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  1. I gave up on Dark Souls because I couldn't get past Ornstein & Smough. Even ended up throwing my hardcover strategy guide for it in the trash (which I subsequently retrieved and still have today). I'm probably going to give it another go from the beginning after I finish 3...really want to try a mage build. It took me a little while to get into the current game, but I'm really digging it now. My character is a pyro/sorcerer build and Great Chaos Fire Orb is an absolute beast. So far, the only boss who really gave me a fit was
  2. Thanks for posting the upcoming Best Buy deal. I was planning on picking it up tomorrow along with Bloodborne, but I'll wait a couple of days to save some money.
  3. Just tried it 5 minutes ago and got my code. I was waiting for some reviews, but I'll take a chance for $20. Thanks!
  4. I received a code for the Xbox One. The Big Alpha FAQ states there will be a beta in January 2015, but it will be XB1 exclusive.
  5. Same here. For anyone looking to buy this, the 360 and Xbone versions are both $30 at Target online. Not sure if it's the same price in-store, but I bought it online and did an instore pick up.
  6. I want the sniper rifle as it regenerates ammo, but I only have 11 strange coins.
  7. I jumped on the Gamestop deal also, but I used some of the credit to preorder the Playstation TV. The Remote Play capability is what sold me. My PS4 is located in my study which is where my wife and I hang out the most. My son can use this to play the PS4 without bugging us to relocate elsewhere in the house.
  8. Excellent. I've been wanting to exchange my unopened copy of Diablo III for this but was waiting for the review embargo to lift. Live action short:
  9. I watched it at work with the sound off and thought it was decent. Watching it with the sound on...yikes.
  10. I screamed like a little girl at the first jump scare and promptly turned it off. Sold!
  11. Edit: code has been claimed. Honestly, I may not even participate in the Beta as I've seen enough to sell me on the game.
  12. I canceled my Amazon pre-order as I found a better deal elsewhere, but they still sent me a code. Here it is if anyone still needs one: L5EC-DRNQ-5M4Q
  13. Took about an hour for me to download. My only complaint so far is Dinklage's voice acting is pretty lackluster.
  14. That gif is pretty much spot on. I played a few games last night and didn't get the must buy feeling which surprised me as I love BF4.
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