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  1. One thing I do quite like is that it is built with Extras in mind. Right now it seems to mostly be trailers and deleted scenes. It would be great if some of the content from Blurays/DVDs could make it over.
  2. While I do think there are still more Marvel movies in Canada, some of the more recent ones are just their listing with the trailer and availability date which I didn’t realize at the time.
  3. There seems to be some regional differences in the Library. In Canada we have all the Marvel movies (I’m pretty sure) where in the US it seems quite limited (from the lists I saw). But we seem to be missing some things like: 😞
  4. There have been no offers in Canada, much to my chagrin.
  5. Oh man! Can’t wait to see that. I’ve been waiting for that to have some sort of release.
  6. This is a good point. Hopefully the land will be popular enough that they will keep it well maintained. I really like IOA and think much of the theming is fantastic, but there have been some maintenance issues the few times I’ve been. Peeling, faded paint, and I think I remember a big hole in the Dudley Doo Right Falls mountain.
  7. The worst part is looking at the upload speed and realizing it is capable of more. I wish gigabit Internet was more affordable here. I can get it, but it’s $150/mo.
  8. In my everyday life, the lack of a headphone jack rarely affects me as I use AirPods. On a recent trip though, the missing jack really became noticeable. To start, I packed my AirPods, my lightning EarPods, and a bigger over the ear set of headphones and an adapter, which all seemed like overkill. During the trip, on the flight specifically, there were a number of times where I wanted to switch to the over the ear headphones because the AirPods did not cut out enough of the ambient noise, but I had forgotten the adapter in my carry on bag which was not accessible. On the flight home I got smart and had everything I might need at my seat... until the battery started to die and I had to make the choice between continuing to watch Chernobyl or charge my phone. Like I said, this isn’t a daily annoyance, and I don’t travel often, but because I don’t deal with this on a regular basis made it maybe even a little more annoying since I wasn’t properly prepared.
  9. I had no idea John had left Sony for that sinking ship known as Disney.
  10. I would be highly highly surprised if redeeming the 7 Day Trial invalidated anything. You can’t start paying for AppleTV+ without getting the free 7 Day Trial. That’s basically saying that if I decide to pay for AppleTV+, I can’t get the free year if I buy a new device. The whole point of this offer is the get people to try and use AppleTV+ and to encourage new device purchases.
  11. Ah, I did not read it that way at all.
  12. That doesn’t seem right and I feel like this would be the start of a new “gate” if that were the case for everyone. Very odd. The 3 months to claim the free year is based on the activation date, but from what I’ve read, it should be a full free year from then. Since I bought my phone a week too soon, I can neither confirm nor deny this.
  13. They’ve come a long way. I remember seeing a sneak preview of the StarCraft trailer (with the redneck trucker humans) and being blown away. It’s not as bad as the Warcraft one above of course, but it does more than a little outdated now.
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