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  1. Not yet. I grabbed necrodancer since it was like $4 on sale. Will pick this one up down the road as well
  2. Found the login screen from the end of the trailer: http://www.themosaicgame.com/login code doesn't work though.
  3. Yeah. This is a mess. Cross-save, but the fact that you need to buy the expansion for each platform is confusing (and I'm sure not their ideal solution either) I thought I was going to jump back in, but I'm going to keep sitting out until the next one, I think. Next destiny needs to be free-to-start, and all paid content needs to be bought through in game silver and work just like emotes etc. and be available across all platforms regardless of where you bought it.
  4. A couple of co-workers were at the media preview. I need to see what they thought of it when they get back. (At least one of them is a Star Wars fan, so I'm extra curious what her thoughts are). I'm most curious as to how the park handles actual crowds. It looks great during the preview videos they aired on the news... but I really want to know what happens when you cram the park to capacity.
  5. Glad they're taking a page from Nintendo, and stating what the event is going to be about.... Otherwise, it would just be non-stop speculation about a console announcement, followed by disappointment when it doesn't happen.
  6. When May 4th and 5th fall on a weekend, worlds will collide on the friday morning news!
  7. got chills ... don't know if it was the music or the voice at the end...
  8. Who puts this out there right before April 1. I saw posts about it and instantly thought "April Fools"
  9. I bought it right before I left work on Friday. Wasn't planning on it... but just got the urge to play more. I'm on PS4, so maybe I'll see some of you around.
  10. Somehow I don't have the avengers digitally... Was planning on a mini marathon in the near future.
  11. Good games... but I am disappointed that they haven't replaced the PS3/Vita selections. I was hopeful for a PSVR game monthly. Beyond my selfish want for another free game... I think it'd be good promotion for PSVR. Wouldn't it be easier to sell someone on it, if they already have a handful of free PS+ games for it.
  12. I'm deal watching right now, since I have two active 6's to upgrade. I like the oled, but I think I'd be fine with the xr too. Just waiting on a new customer deal to show up somewhere.
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