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  1. Sorry. Very late to this. Donated also.
  2. Been watching videos on youtube and one had recommendations on settings that I liked. They recommended to switch button layout to Button Puncher. This switches the Crouch and Melee buttons. So now, you press down on the right stick to crouch. Another advantage to this is when you're running, you can also slide when pressing down on the right stick! You don't have to move your thumb away to press a button to slide which is a great plus. Melee also really sucks in this game as it barely does any damage so you won't miss that button. This layout actually reminds me of the older games like Rainbow Six? I have yet to get a kill on the PS4 or Xbox One. I really really really suck at FPS games now. I stopped playing FPS games for quite some time and definitely getting too old for this lol! Still fun though and slowly getting back into it. Actually manage to damage people now! Just learning the different areas of the map now and how to properly loot. Getting used to the different guns and maybe one day, I will get a kill!
  3. So, how's it working? Been very happy with my Unifi setup and the updates to their app has been great. Picked up 2 more ACs for the 2nd level and basement.
  4. For an apartment, Amplifi would most likely be more appropriate. Unifi requires a lot more components more suited to larger areas. However, it also depends on what devices you will be using. For example, if you have a lot of Smart Home devices like Hue, Smart Things, etc. Those require their hubs to be wired to the network which might be easier with Unifi. Of course, you can just get a switch and use that with Amplifi. Amplifi will most likely be cheaper also.
  5. I tried the racing games and was not really too impressed with them. Gran Tourismo was just so so for me. However, if you haven't done so, give Wipeout a try. I guess the wipeout environment allows it to give you a more feeling of being in the game.
  6. Astro Bot is currently $19.99 on Amazon.com. I really hope I can get in on these deals for Astro Bot being in Canada.
  7. My copy arrived from Walmart. I'll have to start installing it so I can play!
  8. For those with Apple Watch, Spotify has finally released an app for the AW and soon to come will bee offline play!
  9. Downloaded it on the Canadian site. Very cool! Will definitely pick the full game up. Specially since it's on sale. Will have to try it with VR tomorrow.
  10. Managed to play on the 27th but missed the 28th. The stress test helped as I knew where things were already so I was able to get to the waypoints rather quickly. Too many great games coming out.
  11. Someone on Reddit created a Spotify app for the Watch. It's a remote for the phone so it won't work with just the watch on it's own but it's quite well done.
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