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  1. They probably timed it with the release of this New Echo Studio Speaker. Supports Dolby Atmos. Competing with Sonos?
  2. Quick Q: Where did you go to get the certificate? Want to do the same to my website.
  3. Haven't had any issues with glasses at all with face unlock. Just had to disable the must look at camera option. Unlocks whether I have my prescription glasses, contact lenses or sun glasses. Went back to my Note 8 and got annoyed it won't unlock when I'm wearing sunglasses. Had to use my fingerprint. Egads!
  4. ARgh!! Still not available in Canada.
  5. Updated to iOS 13 and AW 6. Finally ECG is now available in Canada with AW 6! I also really like the new Carplay on iOS 13. So far I'm happy with the new updates (Dark mode specially).
  6. https://www.digitaltrends.com/home-theater/amazon-music-hd-hi-res-streaming/ Anyone else interested in this? I love Amazon Prime and this is quite a pleasant bit of news for me!
  7. What really annoyed me was when I was in Alaska wanting to take pictures of the northern lights with my XS Max. There was basically no way to do so. I bought a 3rd party app that allowed manual settings but even that was not that good. I eventually gave up. Meanwhile, my wife with her pixel 2 and sister in laws with samsung phones were getting great shots. Will check out the new pro but not sure if it's worth upgrading from the XS Max.
  8. Odd, have not experienced that issue so far.
  9. Congrats! Always nice to treat yourself to a present.
  10. Didn't have to configure anything. When you say "Alexa" there's a delay as it mutes the music and when it beeps for the command. It basically integrates into the Alexa app on your phone which I guess is the only configuration you will have to set when you setup the device.
  11. It's been in my car for a few days now and so far I like it. I have my iPhone using Apple Carplay and it works fine with it. Able to get directions using Waze and also choose songs on spotify. When I get home at night, I can turn on the outside lights and also lights inside. I will have to create various routines to automate all these as I get home. Maybe use the proximity settings. It's also much smaller than I expected.
  12. Got to see a lot of Glaciers in Alaska. Can't really fathom how large they are until you are right next to it. This one is the Hubbard Glacier which our Cruise ship visited before heading to the last port, Seward. It was amazing just listening to the ice crack and seeing the occasional calving. Managed to get a picture of one.
  13. I really do like the new black SS on the Hermes and the new bands. But I'm still quite happy with my S4 Hermes.
  14. It's funny seeing the phone on rigs worth thousands of dollars. I keep asking myself "why?".
  15. Lol yeah. Quite the unexpected result. Just got back fro Alaska last week. Beautiful state. Really enjoyed it there. Denali National Park was quite awesome to see. Will post more pics later.
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