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  1. Probably depends on the show. The xmen show is rough in terms of picture quality. We've watched a handful of episodes so far. We've watched two or three episodes of Gargoyles and they looked much better.
  2. Get "What The Golf?" if you have arcade. It is great. I think I've played about 10 hours and am at around 99% completion
  3. I started over right away with a New Game+... this time on hard/classic. I felt the game was pretty easy the first time through, and I could steamroll most anything. The beasts are way more challenging on hard. I don't think I even realized you could break the shields on all 4 tiles for a mega-stun on my first playthrough. That is mandatory knowledge for hard mode or you will lose people. Still enjoying the gameplay. I'm almost to the half-way point so I'm excited to see how the story diverges now that I'm in a different house.
  4. I was going to say if you have a Kinect still you need Happy Action Theater... but in googling to figure out what it was called, it looks like they just changed their name to Kinect Party... so... I guess you're set.
  5. I grabbed the two game certificates right before they stopped selling them so I can use one on this. Got Jury Duty on Monday, so hopefully I just have a day to sit around and play.
  6. I tried it out at comic-con. Controller felt right. Didn't notice flicker, but wasn't looking for it either. I still can't get over how small these things are. I think if I were to get an 1up machine, this would be it. I'm 100% for unusual controller versions.
  7. Might have to jump back in now that there is new content.
  8. Got the Lego Batman Comic Con rooftop scene. Really like it, but ebay is making it tempting to just resell it (we won't)
  9. Not yet. I grabbed necrodancer since it was like $4 on sale. Will pick this one up down the road as well
  10. Found the login screen from the end of the trailer: http://www.themosaicgame.com/login code doesn't work though.
  11. Yeah. This is a mess. Cross-save, but the fact that you need to buy the expansion for each platform is confusing (and I'm sure not their ideal solution either) I thought I was going to jump back in, but I'm going to keep sitting out until the next one, I think. Next destiny needs to be free-to-start, and all paid content needs to be bought through in game silver and work just like emotes etc. and be available across all platforms regardless of where you bought it.
  12. A couple of co-workers were at the media preview. I need to see what they thought of it when they get back. (At least one of them is a Star Wars fan, so I'm extra curious what her thoughts are). I'm most curious as to how the park handles actual crowds. It looks great during the preview videos they aired on the news... but I really want to know what happens when you cram the park to capacity.
  13. Glad they're taking a page from Nintendo, and stating what the event is going to be about.... Otherwise, it would just be non-stop speculation about a console announcement, followed by disappointment when it doesn't happen.
  14. When May 4th and 5th fall on a weekend, worlds will collide on the friday morning news!
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