks ago, I was in the midst of playing Returnal, so I didn’t even try it until late last week. I enjoyed it more than I expected. Beforehand, I thought the game was entirely destruction derby, so I was happy to see a variety of race types (including derbies, which are fun). I turned off all the assists and found it has a really nice core physics setup. The cars have heft and roll, they slide easily and oversteer predictably enough to make sliding turns great fun. It's a nice blend of arcade and sim, more satisfying physics than Dirt 5, IMO. I played a bit more last night and, after a while, I started to wonder what the game would do if I plugged in my FFB wheel. It seemed to have enough depth in the physics that I was feeling a bit handicapped with the DS. I wasn't expecting it to support my wheel, but I figured I might be able to drive. So I was very surprised to find that it immediately recognized the wheel. I started a race and, BAM, the feedback brought the game to life! It took a couple races, and some tweaking of the FFB (it was too strong by default), but soon I felt connected to the car. The FFB is very good. Things you can't feel in the DS are immediately apparent, for example the loss of traction while braking. Even though it's not nearly as difficult as Dirt Rally, I felt like all that time spent playing DR actually helps in this game. Feathering the throttle around turns to keep traction (as fun as powersliding is, it's a time-waster if you're in a timed event), counter-steering into slides to regain control, it all just feels natural in Wreckfest. I'm perhaps too deep into the honeymoon phase with this game to be objective, but right now I feel like this is a better racing game than Dirt 5.
  19. Continuing in my game that started with the exploit, but which was pretty much undone in Biome 4, I was able to get through 4 after dying a couple of times. The boss in 4 is harder than Phrike, but I still think Ixios is the hardest. Died again doing foolish shit in Biome 5 All in all, I think I hold the record for deaths here, woohoo!
  20. Started another game with the express intent to use the keyboard exploit. Got through Biome 3, which has probably the craziest boss fight I've personally experienced, although I think Ixios was harder. I'm in Biome 4 now, which has the effect of leveling the playing field. I really think this game needs a story mode so people who aren't gaming gods can delve into it more. It really does develop. That said, I really don't have a detailed sense of what's going on. And I haven't read any of Romier's spoiler/ideas about the story yet. If I survive Biome 4, I hope to learn more. I will say that for a while now (before I even got to Biome 2) I have noted that when you wake up after sleeping in the ship you are staring right at a brightly lit "=" sign. That may be nothing, but it's so dead center and prominent, it has me wondering.
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