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  1. Ya a lot of that stuff just wasn’t working. Part of it is that guests just didn’t understand what was going on, part of it was Disney and the cast members not being able to read the room (if someone asks where the restroom is, the response shouldn’t be criticize the guest for calling them restrooms), and part of it was cutbacks where they were relying on hourly cast members to provide the experience instead of actors. Even with the few walk around characters they do have, I’ve watched videos of people trying to role play with them, and it’s rather cringey. It’s like watching bad improv whe
  2. While I have no doubts that there was budget cutbacks, and holding some of it back for an upsell experience, I would also bet that there was a number of logistical concerns that just couldn’t be figured out. Having these elements in a completely controlled environment, with a small number of guests who understand what’s going on seems like the best way to create the type of experience they are aiming for. I would hope, that maybe once they’ve learned what works, that they may be able to bring some of the experiences into the general park… but I won’t hold my breath, espec
  3. While I didn’t try to use the KB exploit, I did try to do a run before the next patch that “fixes” the ship healing. The RNG gods had other ideas though as they decided to put a room after the ship that prevented me from getting back to it (although now I’m sure someone will tell me how to get back), so not only could I not heal as much as I wanted, I couldn’t use it to heal at all. I was trying my best to not pick up health and only go back to it when I needed, waiting to open chests, and even got the consumable that clears malfunctions which let me go collect all the m
  4. Muppets Halloween special that takes place in the Haunted Mansion…. yes please.
  5. I’m pretty sure I’ll be close to that by the time I finally beat the first Biome.
  6. RetroRGB has an interview with Mike Chi.
  7. Or maybe this is nothing new and I’ve just never heard them use that term before.
  8. Looks like Sony might be competing with Xbox FPS Boost?
  9. I had my best run tonight and finally got to the first boss. I died on phase 2. I took things slow, upgraded what I could and found some nice enhancements and would go back to the ship to sleep when needed. I had 145% on my suit, but didn’t get the health pack, and I think that was probably my major mistake. The tips in here have certainly helped. I feel like I had some really weird RNG tonight with room and item placement.
  10. That’s interesting news. I stopped listening to the Bombcast regularly awhile ago. There was quite a bit in that Kotaku article that I didn’t know (they they’d merged back into one group and that Dan was working for the WWE). They’ve done quite well as a personality driven site, and they were, in some ways, pioneers of the let’s play type of video. The problem is when those personalities eventually move on, the replacements may not appeal to their audience. For me, I never really cared for their live video content which is what they were focusing on, and the split of Gian
  11. Ya, I guess I was just agreeing that even if you get locked into a room with an enemy you can’t kill yet, you can still possibly get out.
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