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  1. Miss you Covak. Miss your flying galagoogoo.

  2. I just hopped a wall and heard my guy call out "Contact - rifleman - zero meters." just before my screen went black Game is pretty awesome I haven't enjoyed battles quite like this since the original game. It sure is full of quirks, though. None of which I ever seem to notice once the shooting starts. The sounds when you're being shot at are amazing I could go on and on about little issues, but I'd rather just play it more right now
  3. How was Stargate Universe? I didn't see it playing on any of the HD stations I get with Bell (in Canada) so I didn't watch :/
  4. I'll second that I only started with house near the beginning of last season and thought it was good, but so formulaic. But I love how last season ended and so far this season is nice and interesting. Hope they can keep it up.
  5. Lol... maybe someday. I don't have the time or the money for all of the real games coming this fall, nevermind this I had no idea it was coming here. Good to know. At least, I keep telling myself one day I'll have time to catch up on all the games I'm missing this year...
  6. http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=224624 Sounds good to me The developer diary videos all make the game look ridiculously good. Since I found out it has a hardcore mode (no HUD, no checkpoints, no reviving buddies, etc) and online co-op (through the whole campaign) I've been sold. Though I'd love to play it on my big TV, the huge price difference ($40 for PC, $70 for consoles, in Canada) has me leaning towards the PC version.
  7. With an X-Fi in "Audio Creation Mode" there's a little recording panel built right into Creative's mixer. But I guess you want something like Audacity, anyway, to trim up the ends...
  8. Woo. Thought I might just forget about regular Rock Band since Beatles: RB (as much as I play the games, the Beatles game with DLC will be enough for a while), but I'll be there for that Queen pack
  9. I tried doing some hot laps and immediately felt the need to bust out the old wheel and pedals. Not sure how to set them up in my room now, though. Will have to figure that out soon!
  10. I like Military Madness Mostly because it's Military Madness. I'm not big on the look, or the battle animations (I find it all silly and generic). I'll be surprised if this version does anything for people who don't already like Military Madness. I was kinda hoping it would start with a good tutorial explaining the importance of formations, the power of surrounding, etc. Not to mention how brutally random it can be
  11. I hope this Military Madness does the series justice, but from the videos I've seen I'm afraid. Yay for demos and 800 pts, though.
  12. I kinda love Jack Black and thought the trailer was funny, but I had no idea the game would be such pure awesome If it weren't for the demo I might have passed. Really looking forward to the full game.
  13. Ouu, the bumper cam has a nice wide field of view that really helps you see and feel corners, plus it feels wickedly fast Though I'll probably stick to the in-car view for racing. Just feels so good.
  14. In Canada the new price is $219.99, but from Sunday - Thursday Zellers will be sellling it for $199.99 with the purchase of any Wii game or accessory.
  15. Absolutely love it. Love the feel of the cockpit view. Looks great and the sense of speed seems to be infinitely better than I remember with Forza 2. Pretty beautiful course, too. I can't wait to start tweaking a CR-X all over again
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