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  1. Same with me and the XS Max. Although the battery life has taken a bit of a hit, I'm wanting to make it couple more years before upgrading. The Blue on the Pro's is really nice. Was hoping to see the Airpod Studio's at this event. Curious if they will get announced before the end of the year. I may bite on the Homepod Mini, next month.
  2. Looking for was to trying this one out tonight. May play regular mode to get my feet wet before I try the PSVR mode. If you are on tonight, let’s squad up!
  3. Missed at Target and Amazon as I was trying to check out. After 4 or 5 hours of trying, I finally got thru at Best Buy. ugh. What a shit show.
  4. Thought so too. Looks fun. Hopefully the PSVR is good.
  5. Grrr. My Best Buy preorder still says preparing. I’m having doubts it will be here tomorrow.
  6. agreed. Looks much better vertical, but I don’t have room for it to stay that way, so it will stay horizontal for me.
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