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  1. So I was expecting some light bulbs to show up today (very exciting but I'll spare you all the juicy details). They did. However, as an unexpected surprise, my Satisfye gaming grip also showed up for the Switch. I had seen something posted on it awhile back while it was still in crowdfunding from Indiegogo and figured what the heck, I'll take the plunge on the grip plus the case should I ever actually travel with my Switch (has yet to happen, but it could I suppose at some point). Anyway, this thing is awesome. I'm sure there are very capable grips out there - but this is the first one I've tried and it is SUPER comfortable. If you've got man sized paws like mine and haven't picked up a gaming grip for your Switch - this one is highly recommended!! https://satisfye.com/
  2. And after several attempts, finally beat the Hand of the King. That was actually quite satisfying. For awhile there, was able to get to him fairly consistently, but wasn't able to take him down with a couple of attempts ending mere seconds after they started. Finally calmed down a bit during the fight and at last he fell. LOVE the game and while it isn't one that I'm prone to spending hours playing in a single setting - it is one of those titles that I tend to make time for at least a couple of runs throughout the day. Tomorrow, starts hard mode
  3. This is my first foray into MH as I've been intrigued by the series for some time, but haven't had a local system since the PS2 where MH lived. After playing the beta I knew two things. A) I had really no idea what I was doing and B I liked enough of what I was seeing to want to play more - so pre-ordered it for the PS4 and have thus far spent about 6 hours with the game which as far as I can tell, barely scratches the surface... 1. No pun intended, but the game is already starting to get its claws into me - 2. I still don't really know what I'm doing, but more things are starting to click 3. This game is absolutely going to live up to the reputation of being an investment title - no 15-20 hour commitment here 4. It is absolutely gorgeous to look at and watch (I'm playing in resolution mode on the Pro BTW) After toying around with a number of the weapons in practice mode - I've been thus far running with the long sword as my weapon type of choice. Worth noting - that the PS4 Horizon crossover stuff (armor and weapon sets for both you and your cat companion) are a limited time quest. From what little I've looked at (trying to go in mostly blind on this one) - it seems that these events should rotate - but the cat set is available now for about 2 weeks and I'm not sure if the Aloy set isn't live yet - or if I just haven't progressed far enough. It is not, however, a simple 'skin' choice on the PS4
  4. Hmmm, while I'll certainly welcome Tropical Freeze coming as well (never had a Wii-U), I'm actually kinda jazzed about Mario Tennis. That and hopefully they continue that trend and bring a full blown Mario Golf to the table as well. Add Wave Race and F-Zero and I'll be pretty damn happy.
  5. ooooh - yes please. I know there are plenty of folks who are sick of remasters - but this one I'll be happy to pick up.
  6. Huh, so reading this apparently I'm the only one who actually liked Dead Space 3. I'll agree that it is the weak link in the trilogy and I held off on the game based on feedback until it was free with PS+ but once I got into it, still really quite enjoyed it. Still sad that we won't see a remastered collection or continuation of the series.
