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  1. I remember getting frustrating with the length of the intro/tutorial, that I ended up putting it down and never went back to it. I hope to give this one a 2nd chance when it comes out.
  2. They're pretty similar, but the College Football does have some minor differences in rules compared to the pros (# of feet inbounds for a catch, overtime rules, clock stoppage). The video game itself is not just a roster/palette swap. There are gameplay differences, i.e. play styles and things like that.
  3. Soo happy for this news! The ESPN article i saw said there may be a ruling change on the 'likeness" later this year. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/30821045/school-plan-ea-sports-do-college-football Still. Give the internet a week and we'll be able to download accurate rosters.
  4. What a silly, but fun game. Really enjoyed the pop culture "references" in the landmarks. Jumping out of the water and snatching people off boats did not get old. lol A nice palette cleanser for anybody needing to change it up after finishing a serious game.
  5. I’ll take one if ya still got it.
  6. Got a few half finished games I’m planning to put in here. 👍🏽 01.09.21 Apex. Legends (PS5) season 7 battle pass. 01.16.21 Maneater (PS5)- platinum trophy 01.22.21 Donut County (Xbox Series X) - All achievements 04.129.21 Apex. Legends (PS5) season 8 battle pass.
  7. 😁 Doesn't include the charging brick or the aux to lighting cable either.
  8. Same with me and the XS Max. Although the battery life has taken a bit of a hit, I'm wanting to make it couple more years before upgrading. The Blue on the Pro's is really nice. Was hoping to see the Airpod Studio's at this event. Curious if they will get announced before the end of the year. I may bite on the Homepod Mini, next month.
  9. Looking for was to trying this one out tonight. May play regular mode to get my feet wet before I try the PSVR mode. If you are on tonight, let’s squad up!
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