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  1. From the looks of the picture, the light bars on the controller appear to only be on the top and not the front. With the current PSVR setup and camera, that position would probably not work as it would be obstructed from the camera’s view too easily. I also doubt that would be enough light for it to pick up very well. If there is new PSVR hardware, I’d be shocked if it is using visible light like the current system. I’d hope it is more advanced than that. I feel like the light has just been moved to the top so that it is more visible to the player holding the controller. The PS4 would use the light to give feed back to the player (like low health) but it wasn’t really all that visible to the player. I hope you can turn it off this time.
  2. Does it not look like every PlayStation Dpad ever made?
  3. Haha, OK. I was afraid I wasn’t getting a joke.
  4. I’m not sure if I’m missing a joke here or not.... the picture is EVE from Wall-E. They are very similar.
  5. I’m not saying I don’t like it... but they kind of look like a Nyko or MadCatz version of the DS4.
  6. Is there any chance they patch something into this game given the current circumstances? What events do you think they could add?
  7. Have watched the Punch Out, Castlevania and Mario Warpless docs from Summoning Salt today (and have found some time to squeeze in a little bit of Punch Out on the Switch). He is very good at telling a story, but also explaining what is going on in the runs. Glad to have another channel like this in the feed.
  8. The transitions are more seamless than most games. Very well done.
  9. That is fantastic! Thanks for sharing. It’s pretty incredible how such a compelling story can be put together with nothing but game a streaming footage. The Macho Man KO had me on the edge of my seat. I’m a huge fan of Punch Out, and every time I play it I realize I’ve been using the same strategies for decades and should really look up some better ones. This might push me to remember to do that.
  10. Onward is now on Disney+ as are the two new Disney Nature films, Dolphin Reef and Elephant. I quite enjoyed Onward. It’s probably second tier Pixar, but has more than enough laughs, heart and imagination to keep me entertained. It’s certainly one I could watch multiple times very easily.
  11. I was looking at the possibility of used headsets for PCVR and to play Alyx. While my PC meets the specs for VR (at least according to Oculus), it is quite a bit below the minimum specs for CPU, below for RAM, and right on the minimum for GPU. It put this game even further out of reach unfortunately.
  12. Oh ya, they’re complete puff pieces. The one in the vault is thankfully not promoting anything directly and is mostly two Disney Legends looking at and talking about their work.
  13. There’s a new show on Disney+ called Disney Insider. While it’s mostly puff pieces about their shows and movies, and not exactly in depth (each segment is roughly 5 minutes) there is, and could be, some interesting content. The first episode has a segment about the making of Onward, and the second has a segment with Burny Mattinson and Andreas Deja at the Disney Animation Research Library. There seems to be a promise of some Theme Park content coming.
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