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  1. Surely not. i can't imagine Bethesda putting so many of those targets and mele dummies in the game without them serving a purpose. it's only logical that they increase your skills... but who knows. anyone tested this?
  2. I was really overwhelmed with Morrowind too, but once i got into it, it quickly became one of my all-time favorite games. a lot of people, i think, are intimiated/confused/overwhelmed by the fact that there really isn't any specific agenda. they aren't sure what they are supposed to do because the game doesn't tell you to "do this". Once you get past that, it's wonderful. open ended. speaking of graphical issues, I am running pretty smoothly on at ATI Radeon 9800XT, and I have noticed that when i cast my "Chameleon 20%" spell on myself, i am almost completely invisible. As in, my charecter just disappears and the only thing that is visible is a faint blemish (sort of like the Predator's camo). Is this a bug? or is it supposed to be this way?
  3. my only grip so far is how items within my new house reset themselves after a few days. So, I clear all the junk off a table and carefully arrange all my magic daggers on the table... perfectly lined up, perfect presentation. a few days later, i come back and all the junk that i had previously cleared off the table is BACK in its original position, on TOP of my daggers. In morrowind, if you moved something, it stayed put. I wonder, if I completely remove the afformentioned junk items from the house, if it will keep the items from reseting to their original locations? that's my only grip so far. Brilliant game.
  4. I also enjoy serving the Night Mother, but damn. she's hardcore!
  5. Man, i hated that one... i mean, it was fun, sure.. but i just felt horrible having to do it. Trying to remain in charecter (being someone who values his friends), it was hard to force myself to do that quest. but, I do what i'm told. That's the bottom line.
  6. my favorite Dark Brotherhood quest so far was the "Party" quest, at which i was the 6th Party Guest... I kept thinking of "Saw2" during this one. hahah It took me close to an hour to complete. This is one of the few quests i have done that really made me have to stop and think about how to get it all done. very immersive and a good quest to make you FEEL in charecter.
  7. well, that sucks. I guess i'll have to dream up some other creative way to kill people.
  8. I am loving the new interface. No problem at all on my pc. Very intuitive and pretty to look at. I like this a lot better than Morrowinds cascading windows all over the place. Very smooth design, even if it feels like it was designed for a console.. I love it.
  9. One thing that i'm missing (or just haven't run accross yet) is the Alteration spell to Levitate. has anyone seen this spell? has it been scrapped? Levitate was one of my favorite spells. I remember in Morrowind, I would make a spell for Levitate 20 points on target, cast it on an NPC, PUNCH them, then cast levitage on myself... floating high in the air. the NPC, being mad at me for punching them would naturally try to chase me.... up into the air (since they have the levitate spell cast on them). Once we got high above the tree tops, the NPC's levitate spell would ware off, (while mine was a constant effect)... the NPC's levitate wares off and there they go... plummiting toward the ground at 32 feet per second. hahahah! Great fun. Sometimes they'd die on impact, sometimes not... sometimes i'd drop them over water and watch them drown. hehe So, no levitating in Oblivion?
  10. 9 hour Oblivion binge last night. dear lord. beautiful. Sniping a skeleton from a distance and watching his head snap off into the air is a wonderful feeling.
  11. So, is anyone still playing this? Or, would anyone be interested in picking it up again for some online play?
  12. anyone care to venture to the Fissure of Woe tonight?
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