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  1. I added those of you who I could find on Steam as friends.
  2. When's it start up again? My wife wouldn't watch it. Her only exposure to it was walking through the livingroom during scenes with Cranston standing around in his tighty whiteys, which was apparently enough to keep her away. I know she'd get hooked if she sat down and watched it, though.
  3. Maybe they require proof of being bitter and cynical about video games before approving memberships? I think it was many months before I got approved. I signed up and then completely forgot about it, then one day I got an email about it. I'm still working on my righteous indignation skills before I dare contribute.
  4. Ohhh, I loves me some TF2. I'm terrible, but I still loves it. If you see any shady looking Fleabagmatts lurking around, that's me.
  5. My wife and I each have our own account on PSN. We each received the two free games. This is connected to two different email accounts, etc. though. If the same email account was used for both PSN accounts, maybe it wouldn't work that way, not sure. I say log into the second account and give it a try, can't hurt.
  6. Any chance I could get an invite? Pretty please?? I promise to not make fun of you on Twitter. http://steamcommunity.com/id/fleabagmatt
  7. I use Final Cut Pro here at work. It's so nice after playing around with iMovie at home. I've been kicking around the idea of picking up Final Cut Express for home, hoping it would be a good budget option that is still a step above what iMovie can do. Anybody have experience with it, or know how cut down it is from FCP?
  8. So you started this morning? I'm sure I don't have nearly the number of images as you guys, but I keep it simple right now. Folder name starts with the date, then what the event/location/subject matter was. 2010-12-25_Christmas 2011-01-07_Belize_Vacation I don't divide them up any further by year or anything, as I don't care for digging through folders much. It's pretty easy to scan through and pick out keywords in the folder names, and I can usually remember roughly when I shot certain things. I also usually will group shots under one date if they were taken over multiple days. For example, I took a weeks worth of photos in Belize, but I chose one date from the trip and used that for a single photo. I've often considered tagging photos, etc. but haven't ever gone as far as trying it. I don't use iPhoto or Aperture, just Photoshop CS4. Can't you do similar things with Adobe Bridge, though?
  9. I get that a lot. Bit of a pain in the ass, especially if I haven't looked at facebook for a few days and I have several pages of older posts to go through.
  10. I think I got lucky today. I went there at lunch and they had some on the shelf, but weren't marked with a sale price. I found an employee hanging sale tags in the next aisle and asked her about it. She said she had been off yesterday and nobody had bothered to put the tags out for her. I'm guessing nobody knew they were on sale. Yay, more plastic junk for my living room!
  11. Maybe that just means that the features they are rolling out don't particularly match what the users really want.
  12. Sigh. I thought I was getting close to being able to pick up a Harmony One finally. I figured the next time it hit a good sale price and I'd bite. Unfortunately we just got a puppy that seems to think my remotes are just as tasty as the toys and bones we leave out for him. Guess I'll be holding off for at least a few months until I can break him of that wonderful habit. (Side note: My PS3 was on the other day and puppy got ahold of my controller while I had my back turned. Some how in his chewing he managed to bump the analog stick and bite on the buttons in the proper order to turn the thing off. No idea how he managed it.)
  13. Haven't watched the newest episode yet, but I love this show. My friday morning relaxation is coffee and Breaking Bad with the dog. (Wait, that didn't sound right...) I just wish that I could get AMC in HD.
  14. Why would you need dual video cards in an iMac?
  15. With this whole Steam for Mac thing kicking off, I've been thinking of trying out this whole mouse and keyboard gaming thing. I know I won't be able to play anything high-end, but I'm looking for some help in deciphering graphics card requirements. I don't know anything about them or where my card falls in relation to what Steam lists as needed for different games. My iMac is several years old, 2.4gHz and has an ATI Radeon HD2600 card. Common ATI cards I've seen mentioned are X1600 and HD 2400 I believe. How can I find out where my card performs in relation to these other cards, is there a website out there that compares them? Portal seems to run just fine, although when I checked the framerate it was mostly running 20-30 or so. Sometimes lower and sometimes higher. Changing settings didn't seem to raise that too much. I wonder if I'd be able to run TF2? The Torchlight demo runs pretty well also.
  16. On a whim I picked up the first TPB of Chew the other day. Really enjoyed it, and loved the art style. Speaking of art style, something that really bugs me about comics is the changing of artists in the middle of a story. As a wannabe illustrator I place a lot of value in the art style of the books I read. Heck, that's what draws me to a book much of the time. The Walking Dead and DMZ have both done this to me. Really loved the art in the beginning of both, but when they switched to a new artist I was pretty bummed. Didn't care for them visually nearly as much. Not that it's enough for me to stop reading them, but still... :cry
  17. Ooh, might be the time to pick up a couple copies of RE5 so my wife and I can play through it co-op.
  18. I seem to enjoy TUF a little bit less each season that passes, and yet I can't stop watching the show. Looking forward to it!
  19. As I'm close to finishing up Y: The Last Man (love this series!) I'm thinking I might try to sell them all off. I have to force myself to not be a pack rat and books, comic or otherwise, are one of those things I tend to hoard. There are way too many fantastic series out there for me to read to justify returning to these once they are done. Any suggestions on how much I might ask for them, or where my best bet would be in selling them? I've no idea how the value holds up on these TPB books. I'd prefer to sell em all in one shot if I can. Eventually I'll probably do the same with any other series that I complete as well.
  20. Is it just hardcover? I've been waiting for this to come out on trade paperback for quite some time. Got a link to the info? I just picked up the last three books for Y: The Last Man. Going to finish those off before I get back to The Walking Dead. Then it's on to Preacher and DMZ.
  21. First thing that popped into my head:Heroquest Older game, and expensive to buy off ebay. I've managed to find two copies of it in Thrift stores, though, for cheap.
  22. At the risk of getting lost in all this tablet talk, does anybody have a suggestion for a new mouse for my iMac? I actually don't mind the mighty mouse, and I really like the fact that I can scroll up/down and left/right with the scroll ball. I hate the fact that it seems like I'm forever cleaning the gunk out of it, though, as the scroll stops working. Wired or wireless doesn't matter too much to me.
  23. I was drooling over that as well in yesterday's BB ad. I wonder what their ISF calibration is like. Do they have an actual ISF person do the work, or is it some Geek Squad monkey who comes and fiddle with your settings for a few minutes and calls it calibrated?
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