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  1. Close. It is being added to PS Now tomorrow. For me at least, it basically the same thing.
  2. Well, you can just take the time from the Wii U version and subtract that from the Switch version and.... .... never mind.
  3. I finished the main story last night. It finishes up at 50 Shines and kind of forces you to finish it then. There are a total of 100, some of which open up after you finish the main story. One thing to know is that when you get to 47 or 48 Shines, Bowser doesn’t go away, so be aware of that. I was getting frustrated with this. Overall, it actually feels like much more content than I was expecting. The estimate that I heard of getting 100% in 3 or 4 hours is grossly underestimated. It’s a least 10, but probably closer to 15.
  4. I’ve played Bowser’s Fury for a number of hours (I’m at 40 Cat Shines). It’s very much a new game built on 3D World. It’s pretty cool how the whole game is one big world instead of different levels.... but it is very hard to stay focused on a particular task or island, and I find myself getting onto another island while working on a particular Shine and get distracted. On the other hand, it makes it super easy to move on to something else if you get frustrated with something. The cat motif is.... maybe a little overdone. Dunkey’s video about Bowser’s Fury is quite good.
  5. I’ve played it a little bit. The prologue was a bit of a slog, and I think it actually does the game a disservice because you’re not getting to the actual game. I was seeing quite a few technical issues with cutscenes, and the game play seemed more than a bit janky. Once the real game starts though, you can start to see the potential. I’ve only played the first real mission, so it’s hard to give any real opinion. One thing that frustrates me a bit about any sort of RPG game like this is how they have a screen with a vague description of the classes and want you to choose bas
  6. There are lots of good PSVR sales in the current Indies PSN sale. I picked up The Room VR and Vacation Simulator.
  7. I’m also glad this game isn’t a full $60($80CND) release. Makes it much more likely that I’ll pick it up right away.
  8. The next patch for Cyberpunk has been delayed, due to its scope..... but also because CDPR has been the victim of a ransomware attack.
  9. Great month. FF7 is a pretty big game to be throwing in there, another PS5 game, and it’s always nice to get a PSVR game thrown in (and one of my favourites).
  10. Honestly, I’m mostly excited that they are officially acknowledging its existence instead of being somewhat coy about it. I’m not sure what my desire for this will be in the end. I loved my PSVR, but I don’t use it much anymore. There are a few reasons why, but I think the biggest one is that the novelty of VR has worn off a bit. Where once it felt like I was in another world, now it feels more like I’m just strapping a screen to my head. It’s still a very cool experience, but it’s almost just a normal one now. I still feel like I’ll want it (I still want a Quest), but I do
  11. The information I read did say that the Xbox Physical editions could not be upgraded, but I missed that. Sorry for the mild disappointment.
  12. So it looks like you only have to purchase the upgrade if you bought the Standard digital version. Owners of the Digital Deluxe and Physical discs will get the upgrade for free. Pretty sure I bought the standard digital version..... so I should probably be more annoyed, but somehow I am less annoyed. Edit: Physical editions on Xbox cannot be upgraded.
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