  7. Glimmer not quite as useless as you may think - the big glimmer sink (at least at this point) is buying random blue mods from Banshee and then turning said mods into purple ones which upgrade your power levels. You might be surprised just how much glimmer you can burn through and how quickly that way
  8. Thanks everybody for your replies. Before I pull the trigger, I realized I had one more question regarding digital purchases. I understand that only one switch can be activated with a Nintendo account at any time (and since there's only one of me, that's fine) but should something down the road happen to a switch where it is dead, do I assume correctly that I can simply activate a new switch and that will by default deactivate the dead / lost / etc. one?(Nintendo's support page indicates that you need to manually deactivate the old one and then log into the new one which will set that one as the primary which is all well and good assuming you can power on / have access to the old one ) Also as a side curiosity - has Nintendo ever given an explanation as to why save data can't be transferred between systems using the same account? I guess I'm a little spoiled by Sony's cloud save options where you save and then pull it back to any PS4 (or PS3 I suppose) you want. Not a deal-breaker, but very odd especially if I'm using an SD card for save data. Not that I see this as being a regularly recurring issue - but I've had consoles from both Sony and MS stop working at some point so just want to be prepared - or should they release a Switch 2.0 (or whatever) down the road that I feel the need to upgrade to. Thanks again
  9. So the Switch - I feel like I'm just on the verge of seriously wanting one - but not quite yet - Buying one today would be for: Mario Kart on 'bro night' (local multi) (which in my mind will also require two pro controllers) Zelda Mario Odyssey (soon enough) Metroid Prime (soon enough) After that - things get iffy in my book (Splatoon just isn't my thing and I just don't imagine playing a bunch of Snipper clips) So looking at about $600 for the system, MK and Zelda, two pro controllers, an SD card (128), and a screen protector) - okay, there are worse ways to spend part of a bonus check. Portability is neat but not a big deal since the most portable I see being with it is bringing into my home office when I should be working My PS4 will still be my primary system so things like Skyrim, Doom, and Wolfenstein are good for the system - but I don't imagine double dipping on them Virtual Console - This would be something that could easily push me over the edge especially with a good selection from the 64 / GameCube days. I imagine Wii titles on the VC are going to be a challenge given the lack of a wii-mote / nun-chuck set up (sold my Wii years ago and never dived in with a Wii U) - but there certainly doesn't seem to be a reason why those titles couldn't be done and just fully mapped to a pro controller (or I suppose mapped to the joy-cons?). However, my understanding is that the latest from Nintendo was during the recent direct where they mentioned that they are aware of the interest in VC titles but no other details beyond that. So my question is - what else am I missing? Anything else I would need in terms of must have games today (or otherwise announced - has Bayonetta been confirmed or just rumored?) Accessories (maybe a case)? Bottom line, what am I not considering that might push me over that fence - or keep me here for the time being?
  10. Liked 3 and 4 well enough, but so far based on the trailer "available 2.27.18" which with Ubisoft titles means it'll be available for $20 by about 3.27.18 (maybe 4.27). That seems about right
  11. Thanks for the input - still damn goofy on how problems presented themselves, but turned out the card at the hub down the street had gone bad. Had a tech come out yesterday and after swapping the card out - everything is back to normal.
  12. Somebody please tell me that this can't be a thing - since it makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever Is it even possible that the latest firmware update on my Samsung KS9000 is now interfering with the rest of my internet connection? On Friday, my TV notified me that the firmware had been upgraded to 1169 over lunch. After lunch, I came back to my home office and noticed that my PC wasn't connected to the internet. Odd, but it happens - Restarted Router - usually does the trick. Internet came back up long enough for me to load into Skype (for work) and then promptly went back down again Repeat - same results Thinking there might be an outage with AT&T (I'm on U-Verse fwiw) - called AT&T. While on that call - the rep asked if other services were working (TV) - turned TV back on in living room and yup - TV working Came back into the office and noticed that I'm once again connected to the net - figured okay, this is weird, but issue seems to be solved. Next time I got up from my desk, realized I left the TV on when talking to AT&T - went out to living room to refill my water and turn TV Off yup - no internet Turn TV back on Internet is back. What the hell Since then I tired plugging the TV into the network via a cable instead of Wi-Fi - that "seems" to have helped - but even then, things are still not working as they should be This morning - logged onto my PC and while I was connected, my connection speed is garbage (less than 10mbs which is far lower than what I pay for). After about 20 minutes, lost connection Turned TV on Internet is back (but still with garbage speeds) Looks like I'll be calling AT&T back - but in the meantime, can this really even be a thing?!
  13. Huh, interesting - wonder if that has been at the heart of my problems. I'll have to take a look, but I don't think it is a USB 3.0. Pretty sure it was the older drive I was using for the 360. Food for thought for sure.
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