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  1. Some have been on Netflix as well... but I'm not sure anyone has had the whole catalog at once yet.
  2. But you can only watch it via HBO-whatever and they stream a pillarboxed 16x9.... NO ONE WINS!
  3. I'm pretty sure there is an option to roll back to a week or so before the deadline. So you shouldn't have to start over completely. I almost had the same situation with the first dungeon... I was waiting until the end to do the dungeon, because I wanted to maximize my time, and thought that once I completed the dungeon, I would move the story along (and waste the extra days). Once I realized that wasn't the case, I would knock out the dungeons super early.
  4. Pick up Hulu on Black Friday weekend for $24 for the year (If you can stand the commercials). Then just start a new subscription annually.
  5. I am (im)patiently waiting... They're in my town... just not my neighborhood yet.
  6. I believe it's already discounted: https://www.amazon.com/Immortals-Fenyx-Rising-PlayStation-5-Standard/dp/B08HTF5KKB
  7. I've got the 65t's (that Newegg sells very cheap sometimes) and have been happy with the sound quality from them.
  8. If anyone is on the fence on this one... Let me know. I have a disc version (unopened) that I will pass on for half price. I got in on a Walmart price error that sold me the game for $20+tax. They eventually realized the error, and said they were cancelling the order. But the sent me a gift card for $20 and I happily bought the digital edition for $30... and forgot about the whole thing. Today the disc version just showed up, so I guess they never cancelled it after all. So if anyone bought a PS5 but didn't by Miles Morales yet (I imagine that number is close to zero) send me a message.
  9. Still sitting here twiddling my thumbs. FedEx update changed the delivery date to yesterday... but then it stalled. It’s now in a truck for delivery again, so I’m trying to be patient.
  10. Update: shipping label was just created 5 mins ago with expected arrival on Tuesday. Hopefully it shows up sooner. Disappointed because I have today thru Tuesday off and was hoping to waste some of that time with the ps5
  11. I really hope they can patch in multiple save states. I don't need multiple games for me... but one per user would be great for my home. This feels like the xbox's best feature.
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